Queen Regina the IIVth

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 17 Feb 2018
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This is a bit new...

I've edited and changed it up. Something new.


3. Andrew Boleyn

Andrew Bolyn was number two

All he wanted was a few(sons)

I gave him a daughter

And him I did slaughter

Soon I met Andrew Boleyn, we fell in love and tried not to sin. He confessed to me that he murdered his wife so I wanted to marry him so I could give him the knife. I asked darling Charles for a divorce, he being Spanish he cried of course. I quietly put Charles away and set to work on Andrew’s grave. Then Andrew became number two; I love him so much that I gave Andrew a daughter that we named Elizabeth. Then I had him confess to the whole nation that he murdered his wife. As soon as he uttered the final confession, he begged for mercy but I did cut off his head. Now poor Andrew is dead 

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