Peculiar Poetry

Poetry with and without reason and rhyme.
Strange is what I strive for.
Expect lyrics and limericks, free verse and format.
Be prepared for bubbly and boiled, terrifying and horrifying.
Keep an eye out for those that provoke your thoughts, and some that bear no thought at all.
Many written for class, and others without much of it.
Feel free. There are no boundaries. Just think.
Consider, Ponder, Wonder, Imagine.
Argue, Oppose, Debate, Defend.
Perhaps you will be offended.
That's good.
Think about that.
Learn more of what you think.
How you think.
Take what you can from what you hate.
I don't seek to preach.
I only speak my mind.
A mind most peculiar.


7. "Make It Your Own"

Make it your own

I've heard it said 

In any way you can. 

I wonder if

They meant it that way


Art is to create 

What you are

Aspire to be. 

Make it your own 




What has been told 

I beg of us all 

Leave it be. 

Spoken words of long ago 

Ancient wisdom meant as is  

We take them 

We hate them

We change them

For they are wrong. 

As I do not agree 

I should not have to heed it 

And neither should anyone else. 


So I tweak it

I make it better 

Its dirty words 

Dribble with filth 

Convict me

Of what I am

What I must avoid becoming. 

How dare it say

Why I am wrong? 

As I revise

I do a justice 


The world we've constructed 

Gladly simmers in disgust 

For correction 

For advice 

For critique. 

For the world 

Must encircle my life 

What I do at all times.

Our very sun

Its planets as well 

Must orbit 

Only me 

Not the other way around


So we snatch away wisdom

We make it our own 

As we feel we should

And we like it that way. 


This sounds like a conspiracy 

Yet it is our reality. 

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