Dear Pal, (Dear Uncle) (Dear Mother) (Dear Lover) (Dear Hatred) [END]
Plural. I don't forgive those I hurt. But I don't forgive myself for hurting those that hurt me. Sometimes I find a way to lose the thoughts. Other times I wish that someone would just twist a knife in my back. It's not even a saying' I want someone to do that to me. Because Dear Friend, I'm better off without you.
- Fake Fortune


2. Dear Friend

Dear Friend,


Forgiveness is better yet forgotten, I would have trusted you with my life once upon a time ago. Today? I'd much rather prefer you were the ending, as a final goodbye is too good for you. Saying how much you made me feel wanted would be a lie right now, and if I was to tell you the truth; you'd laugh at me anyways. You mock me, you hurt me, you call me many names. In a way I was carrying you the whole time, decieving you as the friend you are not. Making you feel like I actually cared when in truth (I was playing along so you would stop feeling lonely), it's unfortunate to find that I was the one who twisted that knife in your own back. But that's just another lie for another day, in all honesty; respect is what you wanted. I respected you for a while, lost interest in you after the knife was no more. You see, the deepness of the depths that the knife will travel is all down to your own hand. You could push it in all the way, and you would never see how deep it would go thanks to the blood that blinds you from seeing my pain. Agony, I believe in such thing as I know it hurts more when you don't see it before it happens.

I was once a person who trusted you, now I feel like the roads out there; dusty, driven-down, and overall just walked upon. Because you know how a road should be treated, dirty and used. I'm that forgotten pencil that you always worried about back in class. An assignment would come up, you'd be back to your old self. A pathetic self promotion of your former self, a sick individual who needs help. Not my help though, you used me long enough. You made me feel like I was someone once upon a time ago; I feel hurt, I feel the pain that you inflicted. If these were scars I'd proudly wear them as then others would see that your scars don't heal. Your emotional abuse is what led me down this path. I still try to find a way out of the darkness without your helping hand, and now I'm left to my own devices. Alone, beaten up feeling like nobody gives a damn. The one thing I always had that you never had taken any notice of; Family. My family is what led me to who I am today, they protected me, they helped me through the darker times. You were my own suffering, an individual person on this planet trying to be like me. You joked around how I was the one who could only do "this" - or "whatever it was", but the joke is on you now. You have nothing while I have something, and to be rid of you is something I will always smile upon.

Farwell my friend, my forgotten memory, and hello to the people who actually care about me & love me for who I am and not what I can be.

- My Family, My World, My Fans, My Life, My Partner in Crime C:

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