the Sealed Kingdom and A Fallen King

this story is about a King, the queen and princess died a misterious death (the King and queen on their thrones and the princess on her room the three from an unknown cause or.. something else?) and everyone in the Kingdom was killed by a strange being.. one that wielded a blood red sword

their bodies were left where they died and a strange darkness was surrounding the Kingdom and plagues, disease and corruption had a strong grip on the farms, forests and even the animals and materials in the area.. the Kingdom was then named the "Sealed Kingdom"


4. The choice

Vladimr everything is ready and there are also some blood vials for Sophia in case she’s thirsty” said the 2 sentinels that took care of the caravan.


Vladimr thanked them asked where where Sophia, Nephysto and Maria.


ooh your daughter is Helping Nephysto with some experiments of his and asked him to teach her how to cast some basic spells and Maria… either in the fields training with the dummies or having a walk around the gardens”

Vlad thanked them yet again and went to the fields
where he say Maria practice with 5 animated dummies at once she fought them with unmatched talent and grace then she saw the King and asked if he wanted to spar with her.

He agreed and the paladin threw a long wooden sword at his direction, Vlad jumped and grabbed in in mid air by the handle and landed.


His sword pointed at Maria then a defensive stance was used by both Maria and Vladimr for a few seconds.

After a few seconds passed both of them nooded and charged at each other their wooden swords could be heard throughout the training fields they bloocked, parried and dodged blows with supernatural speed.


The guards that went to train at that time with Maria saw both of them sparring with each other and went to call the others.


A few minutes later there was a whole crowd of people watching them both fight with all that they got, Everyone was amazed almost in awe.. Maria’s speed and power were matched for the first time..


2 hours passed, Sophia learned a few basic spells like how to summon a small animal to act as a scout or to protect someone from the elements.

Nephysto asked her if she wanted to see her father training with Maria, So
phia cheerfully agreed and off they went.


When the Old one arrived with the Vampiress, both the Palading and the King were tired.. tired but still sparring, with a sigh Nephysto said “they are both incredibly stubborn” Sofia added “this will end when 1 of them falls unconcious or losses” they chuckled and started to cheer for them.


The fight was incredible, everyone was impressed by the skill and Indurance that was shown by both of them, they didn’t stop no matter how tired they were.. at the 4th hour of sparring they where almost falling unconscious but didn’t want to quit.

They used all their remaining energy in 1 blow.. the swords clashed with massive force and flew into the air.. with no energy Maria and Vlad fell unconscious the people carried them to the barrracks near the fields and put the Paladin and the King in the beds, resting co
mfortably waiting for the time to go looking for the sword.


The next morning both of them woke up refreshed and satisfied with the duel they looked around and Vlad seemed to have something on his mind Maria noticed and told him “yes we are in the barracks near the training fields don’t worry, the crowd we atracted with our sparring match carried us here”

Vlad with his question out of his skull asked Maria if she would come and Help him find Nephysto and So
phia to go and search for the sword.


She agreedand off they went to search for the other two.


4 hours later they found them in the Gardens.
phia colapsed on the floor with a massive headache and Nephysto smoking from a Pipe

Right Before the King started asking the question Nephysto answered “she has a headache because she used too much magic trying to defeat me.. Your daughter has enough potential to beat me in 2 years not bad Vladimr.. not bad at all”


Maria added “I told you not to smoke” The old one looking at the Palading put the pipe back in his mouth, took a deep breath inhailing as much smoke as he could, then used his magic to make the smoke he exhailed turn into a skull.. breathing it in Maria’s direction sending chills down her spine.


Nephysto grinned and said “I am older then you besides the Reaper loves me.. and smoking cannot kill imortals such as myself” He paused for a few seconds “shal we go? Sophia is waking up and we need to hurry”


Again everyone agreed to his words and started preparing and packing their things while Nephysto took a nap

In his sleep Nephysto ventured into the Reaper’s plane, he sat on the docks and talked with Death


Grim.. I’m curious about something”


The Reaper curious asked what his question was and the Old one asked


Why did you make Vladimr and Sophia forget about the queen and protect them from the sadness and loss?”


The Reaper replied “for the same reason you used your powers to make them laugh and smile.. they have been through much and deserve better.. I like to see others smile and to offer the confort I can give just like you”


Nephysto and Grim then sat at the docks, quietly watching the ocean of Death’s Realm while the others were packing their things in the world of the living


An hour passed and everything was packed up and they were ready to go, but something was missing

The King looked at his waist for a few seconds and asked “do I Deserve a sword or the Excalibur is the Sword I am going to wield?”


