the Sealed Kingdom and A Fallen King

this story is about a King, the queen and princess died a misterious death (the King and queen on their thrones and the princess on her room the three from an unknown cause or.. something else?) and everyone in the Kingdom was killed by a strange being.. one that wielded a blood red sword

their bodies were left where they died and a strange darkness was surrounding the Kingdom and plagues, disease and corruption had a strong grip on the farms, forests and even the animals and materials in the area.. the Kingdom was then named the "Sealed Kingdom"


3. The truth

And so.. the day after the Ritual that was used on Sophia to make her imune to sunlight Vlad, Maria and Nephysto Could see her dancing around in a garden filled with flowers.


“A rare sight indeed Isn’t it? Seeing a vampire dance in the sunlight” said Nephysto with a kind and warm voice almost as if he found his inner peace in the scenery.


Sophia as happy as she could ever be in the sunlight playing around in the Gardens.

Then Nephysto collapsed and his eyes started to glow purple and whispers could be heard, Sophia and Vlad shouted “NEHPYSTO!!!!”

Maria in a hurry told them to not touch him and that he was having a premonition and the young vampiress relieved asked “the premonition is about the sword.. right?”

The Paladin after a few seconds remembered what was said the other day and told her that she didn’t know and it would be better to let the premonition end.


They all just stayed with and waited until it ended.. 2 hours have passed and Maria was getting worried about the premonition then.. he shouted “I’M BACK!!”

The 3 jumped back as he gave them the scare of a life time

Then he got up as fast as he could and started sprinting to his room while Vlad and Sophia were left speechless after when happened.. the King asked “is he always like that? And he.. is very fast for his aparent age”


There was a moment of silence, and curiousity gathering in the 3 and they decided to go see what this was all about.


When they arrived at Nephysto’s room he was running from left to right looking for parchment quills, ink and his scrying orb while doing so he noticed them and said in a loud and happy voice “I KNOW WHERE THE SWORD IS!! I need parchment or anything I can write in! I need to draw the area where I saw it and Maria please get me my memory potion!”


With all the hurry Maria couldn’t understand more than half of his words but she went to his cupboard and mixed the potion with water so that it wouldn’t have any bad side effects and then gave it to him.


After a few hours he drew a map to the place where the sword is hidden.. the time has come for Vlad, Sophia and Maria to know the truth about what happened to Pandora the Reaper’s Lover so he asked “do you want me to summon the Reaper?”

Maria opened her eyes wide and shouted “WHAAAAT!?!?!?!?!? What are you planing??”

With her response Vladimr and Sophia started to wonder what was going on then Nephysto explained “it’s time for you to know about the Reaper’s Lover.. ol’ Grim and I have planed this moment for quite some time.. telling the 3 of you about her, I’m thinking on summoning him because In my oppinion it’s best if he were the one to tell you instead of me”


The young paladin with a relieved look and after 2 deep breaths sit on the chair and said “you gave me a scare.. but alright does anything need to be done to summon him?”
Just after she finished her sentence the Reaper was behind her.. and he whispered “nothing my dear”

After hearing him she jumped forward and screamed like a little girl while leaping onto Vladimr’s arms grabbing him tight until she stopped.


Everyone laughed at her while her face was red with anger, she took a few deep breaths,calmed down and asked Vlad to put her down.


He did, The Reaper after they started paying attention said “so.. the time has come, you are going after the sword to use it against Pandora and Alucard, we should be the ones to do it Nephysto but we are too old.. that’s what they said”


Sophia after hearing him asked “but aren’t you both immortal and extremely powerful?”


Nephysto hearing her question responded “yes but the gods have made the 3 of you far stronger than us and time has dulled my fighting skills and the Reaper.. he never fought a war he just stood there watching the world and waiting for the dead to come.. besides.. in this world the Reaper has almost no power compared to what he has in his world” after a brief pause he added “now shall we all hear about Pandora?”

The 3 nooded with curiousity and the Reaper started telling the tale of how they met, how she was, what exactly happened to make her so Evil and bitter and about how Alucard found her.


She was once a beautiful and kind goddess, a creator of relics and some beings including most of the gifted humans.. those who could wield magic easily.


Pandora used to watch the Reaper do his duty she loved the way he conforted the dead and persuaded them to go to the other side, he made those who died for nothing feel better, told them the meaning of their life, what they have acomplished in life and what will happen after their death.


He also brought back those who died before their time and much more.. she started to fall in love.


1 fatefull day she decided to visit him and even talk to him, something that no god or goddess has ever done (they just gave him the task of taking the souls of the dead to the other side.. nothing more) she asked if he could tell her more about himself and about he wanted to do.

He told her about loving his job.. to confort the deceased, bring back the ones that shouldn’t have died and to sail the seas with his boat and to talk.. about anything.


The goddess was impressed with what he said and she also loved those exact same things and she asked “would you also like to create something? Anything at all?”

His reply to her question was “yes.. a flower”

Impressed the goddess asked why and the Reaper told her that his wish would be to have a flower.. for him to keep, cherish and to take care of.


With a smile on her face Pandora created a rose, a small vase to put it, then gave it to the Reaper that Gesture made him fall in love with Pandora.

He kept the rose inside himself and turned it into.. his heart.


