Kings and Queens

"Kings need Queens, but both fight for power over the other in this modern world... Can't believe the crazy days about to spring..."


1. Prologue

(This's actually my first FanFic ever, surrounded by young criminals and their days with each other... Which does include some 18+ subjects...)

A group of four young men from private military, who're now veterans, met by chance in the city streets of Los Angeles, years before today.

During a mission the four came across another group of the same number, but the opposite sex. The girls of the other group eventually got forced to work with the 4 guys, as they too fought the same enemy. By chance the happened to be opposite gender equivalents to the men. The mission the two groups had to achieve wasn't important to them, as it is a detail that will be left out.

After the job, the two groups split up to return to their base of operations. The general of the different military company, wished to see the other soldiers who helped. The guys came by to meet the general of the girls, and the girls came meet the guys' general. Eventually an agreement to form the two military organizations together were made. About a year after the group of girls and guys started to see perks in each other, becoming friends. They also started to see major flaws in the military they worked for, signing a forged paper to leave the organization, the two generals rejected, as the groups were to outstanding to let go, and were forced to battle against their will.

During urban warfare the men and women agreed to a plan to escape under fogs of war, and fake death, doing so they set a distraction to gain the enemy airforces' attention to bomb the building they hold shelter in, this resulted in the building collapse. After finding a way into the sewage pipes before the collapse, they got rushed into the sea, off the coast of L.A. They look back at the burning city coated in dust, as they swam back to shore. Sneaking passed enemy and friendly checkpoints by either convincing, stealth, or force, they managed to get out of the state, and went into hiding as a small criminal organization, which hid like rats under the radar, thankfully with some hacking into the government network they removed their names from the list, and could now make way back into civilian life, but since they started fighting, and currently hiding, it has become normal to them... Who's to say normal is so normal, when you can rob banks monthly, and get away with it... That to the group of young adults, is normal...

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