Moon Goddess



3. Chapter Three

Hawk didn't know what to make of the scene, he had watch the man pull a goddess out from the pond.

He watched as her small body clung to the man's as if familia to him. Her midnight hair dripped down past her waist and stuck to her blue bizarre gown.

He felt his body tense when the man's lips sealed over her pale one's, an unfamiliar feeling washed over him as he reined his unknown intruder back inside his body.

Then the girl was coughing, as if the man had forced her life back inside her, he must have been part of the medical section, although he never knew that this was one of the many methods of bringing back life.

"Li?" Her voice was soft and weak but beautiful none the less. She seems to know the man as she suddenly pulled him to her, engulfing him in a hug.

From where Hawk stood he could directly see the girl's face, she was painfully beautiful like Eva was.

"I'm sorry Wol I- I-," the girl named Wol shushed him lightly comforting him by patting him on the back.

"Li-Li I wouldn't blame you," the man she called Li-Li or Li nodded into the crook of her neck as in reassurance. They pulled apart and Li helped Wol up, Hawk couldn't see the beauty anymore because of Li's back however he hadn't miss the slight tilt of the man's head before both disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


"Do you think we lost them?" Wol panted as she sprinted alongside Li..

Li glanced behind his shoulder seeing no threat he bought them both to a stop. He didn't break a sweat and she envied his amazing physical stamina.

"I'm so glad that the chemicals within the smoke didn't get affected by the pond water, I was scared that we'd be screwed if the bomb didn't work," Wol smirked at him.

"Having doubts about you experiments Einstein?" Li gave her a small smile.

"That was my first time using that bomb normally it never works but I guess..." He trailed off, which piked Wol curiosity.


"I think the pond water might be the last element of the formulae," Wol frowned.

"Isn't just regular water?" Li shook his head directing them towards a tree and pushed down on her shoulders to tell her to sit while he stood leaning against the tree, clothes damp. She obliged feeling somewhat tired.

"Wol you must know the amount of dead...microorganisms that are floating around in that pond is crazy," Wol cringed at the thought of having dead beings in her hair, she felt dirty.

"Mm well I'll leave all the scientific stuff to you," Li rolled his eyes knowing exactly that she never held any interest when it came to the sciences. "Li-Li where the hell are we anyway?" Wol eyes snapped up at her friend.

Li sighed and rubbed his thumb on his temple, "I don't think even science can prove where we are Wol, however I'm sure the big man standing behind the tree behind me with his fifty guards could tell us," Wol nodded her head frowning in understanding of his words as she saw the shadow of a man who arrived minutes ago.


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