Kayla thought her life was going to be normal. But one night, as murders in her town were on the rise, she met the most horrible killer yet. Jeff The Killer. How is she going to be? How is she gonna live?



~~Chapter 7:
Kayla stepped quickly over tree roots and broken plants. The leaves and sticks crunched beneath her bare feet. It wasn't to long until she lost stamina. She had to stop. She tripped on an unsuspecting tree root. She fell and hit her head on a rock. She blacked out. She was left there, unconscious and vulnerable.
As Kayla awoke, her head, it was bandaged up, there were lights blinding her. She saw her arm connected to a drip. And a machine that told her heart rate. She saw people walking and running in front of her, but it was all so blurry, she couldn't hear anything. Everything was slow, the world was spinning in her head. She felt someone place hands on her shoulders, and speak her name loudly, to her it was nothing but a whisper. The voice gradually grew louder until it was clear.
“Kayla are you alright?” her vision became focused, it was a nurse.
“Where am I?” she asked the nurse.
“Your in the hospital, you have had fatal injuries to your abdomen and your head”
“How long was I out for?” she asked, the nurse looked at her like she didn't know what to say.
“Sweet heart, you've been in a coma for 8 months” Kayla's eye's widened. “You had a boy come see you as well. He was very cute. He kept saying his name was Jeff, he had light brown hair, fair skin, and blue eye's. She couldn't be talking about him, Kayla knew what he looked like, she may have been out for 8 months but she could never forget that face. “He said it was all his fault and he was the reason you ran into the woods screaming and crying, because of a misunderstanding. I didn't know what he was talking about but-”
“I caught him holding another girl, after I gave myself to him” the nurses eye's widened.
“He WHAT!?” she asked Kayla.
“Jeff isn't the person you think he is. He may seem nice but really, he was the one responsible for all those murders in my area” the nurse glared at Kayla with such consideration, Kayla continued. “That is not his real appearance, he usually has black hair, white skin, and a smile carved into his cheeks, his eye's are surrounded by black rings, and his iris in his eye was a toned white. He lived in this massive mansion. There were some people in there that were haunting”.

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Kayla went on and on to doctors and physiologists, after about a month of therapy, she described in high detail about Jeff and his friends, the ones she had seen at least.
When the week arrived, she was sent to live in an Institution. She was believed to be very dangerous towards herself and others, she was strapped up in a straight jacket and pushed into a steel room, isolated from the world.
Kayla sat there, drool coming from her pale face. She was sitting against the cold, metal, wall staring off into space, with this one little song playing in her head, her usual Doctor called her into their talk room. They would sit there for 2 hours as she would explain the same story of the figure that stands in her room when she sleeps.
“He would stand there...” she gave a quick smile to him, he was only young, no older than 20. “He would.....SING to me at night...” he wrote down everything she said, she let out a chuckle “he would sing me to sleep” she chuckled again but louder. “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chase the weasel. The monkey though ’twas all good fun” he shallowed a lump in his throat, she stared him down with harsh eye's “POP. Goes the weasel!” she started to frighten him.
“I think that's enough for today Kayla” he said as he packed him note book and stood up to walk. A flash of lightening, then the lights flickering, she laughed loudly with insanity.
“I'm like an insane clown, Insane yes. But I'm not the clown” with whatever small light was still shown on her, the doctor saw her point to a corner in the room. “He is!” the doctor turned to see no one. He hesitated a little as he turned to see she had disappeared. He gasped when she whispered in his ear from behind him. “Wasn't that a good little prank?” he panted in shock. “Awe is the big bad doctor scared?” she giggled like a child then disappeared back into the dark.
“Kayla now is not the time for jokes!” he felt a hand go on his shoulder. “Kayla please this is no laughing matter!” he heard a deep chuckle. A figure leaned down to his face. The doctor stood there in fright. A swirled cone nose. Sharp teeth, and black eye's. He stepped back into Kayla, she giggled and chuckled.
“Told you he was real” she began laughing like a psycho as she watched the monochrome clown tear the doctor into shreds.
He walked behind her and undid her jacket. He helped take it off.
“About time you showed up!” he giggled at her comment. “What's so funny?” she smile psychotically. He showed her to the door.
“Oh nothing just the fact that...” he opened the door for her, she was the bloody scene before her eye's “...I've cleared the way for you!” she grinned and started walking out through the halls. Her once velvet red hair, now all white and worn down. Her nails were filthy and long. Her complexion was horrible. She had spent almost a year in that hell hole, she knew she wasn't insane. At the start at least, until the isolation and the therapy made her believe was totally bonkers.
“Where's my things?” she asked him, he handed her old clothes over, they might suit her with the amount of weight she's lost and with her new hair colour. A white shirt underneath a black, thin jacket, over that a jersey jacket, she didn't care if he was watching, she stripped and slid on her jeans and high tops. He pulled the hoody over her head and held out her hand. “Phone?!” he placed a cold piece of technology in her hand and she smelt the radiation. Oh how she missed it. She played one of her favourite songs. Melanie Martinez-Mad Hatter. The song played as she stepped over the bodies and out the doors into the storming, winter night.

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