Song Of The Past

This is the story about a girl who was once an object. She was turned by hate, loneliness, and pain into a destructable force. She held magic so rare, that people would say she was a god. She wasn't immortal, but she was unstoppable. But even her magic had its limits. There were very few who knew about her and sought to take her power. Her heart, filled with darkness and light raged a war inside her that drove her to be unstable. She had no control over it and still to this day causes destruction all around her. This is the beginning.

*I do not own Fairy Tail, I only take credit for my created characters and the story of my character. The story is different than the story of Fairytail but there could be spoilers in this so if you plan to watch or read Fairytail then don;t read. But even if you never heard of Fairytail you can still understa


3. Chapter 3

"Get the hell off of me!" I screamed as I am dragged into a dark cell. The 2 men throw me against the wall and slam the cell door shut, laughing as they walk away. I slide down the wall and let out a huge breath of air. I'm used to this routine. Everyday I get chained up into some machine and they try to suck my magic out of me, but there is no use. The magic never leaves my body. They get angry and beat me senseless thinking that I'm forcing my magic to stay with me, but the truth is it will never leave me as long as this crystal is on me. I look down at my crystal necklace and hold it close to my chest. Before I was captured, I tried taking this crystal off, but when I do, my magic starts to unravel and cause a mess when my emotions go wild, so I always keep it on. I believe it's the only thing that's preventing them from taking my magic, so I just hide it from them. Why not just let the magic kill them? I ask that everyday but deep down I don't want to be seen as a monster.

I lay on the ground which is my bed and try to relax. My whole body aches in pain and my head hurts from always thinking. I try to remember some sort of memory from when I was younger, but every time I try, my head starts to feel as if it's being stabbed my knives. All I remember is wandering the woods and living there for years until I was found by these idiots. The only friend I have is my companion Kai, but we got separated after I got captured. I can always hear him howling to me every night, but he knows I cant fight them. I swore that I would never use my magic because I knew how dangerous it was. If I want to get out of here, I'd have to do it with my own abilities, which I have been training in this damp cell everyday for the last 2 months so I'm not sure I could beat a dozen men at once.  

"Here's your dinner maggot." Fredrick said as he throws a piece of stale bread on the floor in front of me. 

"Awww, Freddy. That's no way to talk to a lady you know." I say as I pick up the bread. 

"Yeah? Well ya aint no lady. A lady is someone who can enjoy a man's company." He said licking his lips.

I laugh and take a bite of the disgusting bread. "Well sorry to break it to you, but I rather eat this stale crap than even look at ya." 

Fredrick frowns and opens the cell door. He walks towards me and grabs me by my throat. 

"You sure you wanna talk to me like that?" He spat out. 

I glared at him and shrugged my shoulders, feeling his hand tightening around my throat. "What're you gonna do? Kill me? Boss boy wouldn't be so happy about that. If I die, this magic dies." I spat back at him. 

He grinned and pinned me to the wall. "Maybe, but I can still have some fun with ya." He said grabbing my arms and pinning them above my head.

Now is my chance to escape. I smile and before he knows it, I lift my leg and kick him between his legs. He falls down and yells out for back up. I run down the hallway and try to find somewhere to go. There's no windows and the only door thats down here leads up into their lounge. With no options, I run straight up into the lounge and over 40 men turn and start darting towards me. 

Fredrick runs after me and stops them. I could tell he is pretty annoyed.

"Of course you escape yet again. What makes you think this time is going to be different love?" He says walking towards me. 

"Well, I been training more so I might be able to take ya this time." I smirked. Before I could make my move, a huge blast completely destroys the east wall and a couple people walk through.

"I'm all fired up now!" The guy says, fire shooting from his hands. Alongside him is 2 girls, another guy and a cat. I look at them amazed and see that Fredrick is pissed now.

"Who the hell are you?" He says annoyed.

"We are Fairy Tail and we came looking for Fredrick." The red headed girl said, pulling out a sword. 

"Well, here I am. What do you want?" He says, grabbing my arm and pushing me behind him. 

"We know you are working for Zeref. Tell us what you're up to." The blonde yells.

"Zeref?" I whisper. Why does that seem familiar?

