Love In The Darkness

Can you actually fall in love with a mafia heir that will soon marry you if you find out his darkest secret in your darkest hour?

***Ashreigh was the only one from the Leighton family who managed to survive the major assassination in their manor. Her parents' car burned into ashes with them, she was showered with a shot, and the mansion wrecked down like a fallen glass of water that killed a lot of servants.

Her tragedy gave out a new beginning. A new life that will soon start to be written in her book of life.


9. Darkness Eight: The other Prince

The morning I got up from my sleep dizzily, I somehow wanted to sleep again but I can't skip class since I might disappoint that El if I act lazy so I prepared myself for school and went down for breakfast, although now I can sense that everything felt awkward in the dining table.

El and I were silent for the moment hearing only the clings of the fork and knife touching the glass plates and the steps of servant walking to refill the glass of juice. Jack and Caine were with us for breakfast too but they were just quiet. Sometimes glancing at each other then to El but they won't even utter any word. Time went on and because of nervousness and shame on the face I showed yesterday, I lost the strength of my own grip and dropped my fork that caused a greater noise. That even made me jumped surprise and panicked with no particular reason.

"I-I'm sorry." I stuttered as one maid stepped forward and picked it up changing it for another one.

When I was on facing my meal again, I saw Caine and Jack looking at my direction. I bowed to show how sorry I was for dropping the spoon and acted startled but it doesn't look to be the case. My eyes went on and found El looking at me.

"Miss Lewis?" He asked seriously.

I swallowed. "Y-yes?" I asked.

"Are you sure you want to go to school?" He asked.

"H-huh? Why not?"

"You don't seem to be well. Jack told me you slept late."

I shook my head. "Its okay, I think I can manage?" I said unsure.

El stood up and walked towards me. I felt my heart racing faster now. For some reason I wanted to run away because of this morning atmosphere or puke again. He stopped in front of me and touched my forehead lightly. "You look paler than usual, slower than normal, more sheepish than what you actually are and look sick. I cannot let you go looking like someone who will collapse anytime." He said monotonously as he always do.

"Thanks for your concern. But... Is it really that bad?" I asked.

"I am certain." He told me straight faced.

Doesn't he knows that I'm having a hang over? Or is he acting like he never knew that I was drunk after he left me last night? Or probably, he's guilty for leaving me alone in that party house and he made a good solo with that Mina? Which is which?

"I'm sorry." I uttered without hesitation. "I got drunk last night and didn't thought that I still have a class today." I honestly admitted.

His face twitches a bit. He gave a little frown and his lips hardened. He might've been angry but he's trying to hide it from me not to scare me off.

"Wow, you're honest." Jack spoke sarcastically, who still eat from across the table.

"W-what? She's drunk last night?" Caine laughed. "I wish I've seen it." He even added that caused him to earn three glares at the same time. He simply rose his hands in defeat after seeing our sights shooting him with daggers.

"I thought you'd rather be quiet about it than to be scolded." Jack said.

"Well..." I gulped and sighed. Why am I apologizing? Its his fault! Sheesh Ash, you're crazy and stupid.

El remained staring. I can see in his eyes that he's trying to read the situation as he blink twice and walked back to his table. "You'll not be attending class today. Rest for a while and we'll be discussing that matter later." He said.

"No, please discuss it now." I said.

He thought for a moment and sighed. "Who made you drink alcohol?" He asked.

"I don't know. They were just some group of guys in the kitchen that I had talked to." I said.

"All were men?"

I nodded and pursed my lips.

"Why would you drunk with them?" He asked.

"They said they'd tell me where you guys were if I did--"

"Are you stupid? Why did you believe them?" He suddenly cut me off and at the same time, I was surprised from his question.

"Why not? Weren't they your friends?" I emphasized feeling the insult he just said.

"They're not--"

"Then why leaving me alone if you can't trust people like them around?" I said back.

He seemed annoyed because I cut him through. "Its your choice to do what you want."

"That's right. It was my choice." I said putting up a bit of sarcasm in my tone. I stood up. "Are we done with the discussion? You already knew what happened to me last night so can I get to rest?"

"You should remember that I don't have my eyes on you twenty four seven. So please, don't be reckless with what you do. You're still vulnerable."

"I'll keep that in mind." I said and dismissed myself in the dining room and started walking out going to the garden to relaxed myself. I watched the view from the big tree as the wind gushed making it dance around the garden lands. But through my peripheral vision, I noticed that something in black moved that made me abruptly shot a looked at it but it seems that nothing was there.

What was that?

I shrugged my shoulders and took my way where I saw that thing that quickly vanished, thinking that it might have been a black stray cat that passed by since I didn't have much sight on its figure. I slowly made my steps, careful and a bit cautious not to scare the cat away in any means of disturbances. When I was near the curve, I made two quick step to reach it.

"Hey princess!" Not being able to make that turn, I looked back to where I came from and found Caine and Jack waving a hand at me. "Come on, we'll take you back to your room. El thinks you might lose your way around since he thinks you're still drunk--"

Jack elbowed him. "Don't mind Caine, El just wanted us to assist you." He cleared.

