life as me

im louis i always hated being a pitbull im treated badly will i ever find a loving family will i ever change will i get rescuede i dont being a bad dog im a dog im meant to love not hate


6. let me go

i woke up in a big cage with loads of pitbulls around me *what happened where aam i tell me!*  i barked the other dog next to me sat infront the cage wall * your at the pound ivve been here for a week and i heard today your getting put down cuz of your past* he told me head down *i can't get put down i changed im a good boy * i started to cry the other dog left and layed down on his bed . a man came into my cage with a leash he cliped it on but i din`t move i just sat there * come on boy* he came up to  me and took me by the collar i got so angry i jumped up at him and i bite his arm the hardest i could i droped back down the floor was bloddy i jumped over his body and opended all the cages doors i ran infront jumped on the door and only with the help of th others we got out of the pound * go back home guys  were you belong * i said s they all ran off . i saw  lonely brown one sitting there sad * whats wrong bro * i sat infront him * well.... i got no home* he tld me looking down * your gonna get one follow me * i ran off in the direction of my homee he ran next to me 

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