Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


3. Tired

7:00 AM

You: I feel like dying

MTT: I feel like you should've gotten sleep last night

You: Maybe I should skip?

MTT: You should probably just walk to class

You: Haha

You: But seriously, I think I'm going to skip my first class

MTT: A responsible student like you? Why don't you go and let me sleep?

You: But I have a lecture on sanitation, which is seriously the most boring thing ever

MTT: I have literally no idea what that means

You: Keeping the kitchen clean?

You: I never told you I go to a culinary arts school, did I?

MTT: Nope

You: Whoops

MTT: You know what Papyrus?

You: What?

MTT: You need to get motivated! Go clean that kitchen!

You: You sound like Undyne

MTT: Who is Undyne anyway? Is she your girlfriend?

You: No. Most definitely not.

MTT: Oh, because you like British guys ;)

You: Not just British guys but alright

MTT: Do you like American guys too?

You: Americans are annoying

MTT: Thanks

You: If it makes you feel any better, you're the least annoying American I know

MTT: Do you live in England

You: I grew up in Toronto

MTT: ...Is that in Europe?

You: You might be less annoying but you're still dumb

MTT: Okay but where is Toronto?

You: Ontario

MTT: Is that in Europe?

You: Mettaton, I'm Canadian oh my god

MTT: Right

You: Did you skip fifth grade as well?

MTT: No, shut up, and why do you text like you're British?

You: how do I text like I'm British?

You: I already told you that my mom is from England, didn't I?

MTT: Whatever, go to class

You: Americans are annoying

MTT: Go. To. Class.

You: Bye. See. You. Later.

MTT: I hope your kitchen is the dirtiest

MTT: Bye


7:45 AM

MTT: Text me at lunch

You: Why?

MTT: Because I'm lonely

MTT: And don't go on your phone in the middle of your kitchen cleaning lecture!

You: You're the one who texted me

MTT: Bye

You: Bye



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