Love In The Darkness

Can you actually fall in love with a mafia heir that will soon marry you if you find out his darkest secret in your darkest hour?

***Ashreigh was the only one from the Leighton family who managed to survive the major assassination in their manor. Her parents' car burned into ashes with them, she was showered with a shot, and the mansion wrecked down like a fallen glass of water that killed a lot of servants.

Her tragedy gave out a new beginning. A new life that will soon start to be written in her book of life.


13. Darkness Twelve: Edril


Looking out the window, watching the way and feeling the strong wind embracing my face as the drag-racing driver pulled his engine high. But instead of actually arguing with him about safety driving, I felt lost. It didn’t scare me at all. In fact, I was wishing for a car accident right now, so I won’t be facing El later on.

“Hey!” I felt an uncomfortable warmth on my left leg that suddenly slid forward. Shocked, I caught Ed’s hand just before it touches my thigh as I threw his hand back and glared at him raising my feet up into my chest as if he’d cut my feet if I won’t.

“What the hell’s wrong with you, pervert!” I shouted.

He laughed, the amused laugh as if I just said a joke. “Well I thought I’d wake you up for a bit.” He replied still smiling like he’s about to do another harassing. I hissed annoyed. Man, I just made the wrong decision. That guy’s really annoying. I can’t handle him for all I know. “So, what disturbing thing did El do to you that made you come crawling in to me for help?” he suddenly asked.

“What? I’m not crawling to you for help.” I said back.

“Oh really? So, care to join little El for a ride home later then.”

“No.” I replied as soon as he was done with his question. But that answer shocked me and made Ed laugh.

“So, what did he do? Something worse than mine?” he asked with his amused tone.

“That’s none of your business.” I shot back.

“Then it’s final, El’s taking you home later—“

“I said no.” I crossed my arms and looked into the window side again.

“Tell me why then.” He said. “It must’ve been the noise I heard last mid night. Correct?”

That caught me off guard, and remembering that night gave shivers in my spine and blood boiling into my face.

“Written on your face, princess. What happened?”

“I hate your guts.” I pouted annoyed.

“Everyone does. So, kindly humor my ignorance my princess.”

I sighed. “I don’t know… he was kind of… different. You know, creepier than you last night.” I explained. I looked at him and he seemed to be listening. “I think I have a fault at that moment but I didn’t expect he’d be there.” And I started telling him what happened with my freak out mode of narration. I mean, unlike Ed, I wasn’t expecting El’s side to show that night, in that uncomfortable distance and in that embarrassing covers. I thought he’s going to ignore that, but he didn’t, he tried seducing me or maybe I was the one who accidentally did. And that scared the Lewis out of me.

Ed didn’t hold his laughter after I was done with my flashback. He slammed his stirring wheel over too much ‘happiness’ as he laughed even louder. “Damn that was a hot night.” He even said mockingly. “You should be glad you didn’t get to have your first experience in a kitchen floor.”

“Excuse me!” I looked at him in disbelief.

“Because if it was me, I’ll make sure you’re in bed before giving you that first hit.” He said still teasing me about my own story.

“That comment is really disturbing!” I shouted at him. “And that’s going to scare me for the rest of my life.”

“No it won’t.” he said glancing at my side then back to the road. “Eventually, you’ll have to choose between us. Because you simply have to.”

“I’ll run away when I’m on that age.” I told him seriously.

“That’s not going to help, because we’re going to catch you in no time.”

“As if.” I said. “I mean. Why would I choose when I’m not ready?”

“It’s a necessity. By the way, if you choose me I think I’d prefer this bratty character of yours.”

“What was that?”

“Well, your personality is annoying, selfish and undoubtedly irritating.” He said but just when I was about to retort, he spoke again. “But it’s who you are and I don’t prefer a character of a liar. You know, I want a real person who can fight back like you did.”

I frowned over the fact that he was being profound. It was a news to me because set aside that smirk in his face and his playful tone, he was suddenly being honest with me. And it’s sudden, but my disgust over what he did today and yesterday was awashed with sudden sympathy. It was a good thing to know, that if I’m with him, I’m still at free will. But hell if I’d choose between these two.

“Do you still want to go to class?” he suddenly asked. But the car stopped not in school but somewhere I didn’t notice because I was fighting with him earlier.

“I have to. I have a lot of missed lessons.” I replied.

“Hmm. Well.” He stared at me for a while. “I guess you’re a self-conscious girl, aren’t you?”

I looked away a bit awkward into the window in front of me. “It’s been a while since I’ve spend my time with some strangers around.” I explained.

He laughed lightly after that he leaned towards the passenger seat where I was seating making himself closer. “Isn’t that cute?” he whispered seductively. “It kind of turns me on.” He went even closer making me turned back to open the car but he just pulled my hand away before I could even open it pinning it down on the chair I am sitting that made the distance nearly an inch away.

“Stop it!” I shouted.

“Why not?” he asked back. “I’m liking the way this is going. No one’s around to disturb us.”

I struggled, trying my best to free myself from him and one hand came loosed. “I really hate your guts. Why can’t you just stop harassing me?” I muttered annoyed.

“And as I’ve said, everyone does. And if you’re confused, did you forget that you’re just the wife material?” He grinned at me making his face really close to mine that already made the tip of our noses. But with my one loosed hand, I abruptly pulled it free, raising it as high as I can and with all the strength I could muster in the small space, I made my hand into a fist and hit it into his cheek. His face tilted sideways and that gave me the opportunity to successfully open the door and left him still in shock of what I did.

I was walking away waiting for a cab to pass by so I could finally go to school despite the bad day I’m having because of him. Or probably I could hitch hike a car who’s nice enough to give me a ride back. The place he just took me is kind of deserted and all I could do is hope that some vehicle may pass while he’s still not around.

I shuddered in annoyance hissing after few seconds of my walk and a hand grabbing my wrist in surprise. I turned back, fully arching my fist again for another hit but when it was close enough to reach him, he stopped it with his palm.

“Stay away already!” I shouted irritated but his grip remained secure that I cannot free myself.

“I’m sorry okay? I didn’t want you to go all annoyed.” He said seriously.

“I don’t care! I hate you!” I tried pulling my hand aggressively, kicking his knee and even hitting his hand to let my hand go. But freeing myself isn’t just the reason why I’m desperately trying, but because I already felt my tears ready to come out and I don’t want him to see it.

“What’s wrong with you? I already said sorry didn’t I? Why do you always think that’s a big deal when it isn’t?” he asked back also being annoyed with my actions.

“Leave me alone!” I shouted back.

He hissed, let me go and open his arms on both side. “Fine then. If that’s what you want.” He said stomping back to his car and slammed it close.

That reaction from him made it felt worse on my part. Apologizing then getting annoyed because I was being a brat at his own fault. That just brought the complaints on my chest and I sat down on that same sidewalk where I stood and hid my face frustrated as I broke down and started crying. It’s not my fault that I acted like this, it was his’. I already told him why I was trying to cool it off with El and now he’s trying to do the same thing. He’s more of a kid than me!

And knowing him more now–just when I thought he was some kind of a nicer person than El, it just made me feel scared to open up myself to any of these brothers. I can’t even trust that they could be patient with me how am I supposed to be myself. I don’t want to be in that house anymore, I want to go home.

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