Love In The Darkness

Can you actually fall in love with a mafia heir that will soon marry you if you find out his darkest secret in your darkest hour?

***Ashreigh was the only one from the Leighton family who managed to survive the major assassination in their manor. Her parents' car burned into ashes with them, she was showered with a shot, and the mansion wrecked down like a fallen glass of water that killed a lot of servants.

Her tragedy gave out a new beginning. A new life that will soon start to be written in her book of life.


2. Darkness One: The Prince of Darkness

*Ashreigh Lewis Leighton*

Three years later...

My alarm had never been in a good timing. And worst, it had never been better since the irritation had gotten down into my nerves as I irritatedly sat up, grabbed the clock and threw it annoyed.

Why can't this place at least give me a good sleep?! I scratched my head as I yawned, making my way to the bathroom and made my school preparations. After that, I went out of my flat and rode the elevator going down from fourth floor until the first floor finding the other VIPs like me chat up. But unlike them, I wasn't interested about merging business with nasty people here. They have been coming up my flat when I first moved here, offering me something they would think lovely and soon the topic would reach about the success of my company and they would add how it will be more successful if I had them beside me.

Of course I would professionally refuse, but these men wouldn't just give up with a single no. They would tell me to think about it. But I would still refuse, tell them that my decision had been an absolute finality. And with that hard concrete words I had, I became their talk for the entire month. They would buzz about my business-- saying it was illegal-- and would even tell my other clients what danger it might cause them. But my client were not stupid to believe smart mouth and half assed opinions. They trust me more than any words from some social strangers.

I walked straight to the lobby towards the exit as I see my service car in front of the exit so I walked faster until I finally got out.

My driver happily opened the door for me so I fit my way in before he closed it and made his way to the driver seat and drove away.

"Where's the usual driver?" I asked him when I noticed that he was a new face.

"The man is absent today ma'am. Must be because he's been having a cold since yesterday." The man replied.

I nodded over the explanation and plugged my earphones as I waited, listening to the rock music that I've stored in my mp3. But weird enough, the car was leading me somewhere unfamiliar. I removed the music in my ear as I leaned in front to ask the driver.

"This isn't the place heading to school!" I said.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I guess you have to be absent and be a nice girl for now." He replied. It made me feel the danger within his voice that my instinct quickly grabbed me  to face the door and unlock it, planning to jumped down while we're still around the city road. But a hand had prevented me to do that. It coiled around my waist and a gun pointed into my neck.

"Behave yourself missy. You don't want the car messed up with you sexy bloody corpse right?" Another man asked that caused me to stop from moving. Only catching my breath when we got out of the city and my heart jammed like a drum of the same rythm.

For minutes I kept myself shut while feeling the gun pointed to my neck and because he was so close to me, I turned to him and gave a glare.

"Can you..." I said gesturing my hand to signal him to make a bit of space. "I can't escape anyway."

"Surprisingly calm, aren't we princess?" He teased as he gave me a bit of space and put his gun aside.

"I am scared." I replied straight face as I turned my eyes on the window view.

The silence conquered the vehicle again so I took the opportunity to take a nap and continue my forlorn sleep even in this kind of situation.

Sensing that the car had stopped, I of opened my eyes and saw the place we're in. A dark mansion in the warmth of a new day. The man who drove opened the door for me so I stretched my feet going out of the car and continued to tour my eyes around.

"This way, miss. We were suppose to drag you getting in, but you are surprisingly obedient." The man said with a smile.

I gave a look at him and to the mansion then back to him. "If I would get in, am I going out alive?" I asked.

"That depend on the answer you will give."

"Answer?" I asked.

But not answering my question, the man who was sitting beside me earlier pushed me lightly towards the mansion. "Let's go already. We don't want the prince waiting in his castle, do we?" He joked that made me more bewildered.


We entered the black door and the dark marbled floor shined so great and outstanding to welcom us. The wide hall was just the same as my old home way back, and this kind of place burdens me so much that I couldn't even feel amaze to such marvellous color.

Soon the two kidnappers of mine had lead me the way to anotyer door towards thw left side corner and another corridor was waiting for us to walk on to, until we reached the last door. When the man who drove opened it, I was quite amazed. The whole place were all about books from shelves to shelves. Again the man pushed me in again until I've seen the whole of the place.

There I saw a man sitting in front of the table readimg a book. His posture was of a neat and professional gentleman, but the way his features were formed was like a fallen angel in the dark night. His hair was dark and neatly waxed, his grey eyes overpowered the ashes that danced around the fire, his skin was fair that even in this kind of room, he outstood the brightest sunshine.

His head suddenly turned towards my direction that made me blinked twice in surprise.

Wow. He's handsome for a man who lives in the walls of a dark mansion.

Now he stood up and started to walk towards me, making me made a step back in my instict of danger. It made him pause and give a short stare at me darkly that made me felt intimidated then continued coming near. From his dark glare fixed to mine, I understood that I was no match to him so I didn't bother making another step that would make him angry.

He stopped after he made a meter space between us and the men who took me here stayed behind on both sides of the door that I think maybe if I ran they would block my exit.

"Did my reapers treat you well?" He asked solemnly.

I breathed deeply before giving a reply. "W-well, yes... I guess." I said nervously.

He lend a hand that made me stared at his hand then back to stare at his eyes. And because I may have seem to made him impatient, the way he stared at me turned darker that I outomatically took his hand before he would think about killing me.

Good thing his eyes went back to its color and he lead me towards the table, letting me sit on the chair where he first sat, finding the book that laid on the table was a fiction written by Wilbur Smith. An african writter whom had let me travel the wonders of Egypt with his magical imagination. A story of war and love.

Thinking about the book he read, I looked up at him and he was still staring at me, making me uncomfortable over his creepy way of looking down at me.

"Should I apologize?" He asked.

"Huh?" I asked bewildered.

"Should I say sorry for taking you here without consent." He asked.

"U-uh... I- I don't know..."

"Are you afraid of me?"

Geez, who will not be? I didn't give a reply and stared at his eyes instead. I don't want to offend a devil, do I?

He dropped a piece of paper in front of me that made me look more confused.

"Read it." He said so I did.

I took the piece of printed paper and read what's there. And to my bewilderment, subbed into shock. I was surprised by the statements and the signature below it.

"I-impossible." I said in disbelief.

"That's an authentic signature of your parents and my father. If you insist about its fakeness. I still havre the video of the signing and their group picture together after certifying the unbelievable truth." He said.

My jaw dropped over what he said then my eyes turned back on the paper that was actually a contract for arrange marriage.

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