"Y-yeah sure... I'll follow ahead." I replied a bit uncomfortable waving a hand at them.

"Okay, if you say so little princess." The both entered back into the mansion and I also turned towards the curve, surprised when a sudden stranger sprung up in front of me covered in all black. His smirk was unreadable but he had a glare of daggers. He had his hair dyed with red highlights that hangs to his head in a messy way, his eyes were brown but shines in a darkly manner that I felt my hair rose, tall sharp nose, high cheekbones and firm jaws that I imagine that could even break a bone. Down he wore a black leather jacket and inside was a black shirt, on his neck hangs a gold dragon pendant, paired with black straight cut jeans and black leather. He was handsome. True. But the fact that he was scary. Is more than the truth that I could ever agree on.

"So you're the new princess?" He asked.

Feeling the coming shock into my system, I shut my eyes and wanted to scream but he covered my mouth and pulled me towards him, coiling his arm around my shoulder as he pinned me on the wall to cover my mouth tighter. "Hush now princess, don't be noisy. If you kept on struggling, then you won't mind me breaking a bone or two?" He asked amused.

But his warning didn't make me obedient at all. Instead, it made me panic and more afraid that he's going to kill me after my breakfast.

"Haven't I said to be quiet?" He asked.

I tried using my black school shoes made of leather to inflict pain-- makes me glad that I'm still wearing it-- as I bit his palm and struggled violently from the man's strong grip.

"Ouch." He uttered loosening his grip successfully that gave me a chance to take a sprint but a hand gripped my wrist that prevented freedom from happening as the man quickly stood up and pinned me on the wall again. "Aggressive, I see. Now I wonder why would little El brings a kiddy princess in the mansion?" He asked placing his hand on my neck.

"I'll scream." I warned.

It even made him laugh. "Oh, that's probably cute to hear from a highschool girl." He said back. "How about give me something better than a high schooler screams? I'm kind of tired hearing 'em." His smirk grew wide from ear to ear making his face closer to mine as he ducked his head to reach my height.

But over fear and panic that he will steal my very first kiss, I abruptly hit him with my forehead that I also regretted after. That strong hit smashing to his mouth and nose made him stepped back and held his face while I, who still trying to recover from my suffering over the hang over, felt the first hand pain in doubles making me kneel on the grassy backyard and held my forehead. I pressed it over the pain and craved for cold compress even if I knew that I was facing a seemingly dangerous looking handsome stranger in front of me.

"Hey princess--" I heard Caine called but soon made a pause of shock when he saw that there's a guy with bleeding nose and cut lip standing in front of me. Jack quickly came by to assist me and check my forehead as he looked up at the new face. "What the hell did you do Ed?" He asked.

"Tried to teas the kiddy princess. But it seems to me that she didn't want her first kiss taking in so lightly huh?" He laughed, brought out a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his bleeding nose. "Where did little El found this high schooler?" He asked.

I wanted to cues. But my head was too confused to form a word. "She's going to be the fiance material as we were informed by the contract." Jack replied.

"Oh, so she's going to be my wife." He laughed.

"Or, El's of course. But seriously Ed, what are you doing here? There's a front door in every house you've been the last time I check. Why are you in the backyard." Caine asked him.

"Oh nothing particularly special. I just want to know the little pip squeak."

"Like hell would I ever want to know you pervert!" I snapped after my head had given me a couple of relief and some chance of thinking. "And how long do you think on calling me kiddy, little, high schooler and pip squeak huh?! Do you know how much pain I have to inflict myself just to stop you from harassing me!!"

"Well because you're too weak that is. But I Commend the effort." He even added.

"As if! You shouldn't be harassing people in the first place!" I felt my soft weak stupid heart broke down. I sniffed feeling the tears that made my sight blurry as I covered it with my palm.

"Oh come on, you're just going to cry after?" He asked in his tone of complain.

"What do you want me to do? Laugh because I just met a maniac?!" I shot back. "Are you kidding me?!" I sniffed again and his my face on Jacks shirt to avoid seeing his face.

"Okay, okay, sorry 'bout that." He finally apologized. "I'm not liking this apology--"

"Just do it." Caine cut off.

"Okay, I really am sorry about that princess. I didn't mean to scare you, I just thought you're one of his stupid girls so I thought I'd play around." He said.

"Do I even look stupid to you?!"

He laughed. "You're clever lady. Don't worry about my opinion." He said. "Again, your forgiveness for my un-gentleman-ly, and I am, by the way, one of your fiance, Edril. El's twin."

I turned to him once more. I nodded and stretched my hand for him to shook. "I'm Ashreigh Lewis, I may forgive you now but never if you do it again." I sniffed, still the trace that I cried was still in the sound of my shaking voice.

"Well you just need to get used with me princess, I'm like this ever since I reached my puberty." He laughed again.

I suddenly felt my hair rose and afraid. What's with this this pervert? I was not even informed that I still have another fiance to be exact. Why is he here now? He even said their twins... But why can't I see their similarities?

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