My first career at Hollywood

This is a story about a random girl who is living her biggest adventure in her whole life


3. Chapter 3

"Courtney, you are going to share the same room as me, Amy, w/ Cameron, Sali, w/ Hayes, Madie, w/ Nash, Tia, w/ Calum and y/n you are left w/ Ashton" Ethan said "ok it's no problem the most important is that we all got a room for one another to rest in" Tia said w/ an exhausted tone. I giggled at her funny face she pulled once she finished talking. Turning towards 5SOS to only see both of Ashton and me "... Well they are really fast..." I said in an uncomfortable accent "So, wanna get some rest or do something before heading back to my room?" He asked me " uhh, I would love to check out for the stage area and we can go get some rest after" you said pulling this face :-/ "ok it's no big deal :)" he said w/ his bright smile on his face.dimples.Dimples.DIMPLES. *after checking out* "ok it's good egnouth for us to dance well w/o any problems" you said "now let's get back before going to the restaurant" Ashton said. *in the room* "so I have to go get a shower and take a nap" you told ash while preparing yourself to get in the shower, " you're not hungry?! I mean it's been three hours of training and you're not hungry?!" "Nope, I'm not. I'll get myself a pizza if I am don't worry." You said entering the bathroom "ok!" He shouted. You let the hot water run through your tired body and enjoyed the shower...

Ashton's POV

I heard water coming from the bathroom, I hope that she's gonna be relaxed after it but I have that strange feeling that hits me each time she's w/ me or talks to me. I came back from my thoughts by the sound of the bathroom's door to see her in her pjs and a messy curly wet hair "if you want to dry your hair the dryer is in that box" I pointed at the box's direction while talking to her. She shook her had and went to brush her hair. It was so perfect, she looked so beautiful and innocent when "Ashton..." She spoke w/ a tired accent in her tone "yes y/n?!" I asked "wouldn't you mind and sleep next to you cuz sounds that your room doesn't have 2 beds" she finally answered turning in my direction "uhm.. Yeah sure I can leave and go to Luke's if you wa-" "no! I wanna have company + I'm feeling so lonely if I slept alone!" She exclaimed "wow! She really wants me to be by her side but how do I answer her" I thought to my self...

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