How I Met Him

'Just Collegues' or so they say. Follow Alexis' path to realisation that her future career is bumpier than she would've thought because of a possible love interest. What happens when information about the two gets leaked from the wrong side?


23. In his office

I took a deep breath before entering and licked my finger for luck. My mother had taught me that.

"Good morning." I said smiling with my folders in my arms.

"Hey, how was last night's meal?" he asked.

"Amazing, a royal meal!" I said patting my stomach.

He chuckled and looked into his laptop for a second then back at me.

"So... why did you call me in here?" I asked, sitting on my hip.

He sighs and looks down.

" I... I'd really like it if you came on a date with me." he stuttered.

"Like, a work date?" I asked confused.

"Uh, well no. Like an actual date date."

I stood there for a while, my thoughts running wild. Arturo really just asked me out, like REALLY just asked me out. I was screaming inside!

I straightened up my skirt and cleared my throat.


I cringed: what has gotten into me? I have to stay professional and not get distracted. I can have any chick I want yet I pick her?

"Okay." she said, making my thoughts evaporate.

"I'll pick you up at the same time today?" I asked, trying not to sound like the desperate boy that I am.

"Sure." she said sighing. "So is this why you called me in here?"

"No, I wanted to ask you to join Esmeralda at her fitting today, you can have the rest of the day off today." I said, not wanting her around me as I didn't know if I'd be able to resist her.

She nodded and walked out; I could see her smiling as she turned around. I am going to make her one happy woman.

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