"We don't know what you're talking about." Fredrick says, pushing me towards the basement. 

"Why are you shielding that girl?" The pink haired guy says, rubbing his hands together as he grins. 

"This thing doesn't concern you. Take her back down to her room" Fred says as one of the guys grabs me and eases me down to the basement door.

"Let me go!" I said, biting down on the guys arm. He yells out and punches me, making me fall onto the ground. I feel blood seep from my nose and look over at the fire guy whose face starts to frown.

"Don't lay another hand on her. Hand her over." He said.

They want me for my magic. I need to get out of here.

"She's not going anywhere." Fred said, signaling everyone to attack. The whole place starts to explode with magic and I sneak out the open wall and make a run for it, hoping no one is following me.

"KAI!" I scream out and finally I see him run out the woods towards me.

""How'd you get out?" He asked me as I jump on his back and dart away from this place.

"Some people blew up the wall and I made it out thank god." I said laughing. "Finally no more torture." I grab my chest for my necklace, but I cant feel it anywhere.

"Stop!" I yell. Kai stops and I get off and search my whole body for my crystal. "My crystal is gone."

"What!? How did you lose it?" He says nervously.

"It must of fell off sometime when I was in the prison. I have to go back and find it." I said. 

"No you cant! If they capture you again without that crystal, they will take all your magic and you'll die!" Kai growled at me. 

"If I dont get it, I will kill anyone near me, including you. I'm not letting that happen." I yelled, shoving my way past him. 

"You stubborn girl. I'll go back and find it. You stay here." He said and before I had a say, he runs off in the direction we came from.


"Shit." I said, sitting down onto the grass. I wait and wait but I still haven't heard from Kai. I start feeling pain form in my chest but I try my best to contain it.

"He has to be in trouble." I say to myself. I hurry and run to the place that kept me prisoner. I finally get there and see Kai laying on the ground and that blonde girl who I seen earlier is sitting beside him. Rage starts flowing through me and I could feel my magic start pouring out. 

"What have you done!" I scream.

"Wait! What the.." The blonde yells, her eyes widen as she see's the dark cloud of magic spring from around me and move towards her. I see Kai move a little and look over towards me. 

"Stop.." Kai says as loud as he is able, I hear him and tears fill my eyes. 

"Run! I can't stop it!" I scream at the girl. The girl freezes and doesn't move, knowing it's too late. I cry out as the black cloud engulfs her and suddenly I feel all the magic fade and disappear. I open my eyes and look down at the crystal hanging around my neck. 

" crystal." I mumbled. I turn around and the pink haired boy is standing there, exhausted. 

"That was close." He said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"What the hell was that?" The black hair boy said, walking over to us. 

"Wh..who are you?" I ask, staring back at Kai who still lays on the ground and the blonde who lets out a deep breath and gets up. 

"My name is Natsu, this is Gray, Erza, Happy and that's Lucy." He says pointing to everyone. 

"How did you know my crystal would stop it?" I asked.

"Your wolf friend told us." Gray said.

I run over to Kai and give him a huge hug.

"You are an idiot for trying to do this alone." I yell at him, tears forming in my eyes.

"Well I had some help from these guys." He said weakly. 

I look over at the place that held me prison which was completely destroyed. 

"We need to go get you healed up." I said, trying to pick him up. Natsu and Gray run over to help but I glare at them..

"We'll take him to the guild. I'm sure Wendy can heal him." Natsu said smiling. 

"You look badly injured too." Happy says, flying over my head. 

"No. If you think I won't put up a fight, you're mistaken. Just leave us alone." I said to them. 

"What are you talking about?" Lucy said confused.

"I'm being nice. Don't make me angry. Just let us go in peace and we won't have any problems." I yelled. 

"Ok. We'll leave. Here." Erza said handing me a package.

"What is this?" I asked.

"It's some medicine to heal you guys." She said.

She turns around and walks away along with the others. 

"They helped me.." Kai said looking over at me.

"Whether they helped or not, I can't trust anyone. I can't get close to people or trust them." I said looking down at the medicine and throwing it.

I go over to Kai and help him up. "Let's go get you healed up our own way." I said. He nods and walks over into the woods with me.


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