How I Met Him

'Just Collegues' or so they say. Follow Alexis' path to realisation that her future career is bumpier than she would've thought because of a possible love interest. What happens when information about the two gets leaked from the wrong side?


12. Who?

As I got in my car, I remebered to call the mistery number, just in case they'll answer again. Maibe when I get home, so I can finally relax.

I turned the keys and drove to my apartment, opened the door, put my bag down and let my hair out. I slouched on the couch, taking my phone and the piece of paper with the number out of my bag.

I dialled the number again, but this time, someone finally answered after 5 painful rings of waiting.

"Hello?" says a mans' voice on the other side of the phone.

"Hello, who is this?" I answered back, wondering why the voice sounded so familiar.

"Guess who?" the man says, chuckling.

"Oh... I don't know is it someone I work with, oh wait does your name start with an A and end in RTURO?" I say, obviously teasing him.

"Busted." he says laughing. I can almost picture his cute smile.

"That's one way of getting a girls' number." I say laughing back.

"Never heard of this one have you?" he says cheekily as I sigh and give in.

"Okay what do you want?" I asked as I rolled my eyes,

"A work date. Me, you, saturday night, in the restaurant next to the CIA, what do you say?" he says in a weird, more serious tone.

"Oh I see: a work date." I say, empathising the work date .

"Yeah. We can talk about how your first day went and what you did."

"I already told you all that."

"Well you can tell me again."

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