Party Foul

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description."

Saiki slightly OOC; sequel to 'My Secret Hero'.


3. PSIght to See! (The Party Part Three)

…Don’t…say…anything,” Saiki said, sitting on the couch.

“I thought it was kinda cute,” Mera said giggling.  “My Kuu is scared of bugs.”

Ugh, don’t remind me,” Saiki said turning away from her.

“Ha ha,” Nendou laughed.  “My best buddies’ scared of bugs!”

Zip it you,” Saiki scowled.

“Gotta say Mera, that was a pretty sick Yakuza Kick,” Kuboyasu said.

Mera blushed, “Kek, I guess I got a little carried away.”

Kurumi giggled, “It’s so cute to see you two getting along!  It’s been wonderful ever since we saw your first kiss in front of the school,” she spoke as tears fell from her eyes.

Yumehara titled her head, “First kiss?  That wasn’t their first-“

Shut it,” Saiki panicked.

Nendou replied, “What?  There’s no way that-“

Mera spoke through her teeth, “Nendou, please shut it!”

Saiki’s parents were confused, “Huh?  What?”

Mera and Saiki froze as Saiki narrated, “Yeah….remember in the last story when my Dad and I talked? Well, I only told him that Mera confessed…I didn’t bring up ‘what happened’ in the room.  Not gonna lie, this is kinda sucks.”

“Anyways,” Mera started trying to change the subject, “What’s next on the agenda?”

Nendou and Kaidou grabbed a sheet covering a wall; as they pulled it off, there was a poster revealing Saiki.  His back was facing the audience and he was bent over.  The poster lit up and played the opening theme song (whichever one; you pick).

“Pin the tail on the Saiki,” they exclaimed.

Why is that what we’re pinning,” Saiki asked.

“We wanted it to be unique,” Saiko said smugly.  “What?  You don’t like it?”

Saiki growled, “So this was your doing?  Why not just get a damn donkey?

Mera tried to settle him down, “Babe I-“

Saiki snapped a little bit, “Do not...’Babe’ me!”  Mera put her hands up in self-defense with a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

Mera turned to Nendou and Kaidou, “I’ll go first.”  There suddenly was a ring of the doorbell.  Saiki excused himself to get it.  He opened the door to reveal a teenage boy wearing a black vest and red scarf.  He also wore a red beret with a ball logo on it; he also held a red gift with a yellow ribbon.

“Yo, Saiki,” the boy said cheerfully.

Saiki sighed, “Lucas?  What the hell are you doing here?  Wrong universe.”

Lucas laughed, “Heh, yeah well I just wanted to drop off this gift for Mera.”

Almost on cue, Mera ran to the door, “Oh my gosh, you remembered!  Thank you, Lucas,” she said wrapping him up in a hug.

“Aw, shucks,” he said returning the hug.

Saiki was confused, “So are the other guys with you?”

Lucas shrugged, “They’re somewhere around here.  I don’t know.”

Saiki rolled his eyes, “That’s incredibly disconcerting.”

“You can come in if you want,” Mera invited as she walked back in the house with the gift.

Lucas smiled, “Well you two seem happy!  Even when she found out about your powers-“

She doesn’t know,” Saiki said.

Lucas tilted his head, “Don’t you think you should tell her?  She is your girlfriend.”

Saiki lowered his head and began to think, “….No,” he said as he shut the door.

“Can I at least get some cake,” Lucas asked.

Saiki walked back to the living room, just in time to see Teruhashi continually poking the Saiki poster with the needle everyone was using; actually, she seemed more like stabbing it as opposed to poking it.

Yumehara approached Teruhashi, “Uh, are you okay, Kokomi?”

Teruhashi looked at Yumehara, “….Peachy.”  Yumehara pulled her friend aside.

“You have got to get over him.  Saiki is with someone else,” Yumehara said.

“Please, I’m completely over him!  I doubt I even liked him that much to begin with,” Teruhashi lied.  “And even if I was jealous, I have a right to be mad!  Look at how they’re rubbing it in everyone’s faces.”

