Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?


8. Stacy Psyhco?

Chapter 8:

As Jeff was sitting on the roof of the mansion, waiting endlessly for Laughing Jack to return from his 'Secret' mission. Jeff asked Slender what LJ was off doing, but he always responded with, 'You'll see' or 'Just wait'. Jeff was waiting, he waited for 2 whole days for LJ's return, he mentioned something about a surprise for Jeff. Ben came up and out of the roof with a tray of left over supper.

“You've been up here for two whole days, isn't the weather getting to you? We're expected snow tonight!” Jeff was silent, as always, he wouldn't speak to anyone “Jeff you can't be up here tonight, a snow storm is on it's way.” Jeff snarled at Ben's comment.

“I'm waiting, and I'm not gonna stop waiting until LJ gets back” Jeff knew it was important. He knew something was worth the wait.

“Jeff, come on?” Ben sat beside him and placed the tray in Jeff's lap. “You haven't had any sleep, and your never eating” Jeff curled up, holding his knee's to his chin, his eye's were red from tiredness, Ben reached over and lightly touched Jeff's skin. Ben gasped and snapped his hand back from Jeff. “Your freezing!” Jeff had a slight shiver, until his vision snapped into a head rise from his body, he leaned over the edge. “JEFF WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Jeff smiled. He grinned.

Jeff launched himself off the edge and slid down the drain pipe. “JEFF!”.

LJ stalked the grounds with a small girl by his side. Jeff jumped off the wall of the mansion at least 3 metres high onto the ground.

“LJ!” Jeff noticed the girl by LJ's side. Jeff's smile disappeared. “Who's this?” LJ was shocked at first by Jeff's words, but calmed down knowing that Jeff probably couldn't recognise her.

“Jeff this is....” Kayla cut him off.

“I'm Stacy Psycho” She said disguising her voice with a higher, and sexier voice. Jeff blushed a little as she smiled flirtatiously at him. She giggled slightly.

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