Late Nights

It's late night and all Papyrus needs is a little help on his essay.
Can the mistake of a single number in his friend's phone number change everything for him?


4. Lunch

11:09 AM

You: It's lunch

MTT: Great, guess what I was doing?

You: What?

MTT: Sleeping because you woke me up at 1am and I didn't fall asleep until 7am when you texted me again

You: I didn't mean to text you at 1am

MTT: But you did mean to text me at 7am

You: Who cares?

MTT: I need my beauty sleep!

You: You're beautiful enough already

MTT: That was smooth

You: I was just stating a fact

MTT: Damn

You: Was that smooth too?

MTT: Are you single?

You: I'm going to take that as a yes

MTT: Are you?

You: Yes...

MTT: Good

You: Good?

MTT: Good.

You: My friends don't believe that I'm talking to you

You: I mean, I don't either 

MTT: I could call you

MTT: Wait, you have friends?

You: Yeah...?

MTT: That was a joke.

MTT: What kind of phone do you have?

You: ??

MTT: I mean, can we facetime?

You: Oh. Yeah.

MTT called you

You picked up

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