With a tired look Nephysto looked at Vlad and slowly nooded he asked everyone to enter the Caravan and set off to the Escalibur’s Destination


a few hours of travelling and the heroes heard a distant wail and a saddened voice

save me” that’s all that could be heard those simple words
Nephysto warned them and told everyone to ignore it (it was a Banshe.. an entity whose screams could kill anyone if they got to close) “
these entities only go to places where someone important died or is almost dying and in this world many have happeared” said the old one with a sleepy voice

The King looking at his state wondered
“I thought imortals didn’t need to sleep.. hmmm strange”


Sophia and Maria after they heard the old man speak started talking again, about the beings the young Paladin has encountered in her travels and in the Order, about the werewolves, vampires, imortals, faeries, spell casters (witches, wizards, warlocks and etc.) and Sophia Listened and asked questions with interest and awe… what happened to the world seemed to have made all the beings band together to fight the corruption and become at peace.. no more prejudice and senseless violence

The order of the Eternal Scale really created peace between all the races it seems


And in the middle of the conversation they arrived upon the location of the holy sword one of the two most powerful weapons in the whole world

This place was different than the others.. the corruption was kept at bay by an incredible source of holy power which was hidden inside a gigantic tree filled with leaves of many colors


everyone had their jaws open wide, the old one then asked “Arthur! Can you hear me?” eveyone looked at the ancient one with a confused look then a slow, kind and elderly voice said “yes I can Nephysto.. I know why you all have come, the sword is inside the grave next to me.. my grave.. the holy energies of the sword gave me the power to become a sacred tree.. one strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.. Vladimr.. please take it… and save the Goddess and the old one’s son.. save them and help this world heal.. I cannot fight him.. and both the Grim Reaper and Nephysto have not the courage to fight a son and a loved one.. only you can do that”


Nephysto with a smile looked at the King and nodded

After that the roots on Arthurs grave moved and the coffin emerged from the soil.. Vladimr walked up to the coffin and opened it.. after it was open a huge light emerged from inside it and there it was.. a beautiful shining sword
with a golden rose carved on the handle and the shield of the eternal scale both embued with the power of the sacred tree

In his head the King heard a gentle voice saying “a shield to protect from the darkness and a sword to cut through it, King of old.. i beg you to fight my other half and free the world from the evil that it has caused”


Sophia and Maria were in awe, looking and hearing everything that was happening at that very moment was just unique it was the appearance of a true Hero blessed and gifted by the gods and the Reaper himself, immortal, kind and generous, the appearance of the shield of the Order and of the Excalibur


The Joining of the 3 gave off a Light so strong it banished the corruption in the area it even increased the Skeleton King’s powers tenfold.. enough to fight Alucard and Pandora’s corrupted half


well.. shall we return home for now? We need to see what the Excalibur’s powers are and prepare for the fight… e feel like war is near” said Nephysto with an calm yet worried voice


Everyone agreed and went inside the caravan while Nephysto and the king talked about the upcoming war against the corrupted ones

A presence drew near.. the sacred tree screamed with pain and withered away.. the darkness came back and Alucard appeared still wielding the corrupted sword


Looking and his father he yelled with a crooked voice “father!… I WILL KILL YOU FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!”


He leaped at the Old one and attacked him and in less than a second Vladimr parried his adversary's attack, The moment the 2 swords touched there was an explosion of power from the two halves.. both disliked each other and also fought alongside their wielders


Maria shouted and told everyone to enter the caravan and run

The horses got startled and started running towards the capital (with the caravan) leaving Nephysto and Vlad behind


Alucard noticing the King’s strength and the Excalibur he charged at him viciously, both of them slashed, thrusted, kicked and parried, each attack and block released an enormous shock wave

Then the Old one used a flash spell to blind Alucard while they ran after the caravan, the light burned Alucard’s eyes painfully and gave them enough time to be out of his range of pursuit but the caravan.. was far away they had to run as fast as they could to reach the caravan


Both of them jumped and landed inside the moving caravan safe.. and sound


And now Nephysto asked “You can only save one of them..”

“will you save Alucard my son?

Or will you save Pandora the Reaper’s Lover?

your choice.. will affect the future”

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