Alone In A World Full Of People

Sequel to, "Emotional Rollercoaster." This time following Alec's point of view. All grown up Alec find the struggles of the real world. He meets a couple of old friends. Alec regains his sense of what it was like to be in love. In love with the same girl. The same girl who danced with him. The same girl who moved on.


2. Grew Up Without Me

After the funeral, Lace invited us to her bakery. It was actually really close to my house, so I went home first. I checked on my bunny named Wilmur. Then I headed out the door. When I finally got there I realized I was the last one to arrive. 

Chase: Alec you finally made it!

Alec: Yeah sorry I had to check on Wilmur.

Tyler: Wilmur?
Alec: My bunny. So where is Lacey?
Tyler: In the back making us tea and donuts

Alec: Oh okay

Lacey came out of the back carrying tea and donuts with her. Someone else followed her out the back. Her face seemed kind of familiar.

Lacey: Hey guys!

Tyler: How much?
Lacey: It's on the house!
Alec: Really? Thanks!

Lacey: Oh Alec your here! You remember Lyndsey right?
Alec: Lyndsey it's nice to see you!

Lyndsey: You too Alec!

Lacey: So how are your lives?
Tyler: I'm engaged actually!

Lacey: What? Omg! 

Tyler: Yeah his name is Ryan!

Chase: Congrats man!

Tyler: Yeah. What about you Chase?

Chase: Yeah I'm dating someone actually

Lacey: Good for you guys! What about you Alec?
Alec: No I'm not dating anyone 

Lacey: Really?

Alec: Yup! Although I do have a bunny!

Lacey: Really you guys are lucky! I haven't found my perfect someone yet. It's just me and Lyndsey.

Lyndsey: Yeah

Tyler: You guys have a pretty good setup here though!

Lacey: Yeah it's fun

Tyler: It seem fun! All I am is a boring photographer!

Chase: I'm an orthodontist

Wow I never realized how far my friends made it. I stayed mostly quiet as it was hard for me to find a job. I finally found one as a waiter, but that was nothing compared to them. I am still taking classes to better my education of course! I can't stay a waiter forever. 

Lacey: Wow really?

Chase: Yeah it's actually a pretty fun job!

Lyndsey: Who knew! 

Chase: Yeah I love it!

Tyler: What do you do Alec:

Alec: Oh umm I'm still taking classes.

Lacey: Wow really

Alec: Yeah I want to better my education 

Tyler: What are you studying to be?
Alec: I want to start my own business

Lacey: Cool! If you need any help me and Lyndsey would love to help you! 

Even though I told the truth I still envied what all my friends had. It seemed like they grew up without me.


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