The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


6. 5


            The world started coming back to Valerie as soon as she open her eyes.  What had happen?  She thought, only remembering going to the forest.  I should be getting back, I probably just fell asleep out in the forest.  As soon as she tried to stand, however, the world came rushing back to her and she fell back down on the bed she was laying on.  Wait, a BED?  Where the heck was she?

            “Lay back, my child, you cannot get up yet.”  An older woman’s voice sounded through the room. 

            “Who are you?  What’s happening?” 

            “All in good time, youngling.  You need to rest and recover.  You used quite a powerful spell, and your life force is dwindling.”  Magic?  Spells?  What was this woman talking about?  She needed to get back home and see if her father was okay, and talk to her brother about those glasses.  She tired to get up again, but a soft hand pushed her back again.  The old woman’s voice sounded again,

            “Sheth lide.”  A huge wave of drowsiness washed over her, though she fought to maintain consciousness, eventually Val lost the battle and was taken back into darkness. 


            When Val came to again, she felt full with energy and was more awake then ever.  The room came into focus; it was smaller with a chair beside the bed and a nightstand with a glass of water on it.  Greedily, she reached for the water, but dropped it when she saw the reflection in the glass.  A massive white wolf sat behind her. 

            “AHHH!”  She screamed and threw herself to the other end of the bed as far away from the wolf as she could.  In her mind she could only think of Little Red Ridding Hood - and she was the dinner for the wolf.

            The door flew open behind the wolf, causing it to stand and trot over to her, letting her pet it’s head.

            “It’s good that you’re awake now, your Magic was more powerful then I imagined, and I was unable to keep you under for as long as you needed to be, and I’m sorry for that.  Oh, forgive me, you must be thirsty and hungry, it’s been several days since you last ate.”  Days?  There was no way it could be days since she last had a meal.  Last she knew she had been in the restaurant about to run away from her father’s rage about the glasses.

            Before she could think anymore, the old woman snapped her fingers and a plate of grilled cheese and a glass of water appeared on the beside next to her.

            “HOLY SHIT!  WHAT IS HAPPENING?”  She yelled as she backed away from the beside, too.  At this point, she was sitting in the middle of the bed pulling up the covers and trying to get away from this craziness.

            “Look, my child I wish I had more time to tell you and explain this to you, but I have to break it to you quickly and without letting it sink in.  You are a wizard.”

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