The Star | Rewrite

Stars live short lives for such gorgeous celestial beings. They shine so brightly, providing energy for everything around them.
But they can burn out.
And sometimes you don't see it before it's too late.

[This is a rewrite of an old very cringey story that was unfortunately deleted off of Movellas. It was written on my old account @_Vivi_ If you did get the chance to read that, I promise this will be way better. <3]


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TW: Self-harm

It was a chilly morning in downtown Snowdin. Perfect, if you asked the locals. However, it was freezing for the man sitting on a bench by the river, who was born and raised in South Hotland.

Snow fell from the sky, hit the water and melted quickly. Mettaton sat, watching it. It felt good, it helped him keep his mind off of last night's show.

Long story short, it didn't go well.

Mettaton turned his head to see a man with a warm grin and a skinny frame walking through the snow. It was a good friend of his, Papyrus.

Every time Mettaton came down to Snowdin, they would sit near the river and talk. Mettaton enjoyed his company.

Papyrus was very friendly and could (almost) never be seen without a smile on his face. He was a pretty big fan of Mettaton but was able to keep calm around him (something that barely ever happened.) He was sweet.

Papyrus approached and sat next to Mettaton on the cold bench.

Mettaton instinctively pulled his sleeves down.

"Good morning!" Papyrus greeted, cheerfully.

 Mettaton smiled. "Good morning."

Papyrus looked into Mettaton's eyes.

"You're upset," he stated.

"Am I?"

"Yes, you don't seem like yourself."

Mettaton sighed. "I am. That's why I came down here today."

"Well, what's wrong?"

Mettaton looked down into the icy water.

"My show, last night, was terrible."

"You're kidding. You're so talented."

"I know, it wasn't me," he paused, "It wasn't completely me. It was the people in the audience."

He looked back up at Papyrus.

"Humans are terrible."

"You are a human."

"I know. I'm terrible too, I'm rude and careless," he smiled, "You're not, you're the only not-terrible human I've ever met."

He barely acknowledged this compliment.

"What did they do?"

"They terrorized the monsters like school children. They shouted rude things at the stage-"

"Like what?"

"Words I'm sure you don't know, darling."


"I'm starting to think it was all my fault," he whispered.

"How in the world could that be your fault?"

"Not what they did to the monsters, what they did to me."

"They bullied you and you think it was your own fault?" Papyrus sounded hurt.

"They wouldn't bully me for no reason, would they?"

"They have a reason, it's just dumb. They call you names because you're different and you're amazing."

Mettaton kicks the ground, causing a chunk of ice to fall into the river.

"I look like a woman."

Papyrus frowns. "Don't say that."

"It's the truth."

"No. It's not. You are a man."

"I know. I just don't look like one."

"What does a man even look like?"

Mettaton looks down.

He feels a warm hand on his shoulder.


He looks up into Papyrus' eyes. He's crying. Mettaton is crying for the first time in too long.

 Papyrus holds him in his arms. Despite the man's strong frame, he feels fragile and gentle.

"Mettaton, can I tell you something?"

Mettaton's head is buried in Papyrus' chest but he nods anyway, messing up his hair.

"I- you're one of the bravest people I know. I mean, you know that there are so many people who hate you for things you can't change but you're brave and you still go up and perform your heart out. Also, you're very talented and handsome."

Mettaton smiles and lifts his head up.

"You think I'm handsome?"

Papyrus blushes. "I-It's more of a fact than an opinion."

"Sure," he leans his head on Papyrus again.

"I think you missed the point," Papyrus says, leaning back.

"What was the point?"

"You're a star, Mettaton."

Mettaton exhales sarcastically through his nose. (Seriously does anyone know a good word to describe that action?) "Stars can burn out, Papyrus."

Papyrus takes a deep breath and it hitches.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Mettaton frowns but doesn't answer.

Papyrus sits up. He's suddenly tense.

"Mettaton," he says in an "I know you're being stubborn but please answer me" tone.