In that hour their story began, every day the kind goddess would visit him in the dock and kiss his skeletal forehead as the Reaper touched his lover’s cheeks.


But that action only made some gods jelous and envious… Hades was suposed to marry Pandora.. He loved her deeply, he thought she loved him as well.


Angry he arrived at the dock and talked to the Reaper he threatened him to be distant from her, to ignore her and make her go away.
The Grim Reaper didn’t want to do as Hades told him to do and so Hades fought the Reaper.


Both of them clashed with power that only they had, both of them had even more power than the king of the gods himself the fight lasted for a long time
Pandora while in her house in the heavens she felt the powers of both of them being unleashed in the place that separated the worlds.. governed by the Reaper only.


The Goddess then rushed to the area where they were fighting and when she arrived she yelled them to stop (both of them did) and she asked why they were fighting, Hades blamed the Reaper for losing her and the Reaper protected himself from Hade’s wrath.


Pandora anguered by what the god of the underworld did to her lover Beat Hades and chained him to the underworld, she created a relic so powerful that it made it impossible for him to exit the underworld.. the relic cursed him.. bound him there.


And as for the Reaper she just hugged him and told him that she would go to the world of the living to distance herself from the gods and to protect her Loved one.


Upon her arrival she disguised herself as a healer and only used her Godly powers to travel from city to city, and village to village to cure those in need, to bring happiness, joy and knowledge and to bring misfortune upon the corrupt and vile.

1 day in her travels she met Arthur a prince that fought for justice.. whose kingdom has been besieged by the forces of evil, she really wanted to help get rid of the invasion but she couldn’t show herself to the world so she decided to do something else.


Pandora used half of her godly powers to craft a sword made of pure holy power and gave it to the prince to Banish all evil.. the prince called it Excalibur.


A few years later she received news that the prince that she gave the sword to was killed by an angry mob because they thought he used dark magic they all thought that the sword was evil and that all magic should be forbidden (they sealed it away in a place where no one would ever go)


Pandora was heart broken by what happened, by the ignorance of the populace and by what they called her, everyone called her a witch and every guard, peasant and merchant kept their eyes open to see if they could find her.


She forgot that by going to the mortal realm she would lose most of her godly power and that she already used too much by crafting that sword so she decided to find a place to stay in a forest far from civilization.

Years passed and she lived there quietly, making stews and trying to gather some power to go to the divine realm again.

Then the Reaper came to her.. he told her what happened.. that she could not go to the Divine realm again because Hades found a way to sever her connection and that she was no longer a goddess and he told her “I’m sorry but.. we have caused each other too much harm and we should never meet again, it’s for your own good.. my love” then he vanished.


Pandora was heart broken, angry, depressed she couldn’t take the negative emotions that consumed her she was fragile and weak she never suffered in her whole existence.. easily corruptible and easily hurt she decided that she would seal herself away from everything and never wake up.. she let her dark side win against her and made a sword of pure evil a sword that corrupted everything that it touched, the handle was made of bone and the blade was blood red but harder than steel the complete opossite of the excalibur and named it Dark Trinity.


She then stabbed her own heart with the sword and then her body fused itself with the sword.. she was sealed in it and couldn’t get out.. just as she wanted she let herself fall into a deep never ending slumber.


Until a certain day when a curious peasant found the sword in the old cotage in the woods, he heard a voice calling him and saying “wield me.. and I will grand your wish and your vengeance” non stop until he ran away he then spread the news and people got too scared to get close rumors spread throughout the kingdom.


The populace then sealed the area with everything they could find so that nothing could get near and excalibur?


It was hidden inside the Sealed Kingdom.. the same kingdom where Arthur was murdered by the angry mob.


When even more decades passed the swords became legends and legends then became myths until.. Alucard, Nephysto’s son sensed the sword he was drawn to it.. he wanted his loved one back.. and he wanted to have his revenge on the one that killed her, on that whole corrupted world.


Just what Pandora’s Evil side wanted she used her power to draw him to her, she whispered at the distance and he heard her.. he knew where it was, Alucard ran towards it and then he found it.

He looked at it in admiration, he felt it’s power and marveled in it’s dark beauty and craftsmanship
then he calmly aproached it and then.. he grabbed the sword.


It twisted his hand morphed and fused with it it twisted his bones corrupted his flesh and made him feel more pain than anything could ever give him.


The next day he felt nothing and he was faster, stronger than all the beings he met.

Alucard also had only 1 thing on his mind... revenge.

Dark Trinity had the power to locate the person the wielder wanted to kill and it talked to him.. Alucard heard the Goddess’s voice, she was guiding him to his destination.. and that was when it all started.. the Reaper talked with the gods and asked for permission to turn 2 humans of his choice into beings powerful enough to defeat him.. he also asked Zeus if he could bless a human child with skill and power that would rival all humans.


He planned everything, he talked with immortals, did everything he could to stop her from doing Humanity too much harm.



and that is what happened.. that is the truth.. I’m sorry that you 3 must have this fate and that you had to do what we should be doingsaid the Reaper with a saddened face.


Vlad conforted the Reaper “do not worry.. I am glad to help save everyone and I will do my best and find a way to finish this.. the good way Grim”

Sophia and Maria also said the same.. that they were happy to help him and told him it wasn’t his fault that all that happened.


And so the truth was told and now.. the time for the choice has come.

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