~Tyler's Kiss~

I felt his warm lips on mine it tasted sweet it felt like heaven oh Tyler..


9. ~Josh~

                                                                                  Tyler's Prov
I'm happy living with lemon, but i also miss Josh.I think and remember the time when someone broke into the house and i recognized the shoes i saw that person wearing it was the shoes josh got from his mom for Christmas then i run to the kitchen "what's wrong Tyler?" Lemon says "i got to go ill be back" i said and i get out before she could even answer. i drive all the way to the twentyone pilots studio and remember the moment's josh and i had. its been 2 years since we were a band then the floor crept "who's there?" i said nervously. then i walk slowly to the auto room and see someone with a black hoodie holding my secret box that my grandmom gave me. "your the guy who came in my house!" i yelled and he tried to run but i jumped on him and got him trapped on the floor "now who are you?" i said removing his hood and i saw josh's perky face "I knew it" i said "let me go!" josh yelled and he struggled on my arms "josh what happen to you.." i said and he didn't respond but was struggling "josh were is my best friend" i said to him cupping his hand on the floor more tightly "he's dead!" josh yelled "hes GONE FOREVER" josh said and i looked down and nodded sadly " why did you steal my box." and he gave me a glare " none of your business" josh said and i still had him on the ground "yeah well what's in that box is none of your business either" i said and i took the box from the floor and let him go. i walked out to the exit as he went the other way. when i got home i was greeted by lemon's confused face "where did you go?" she asked "i had to get my box back" i respond and i plump down on the couch as she sat next to me "from who?" she said "well the time a guy snuck in our house it was josh and he took my secret box" i said and she looked the other way thinking "why would he steal it and whats in it?" she asked "something i can't even tell you" i said disappointed "w-why cant you tell me" she said concern "sorry lemon but i just cant" i said getting up and going to the room to put the box away "if i open it what would you do" she asked walking up to me "i would be upset and mad at you" i said even tho it seems hard ever getting mad at lemon and she nodded and went to the kitchen "look im really sorry" i said walking up to lemon and she turned and smirked "its ok,its hard ever being mad at you" she said and i made a shoked face "i was just saying that about you!" he said and we laughed and hugged eachother

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