Peculiar Poetry

Poetry with and without reason and rhyme.
Strange is what I strive for.
Expect lyrics and limericks, free verse and format.
Be prepared for bubbly and boiled, terrifying and horrifying.
Keep an eye out for those that provoke your thoughts, and some that bear no thought at all.
Many written for class, and others without much of it.
Feel free. There are no boundaries. Just think.
Consider, Ponder, Wonder, Imagine.
Argue, Oppose, Debate, Defend.
Perhaps you will be offended.
That's good.
Think about that.
Learn more of what you think.
How you think.
Take what you can from what you hate.
I don't seek to preach.
I only speak my mind.
A mind most peculiar.


22. "Something Profound"

Something profound?

Hm...let me see. 

How about how our freedoms 

Don't "really" mean free? 

How we've warped our conceptions 

Of "equal" and "fair"? 

Children are dying 

And we don't seem to care? 

How sometimes the only choices 

We have are bad? 

How "women can't be angry"

And "men can't be sad?" 

How blood isn't family

And friendship is gold? 

How we seem to despise 

Wise teachings of old? 

How talent is useless 

If it can't pay the bills? 

How definite peace  

Tampers with free-will? 

Well, here you go! 

With profoundness aflowing. 

Feel free to tak— 

Hey, where are you going? 

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