A Bookish Outcast

This is my entry for the Beauty and the Beast writing competition. I chose to write a poem for this since I only found out about the competition today Sunday 23rd.

Option 2- Write about feeling like an outsider.

My entry- Poem about myself trying to fit in with people who don't like books.


1. A Bookish Outcast (Poem)

Woke up at 6:59am

The group chat had lasted till two

Endless chatter about books

Yet my parents don't have a clue

Not looking forward to the day ahead

Being out in the big wide world

Mingling with people

Rather be in the company of my bookshelves

Pet cats

And secret stash of Oreos

As I walk into class

The usual eye roll from the cool kids

"Hey Alice, you're so boring."

They would declare

As I sit down on my chair

Applying a ton of make-up

To cover up

I hold in my hand a book

One that holds a bookmark to hold my place

"She's a geek, a nerdy freak!"

The whispers started again

Because they ripped pages out to throw airplanes

While I sat in solitude traveling the world

But not leaving the room

I miss my online friends

You know, the ones that do care about books

Face to face with others I see in class

Not a chance

Let me be me

That's all I say

I am who I am

And that will never change 


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