Online Diary.....

Welcome to my online diary. I saw a couple of these, so I will do one. It took me a lot of courage to do this, so I hope you enjoy.


3. 5/4/17

So today my sister had to go to the hospital. She has Influenza and she is not getting any better. I am really worried about her.

If you are still here thank you so much! . I'll talk about the juicy stuff in my life I guess. :/

Okay so basically I've never had a boyfriend so I don't have to deal with exes and stuff. I do like one of my best friends a little bit. I used to like him a lot, but I know it will never work. We are like total opposites. :P

I finally have the courage telling you guys my main account! It's Izzy.The.Potato 

Yes my real name is Izzy! :P

It's a weird name, but I adore it.

If you guys are looking for any new music artists I have a suggestion. Her name is Jemma Johnson. She makes covers on youtube so yeah :P

Okay back to the boy stuff. So like I said we are best friends. We are doing a history presentation together along with another of my best friends who is also a boy.

I'm not the type who makes friends easily, so I only have like three or four friends. I know everyone else thinks I'm kind of weird, so I don't like associating with them. Especially since almost all the girls in my grade are fake. I see right through them. 

It's kind of sad because as time went on my friends who used to play video games now don't. I still do, and I guess it's kind of lonely playing on my own. 

I'm trying to make new friends over the internet, but like I said I don't make friends easily.

I'm going to end it here! Byeeee guys! <3


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