Mettaton sits up and puts his hands on his lap.

He has no words.

"Are you doing it again?" Papyrus knows the answer but he doesn't want it to be yes. He so badly wants the answer to be no.

It's not.

Mettaton looks down and nods lightly and slowly.

Papyrus looks around.

"Let's go to my house."

Mettaton doesn't say anything, which probably means a reluctant 'okay.'

Papyrus stands up and takes Mettaton's hand. It's cold, soft, and limp, like he doesn't want to go.

Papyrus tightens his grip and pulls Mettaton up, which is easy because he's started to give in.

He puts his arm around Mettaton's shoulders as if he has to help him walk, maybe it's because he's walking through the snow in heels but it seems more like it's an instinct because Mettaton is hurt but, mostly, not in that way.


Mettaton sits down on Papyrus' car shaped bed. It seems childish but Mettaton can't help thinking it's adorable.

Papyrus sits across from him.

"I-" he exhales, "Why? It's been so long, you-" he closes his eyes. He's frustrated but not at Mettaton. What is he mad at? Probably whoever- or whatever- caused this.

And he's upset that Mettaton would do something like that to himself. He's such and amazing person, the fact that he doesn't see that hurts Papyrus in a way.

"Papyrus it's not that simple," Mettaton says as if guessing what Papyrus was going to say next, "Look, I- I'm alright I just-"

"No you're not," Papyrus says firmly, "If you were alright you wouldn't-" he looks down and sighs, "I understand that I don't understand how you feel but you need to realize that this isn't going to help you."

"I'm sorry," Mettaton says, his voicing shaking, like he's about to cry.

Papyrus doesn't quite know how to reply. Mettaton shouldn't be sorry.


Mettaton meets Papyrus' eyes, his eyes are watering.

It's strange seeing him like this- almost scary. Mettaton is usually so confident and proud, it hurts to know he feels this way.

"Who ever told you that it was wrong to be yourself?"

"A lot of people," he says almost sounding irritated, as if it were just that obvious.

"No, I mean, someone you really cared about."

"How would you know about-" he pauses, "-That."

Papyrus widens his eyes. "I don't know anything, it's just, it seems like this is coming from something."

Mettaton looks down as if contemplating whether or not he should tell this story.

Not like it's too personal. Papyrus already knows more about Mettaton than his best friend does, it's just difficult.

"My family isn't very supportive."

That's an understatement. Mettaton's family hates him. He was kicked out of the house when he came out and lived with his best friend until he could support himself (although he had moved back in with her after discovering how difficult it is to live alone). His parents might have been terrible but the reaction he got from his cousin hit the hardest. Mettaton and Napstablook used to be best friends. They made promises to each other about never leaving the other behind, they swore that when they grew up they would live in houses next door to each other and visit the other every day. The fact that something that shallow could break a bond that strong hurt.

And the boy had said some cruel things to 'his favorite cousin.'

Mettaton hasn't forgotten a single detail.

Papyrus can tell by the hurt in Mettaton's eyes that that isn't the whole story. It hurts, again, as Papyrus' parents had been so supportive of him and so perfectly okay when he came out as gay. It almost made him forget that some people aren't as lucky as him.

He wraps his arms around Mettaton.

"I'm sorry," he says.

He pulls away after a minute.

"Now, um, can I see your, um..." he pauses, it's weird to ask this. It feels too personal. "Your wrists."

Mettaton looks down for a moment before rolling his sleeves up.

It looks bad and he knows it.

Papyrus doesn't make any comments and cleans them up.

A few minutes later Mettaton's arms are wrapped in bandages.

While the whole situation is embarrassing it feels good to know somebody cares.

Papyrus gives him a shy smile because Mettaton is smiling, despite not realizing it, and that makes him happy.

The two walk downstairs.

"Thanks for... this," Mettaton says, "Bye, Papyrus."

"Bye," Papyrus replies, still smiling, slightly.

With that he leaves and Papyrus doesn't quite know what to think.

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