How I Met Him

'Just Collegues' or so they say. Follow Alexis' path to realisation that her future career is bumpier than she would've thought because of a possible love interest. What happens when information about the two gets leaked from the wrong side?


30. Stuck

This chapter is dedicated to Agnes Short.

"Where is it then?" he said smiling.

"Where's what?"

"The wedding!"

"Oh! She shoukd give me a messege any second n-"


My phone got a notification:

From Esme:

Hey, these are the wedding details:

Greenhouse tavern Hall, 24 Sessami Street.

"Speaking of the devil." he said, trying to look at my phone.

I repeated the details to him as I saw his face suddenly drop.

"What's the matter?" I asked shutting my phone off.

"Oh, it's nothing, want to go now? It looks like it's about to rain soon." he shrugged.

He was right, the birds stopped singing and the surroundings got darker as a raindrop landed on my nose.

What is up with him and what on Earth caused his emotions to change so quick?!

"Sure." We soon packed everything in the car boot and drove off, droplets of rain dropping onto the sun roof like bullets. Hale..

I could see him furrow his brows, struggling to see through the now pouring rain. Damn right it's gonna rain, it's blimming pouring!

He was clearly struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of the rain so I gave up on seeing him struggle:

"Hey, do you want to pull over and wait it out? We don't want to risk anything. If you don't have to be anywhere of course!" I said, realising it's just going to be me and him now, alone...

"No, Yeah, Sure." He said as he pulled over to the right.

After he hit the breaks and took out his keys, he positioned himself so he was facing me and I shuffled awkwardly in my seat.

"What do you want to do?" he asked leaning against the seat's head rest.

"I dunno." I mumbled.

We made eye contact and my heart started racing. From far away, you could see his ruffled dark hair that was cut just the right length and just about make out his hazel eyes. However from up close, you could see the mis placed miles that looked perfectly arranged on his soft face and his lips were lush.

"Can I..." he said leaning in, looking at my eyes, piercing into me.

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