Song Of The Past

This is the story about a girl who was once an object. She was turned by hate, loneliness, and pain into a destructable force. She held magic so rare, that people would say she was a god. She wasn't immortal, but she was unstoppable. But even her magic had its limits. There were very few who knew about her and sought to take her power. Her heart, filled with darkness and light raged a war inside her that drove her to be unstable. She had no control over it and still to this day causes destruction all around her. This is the beginning.

*I do not own Fairy Tail, I only take credit for my created characters and the story of my character. The story is different than the story of Fairytail but there could be spoilers in this so if you plan to watch or read Fairytail then don;t read. But even if you never heard of Fairytail you can still understa


5. Chapter 5

"So what's so special about being in this town?" I ask as we walk down the street filled with people talking and looking all happy. 

"We never been to a town before so it's just something new to experience." Kai says to me. I notice people staring at us with weird expressions and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

"Everyone is staring at us as if we are ghosts or something." I whispered in his ear. 

"It's just cause we are new and you are talking to a wolf." He laughs. I smirk and shake my head laughing. 

"Well they need to stop staring." I said loud enough for some people to hear. I give them a dirty look and they instantly look away.

"This isn't how you make a first impression." Kai says shaking his head.

"I don't care if people like me. As long as you are happy then I am happy." I said looking at the different shops. I notice a clothing store up ahead and look over at Kai who has the same thought as me. I been wearing the same clothes since I can remember and you could tell my clothes were not my size anymore. My body has matured and I didn't like showing off too much skin like most girls. I walk into the shop, a bell ringing above letting the worker know I'm here. 

"Welcome. Is there anything I can help you with?" The old lady asks as she walks over and looks me over. " I see your clothes don't fit anymore."

"Yeah. I just need a new outfit. Something not revealing or showy. And a hooded robe." I said.

"You have the perfect figure. You should show it off. But I think I have just what you want." She says, walking over to a rack and pulling off an outfit. "So you want something mysterious? I have these black pants, this cute black ripped top and these combat boots. All my tops are revealing but the hooded robe should cover that." She said handing me the clothes and pushing me to a dressing room. I try on the clothes and they fit perfect. The shirt reveals a lot of my stomach, back and cleavage but I'll just wear the robe. I walk out and Kai smiles and nods in approval. 

"Yes child. This is the perfect outfit for you." She said gleaming. I walk over to a case and pull out some gloves and a bandanna to wrap around my face. It's a good way to stay covered up so no one recognizes me. 

"Thank you. How much?" I asked her.

"80,000 jewel." She says.

"Geez. That's pretty pricey." I said handing her the money.

"I'm sorry. I have to make a living of of these things. Thank you for shopping with us!" She says handing me my change and waving me out. I put on the robe, gloves and mask and walk back out onto the street. 

"Ellie. Get on me now." Kai says, staring off to a group of men looking at us. I look and see Fredrick pointing and suddenly they all start sprinting to us. I don't hesitate and jump onto Kai's back and we rush out of town and follow the road to wherever. I look back and see them following behind in vehicles.

"Damn it! Kai, we can't out run them." I yelled. Kai continues to run.

"They aren't taking you again. I won't let them." He yelled. I could tell he was getting tired. I jump off his back and land onto the ground. Fred and his men stop and get out their vehicles. Walking over to me, Fred smirks.

"You can't escape us Ellie. Boss always knows where you are no matter how far you run. We'll always be able to find you. Now all you have to do is give us your magic." He said, holding up a smaller version of the device they used to torture me with back in the basement. 

"I told you guys. I can't get rid of this magic even if I wanted to." I spat out, standing in front of Kai so he doesn't get hurt again.

"We finally figured out how to get it. Give us the crystal." He said as he attempts to grab it. I dodge and punch him in the face. I see a splash of blood fall on his lips and his eyes glare in hate. 

"Kai. Take my crystal and run." I said. I pull the necklace off and wrap it on Kai's neck.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled, horror on his face.

"I'm ending this once and for all, right now. You need to leave this area now and do not come back." I yelled over to him. The darkness ours out and  covers me and for a second I could hear a voice inside my head. "Let my power unleash and devour their magic." 

I grab my head and fall to my knees, pain coursing through my whole body. 

"Ellie?!" Kai screams, watching as his only friend transforms into the monster she knew she was. I look back at him and there is a second where I could sense his magic. I scream as the darkness chases all of Fredrick's men and I could see each body go limp and fall to the ground. I feel myself become stronger as each magical essence shoots into my body. Fred freezes and stares in horror at the real me until he falls the same as the others. The cloud comes back to me and forms a figure in front of me.

"This is your true power. Together we can bring peace to this world. We will not let anyone stand in our way. You are nothing without me Melody." The figure says.

Melody. Zeref.

I stare up at the dark cloud, which is formed as a woman figure, and shake my head. 

"Who is Melody?" I ask.

"You. That is your name. I know everything about you." She says with a grin. 

"Who are you? What are you? What did you do? I need answers!" I yelled at the figure. 

"Accept me and you will have your answers." She says, reaching her hand out and caressing my face. I feel my body start to weaken as I can't look away from her gaze. My breathing starts to become difficult and I fall to the ground. For a moment I close my eyes and give in to the darkness but then everything stops. I open my eyes slightly and feel my crystal fall around my neck. I close my eyes and see nothing but darkness. 


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