A New Me Coming Soon

Sage was kidnapped at the age of 18 and escaped 8 months later. She couldn't stop having nightmares almost 2 years later. She knew she needed to change. Will she ever find friends? Or a true love?


2. Chapter 2

Don't talk , just act. Don't say, just show. Don't promise, just prove.

I kept saying his over and over in my head. I'm starting over: a new pattern of thoughts: a new wave of emotions: a new connection to the world: a new belief system in myself.

I went to take a shower as thoughts raced through my mind. As i turned off the water i looked at my body in the mirror.

Permanent scars.




That's all i see when i look at myself! I don't know if you've ever been raped or if you know what it's like to have your body taken from you and you can't do anything about it but it's a horrible thing.

I looked at myself.

My long, straight, black hair went down to my hips. It needed to go. It was apart of my body that was with me through.. my past.. i grabbed some scissors and cut to my shoulders. I was good at this because i worked at a salon before. I looked at my new appearance satisfied. I needed more change. I have been taking self defense classes for 4 months now. That was apart of my change. It helped me tone my body hoping to give me more self confidence. I got dressed into a white Panic! At The Disco tour shirt tucking it in some black high waisted shorts along with black sandals. I was put into a foster home until i could get a job and move out because my mom disowned me. I was with another girl and a little boy, Bianca and Gauge. Bianca was my age we hung out a lot but when we moved out we never saw each other. I pulled into a little house with a garden, my old foster home, I knocked on the door and a little boy opened the door screaming, gauge,

"Ms. Jacobs! look who's here!" Gauge screamed hugging me.

"Well hello Sage!" said the little old woman.

"Hey Ms. Jacobs!" i hummed ms. jacobs was a little old widow who i used to live with.

"How have you been?"

"Oh just fine" i lied "you?"

"good as it gets"

We ate dinner and then i played superheroes with gauge and i had to leave. I stopped by the grocery store to get a few things. I walk in and grab a buggy and go to turn around but i accidentally ram into someone else's

"oh i'm so sorry!" i apologize

"it's all good!" it was a tall, southern (didn't mention but Sage is southern) boy. "Hi i'm Chandler!"

"Sage" i reach and shake his hand.

"You must be new here"

"uhh- yeah"

"Make any new friends yet?"

"No not yet"

"Well there's a party at my house tomorrow night maybe you could meet some people"

"oh that sounds fun"

"yeah here's my number, call me when your ready"

i took the sheet of paper and put it in my purse.

"See ya"

"yeah.." i said not sure what just happened

i walked around the store grabbing some things i needed for my new apartment.

i went home and it started to put down raining. I grab my few bags and ran to my door. i grabbed my keys fiddling them to find the right one. I hear someone doing the same. I turn around and see the same guy i bumped into right across from mine.

" i didn't know you lived here?"

"oh hey there" he turned around


A/N ****

HEY GUYS! I deleted '• Best Friends Brother •' because i didn't really like it. But i think i'm doing much better!


Carli 💋

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