5. New chapter

Life gets depressing- for everyone. There's not that one person who Life picks on the most. We all live in the same life. We just choose to live it a different way. You are never going to get anywhere pitying yourself, or making yourself think that everything bad happens only to you. There's a little comic strip framed on the table in my Mom's office at work. It had a cartoon Viking. His boat had just crashed into a rock. The Viking looked up and yelled, "Why me?!" And a voice from the clouds said, "Why not?"

We may question the horrible things that happen to us. We all have to realize that most things happen because we let them. Or we blame others when it was our own doing. We as people don't want to blame ourselves for not being happy. We would rather have an excuse; put our problems into someone else's hands and run away. That would be so much easier, wouldn't it? But it's our responsibility. Not anyone else's. You can't blame other people for the down fall of your life when YOU are the only one that has the control over it. We get upset over things people say to/about us. We blame them for making us think what they said is true. Harsh words only mean something when YOU let them. You have to be strong enough to build up your broken walls and stop people from getting to you. You have to build a mind frame saying, "I am me. Nobody can say lies about me when I know they aren't true and will never be true. I know I am weak, but I am much stronger than those who put others down. I will never be one of their victims anymore." Once you except that, there is one other person pushing you down. It's you. You are your most biggest critic in the world. And you limit yourself from all the things you could be great at. You stop yourself from making life changing decisions, you call yourself crap, you say you'll never be loved. These start as jokes but when you say them everyday to yourself, you start believing them. I will never succeed, I'm worthless, I will find nobody that will love me.

When I re read those three things, my stomach felt tight, my brain felt empty and fuzzy because for the longest time, I have had these worlds flood my whole life. We let useless words take over our life. We put meaning behind them and make those words define us. In reality, no word can define you. You are above all words. Which means that: you mean more than the definition of 'amazing' and no less then the word 'useless'. You are beyond compare of the word 'perfect'. That's how genuine you are. You are irreplaceable. And when you start treating yourself like an item being sold for a low price, you will find it hard to throw away your price tag. You will lose your self worth and that will make people think that they can label you what/whenever they want to. If you call yourself a door mat then people will walk all over you. If you give others the permission to hurt you, they will. People will see that you gave up on yourself. How sad is that? Extremely... They will no longer treat you like a person, but a rag doll. They'll throw you around- because you let them.

Yeah, you may mess up more times than you succeed; that doesn't mean you are a failure. Yeah, you may think that you aren't as pretty as a model; that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. Yeah, you may say that you have no one to lean on; that doesn't mean that there aren't people in this world who love you. Life doesn't care about how many times you have fallen. Life only cares about how many times you have gotten up, How many times you didn't let a harsh word get to you, how many times you failed but looked at in a way that guides you to success, how many times you or somebody else said, "You are pointless" and you didn't believe it, how many times you stood up for yourself, how many times you smiled, how many times you forgave, how many times you asked for forgiveness, how many times you turned the other cheek... How. Many. Times. You were true to yourself and what you can do. Life has no care if you are upset, because Life knows that you can get up whenever you wanted to. It's your own fault if you decided to stay unhappy. If you proved to Life that you can get up from the fall, It will see that you have the right to be happy because you worked for it- you lived through the bad times and didn't let them bring you down. You did not let go of your self worth. Once you learn to not let the bad moments get to you, it will be easier to find happiness.

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