*Final instalment in the 'Little British Girl' Trilogy *
One year after Elia’s death, and the entire planet is rebelling. With the news of Xander’s assassination attempt against his own daughter alarming the world, Elda and Luci are leading a powerful resistance, competing with the Southern rebellium, with no powerful government to stop either of them.
And yet, nothing seems to have changed.
Annabeth, alongside Beverly, Zacharia, and Steve Ryans, hide out amidst the chaos , unable to prevent what’s happening right in front of them. Disheartened and helpless.
Then one day, a girl turns up, a girl with heterochromia, with some interesting letters, and some even more interesting information. Could it be that Xander Moore had another daughter? And that Luci has a half-sister?


19. Chapter 19

“We’ve been going about this all wrong, in the past it’s been us chasing them, and they’ve used that to trick and trap us. It’s time we got clever, we need to beat them at their own game. If we plant some flimsy evidence making it seem like we’re planning some mission, then leave it for Grace or someone to find, we can fool them into thinking they’ve found a way to take us down. They turn up, and we use an easy surprise attack.” I explain my plan, coming up with a new, and hopefully a much more effective approach. We’ve been in my hotel room all day, comparing ideas and plotting away. We don’t want to rush things this time. We want to make sure everything goes flawlessly for once. This really is our last chance.

“What if they suspect we’re playing them?” Quinn asks, she’s getting much better at this sort of thing. “Luci’s not stupid, there’s a good chance she’ll see right through us.”

“Right, so we’ll try this on Grace first.” Beverley decides, “She’s nowhere near as good strategically as she thinks she is, she’ll fall for it.”

“Then we can look at what happened with Grace and perfect the plan for when we try to trick Luci.” I add on, “If this goes right, within a month or so this might all be over.”

“So how are we going to lay a trap for Grace?” Daniel gets down to business, already on board with the basic idea.

“Well...that part of the plan sort of relies on you.” I reveal, “We know Grace has been keeping tabs on you. It won’t be long before she realises you’ve left the house, and she’ll start looking for you again. All we need to do is put you somewhere easy enough to find, and then you can lead her into some sort of trap.”

“You know, make her think she’s found you in the middle of something big, lure her in, then strike.” Beverley adds on, understanding instantly. I can’t say the same for Daniel. He still looks confused.

“So I’m the trap?” He checks.

“More like the bait.” I shrug, “But yeah, that’s the basic idea.”

“The recent letter released will have Grace shaken, and we can use that to our advantage. If we make Grace believe that there are more letters like those out there, then she’ll do anything to destroy them. All we have to do is make it look like Daniel’s set up an exchange with an unknown source to collect these letters, Grace will follow him, and we’ll get her once and for all.” Zacharia lays out the specifics, forming a more detailed plan. “Daniel can lead her right to us.”

“Right, now that’s all sorted, there’s something I gotta do.” I announce, getting up and heading towards the door, leaving the room before anyone can ask me what it is I’m about to do. Truth is, they wouldn’t like it if they knew. I’m still going to do it though. I have to. Just to stay sane.

At first I can’t remember the number, but it doesn’t take long for it to come back to me. As I listen to the ringing I begin to doubt that this will even work. Why would she have the same number now? And even if this does work then what am I actually doing? I’m being stupid, and reckless, and over-emotional and-

“Hello?” I freeze at the sound of her voice down the phone. I open my mouth to speak, but I just can’t find my words. “Hello?” She speaks again, “Hello?”

“We’re coming for you. No more hesitations.” I blurt, before swiftly hanging up. It takes minutes for my heart rate to catch up with me, my breath finally returning. It was stupid. But it was worth it. After all the time she’s done the same to me. She more than deserved that.

“Idiot.” I turn around at the sound of Daniel’s voice behind me, calling me out for my actions. “You do realise you’ve just made our job one hundred times harder, right?” His words are harsh but I can see from the look on his face that he’s not really that mad.

“What do you think of the plan?” I tactfully change the subject, hoping he’ll let this one go.

“I think it’ll work.” He shrugs, “Grace has been watching me all year.”

“She mentioned,” I nod, “She made me the same offer. She told me to accept the spying and ignore it, starting up somewhere new.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told her I’d rather die, I nearly did.” I admit.

“’re making a bit of a habit out of that.” Daniel sighs. “I did notice that that plan was a bit reliant on me. I wasn’t expecting you to let me in so much. Do you really want me to stay?”

“Why would you think that I didn’t?”

“I don’t did yell at me last night, you weren’t exactly happy to see me.” He mumbles, looking away. I walk over to him. I stand a few inches away, and I place my hand on his shoulder.

“Quinn told me a few days ago that the reason we feel lost sometimes is because we just haven’t gone down that route before...I didn’t know what she meant then, but I think I do now. I’ve never been so alone and unguided before, all my life I’ve been taking orders from someone, working with others...but now it feels like it’s me and a bunch of over misfits out there struggling to work together. I’d never gone down an independent route before, and at first it was confusing and hard, but now I’m sorta used to it. In fact, I quite like it.” I realise, lifting my hand off, “I can’t forget the past Daniel, and these past months will stay with me forever, but that doesn’t mean I hate you. And I’m sorry that I yelled. Thanks for saving my life, and for sticking around.” I even manage to smile up at him, “And yes Daniel, I do want you to stay...I-I just don’t want you to go again.” For a second he’s silent. All I can hear is his breathing. I don’t have to look up to know the expression on his face. It’ll be blank. Shocked. Unreadable. The face of a soldier.

“I can’t do anything about the past Annabeth, but the future I can control.” He finally speaks, shattering the silence, “I’m not going anywhere. I have just as much reason to fight as everyone else.”

“Then why would you be surprised by the plan being so reliant on you?” I answer his original question by asking one myself.

“Right...yeah, yeah you’re right.” He nods, “So, teammates again?” I shake my head, laughing.

“No, not teammates. You’ll still get under my skin and annoy me and make me want to scream…” I trail off, “Family again.”

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