Mera and Saiki were both sitting on the couch watching the magician do his work.  Mera picked up her glass of punch, “Want some?” she offered.

Sure,” Saiki shrugged as he took the drink.

“I TOTALLY SEE IT,” Yumehara yelled.

How the hell is what we’re doing bad to you?” Saiki thought.

“Look, I was upset too when we found them in the room.  But I got over it because I knew I had to; you really should too,” Yumehara said before walking towards Aiura.

Teruhashi glare softened into sadness, “It’s just not fair.”


“Great work, girls.  You worked really hard,” the teacher said.  A lot of the female students were resting after the run for their Phys Ed. Class.  Teruhashi was still glowing somehow.

“Of course a perfectly, pretty girl was able to complete this simple race,” Teruhashi thought.  She then turned to Mera, who was lying on the ground; exhausted.

“Gee, you don’t look so good Mera,” Teruhashi said with fake concern.

Mera huffed, “Yeah, I guess with my jobs, I’m a little out of it.  It’s really cold too.”

Suddenly Teruhashi saw Saiki walking towards them in his school track gear.  She smiled.

“So, he finally realizes that I’m the one who he should appreciate.  Maybe I can forgive him; if he confesses right here and now-“

Saiki walked past Teruhashi; stunning her.  He kneeled down next to Mera and spoke, “Good grief, you really wore yourself out.”

Mera sat up, “Hey, they said there’d be a buffet afterwards.”

Saiki shook his head, “I’m pretty sure that you’re the only one who believed that.  But here, take my jacket.”  He removed his jacket and put it on Mera’s shoulder.

“WHAT,” Teruhashi yelled mentally.

“Oooooh,” a lot of girls teased.

“Awww,” some other girls swooned.

Saiki rolled his eyes and was about to retort; until Mera smiled and hugged him, until more girls ‘awed’ and she immediately let go and blushed.

Saiki stroked the back of her head, “Heh, well there wasn’t a buffet, but I’ll buy us some hot chocolate,” he said offering her a hand; she gladly accepted it.

Teruhashi sighed, “How much longer is this fake relationship going to last?  He can’t make me jealous forever,” she thought.

“That’s clearly not what’s happening,” Saiki thought as he and Mera walked off.

“Aw, to think that Mera would make someone like Saiki so affectionate,” a girl said.

“Yeah I know, it’s totes cute,” another spoke.

“Totes?” Saiki thought.

Teruhashi held her head down.

Flashback End

“Maybe it’s worse than I thought,” Teruhashi said aloud.

“It bothers you doesn’t it,” Saiko said appearing behind her.

Teruhashi yelped, “Ah!  Don’t scare me like that!”

Saiko chuckled, “I can’t stand them either!”

Teruhashi was confused, “What?  You have feelings for Mera?”

Saiko scoffed, “Please!  As if I’d ever acknowledge that poor girl!  I just can’t stand that boy’s attitude.  Help me crush them.”

“What,” Teruhashi asked.

Saiko snickered, “With our combined force, we can make them miserable.”

Teruhashi looked at the couple Mera was smiling and talking to Saiki’s grandparents, while Saiki was pretending to be asleep.

Teruhashi looked at Saiko and walked away, “Is that a ‘yes’?” he asked.

Teruhashi smiled evilly, “It wasn’t a ‘no’?”

Suddenly Nendou appeared, wrapped an arm around Teruhashi, and took a picture of the two of them.

“Agh,” Teruhashi yelped. 

Mera smiled, “Ooh, Nendou; over here!”  She grabbed Saiki and wrapped her arms around his neck; pulling their faces together.

H-Hey,” Saiki said startled.  Nendou snapped a picture of the two with his camera.

“Time for gifts,” Kurumi sang.

“Ooh boy,” Mera said pushing Saiki off of her.

Saiki sighed, “I know I should be able to see that coming, but damn.

Hairo began to tear up, “Mera, for you I erected a wooden statue; it took all my blood, sweat, and tears!  NEVER STOP PUSHING YOURSELF!”  He revealed a statue of what seemed to be a girl resembling Mera, swinging a tennis racket (cause you know….Hairo).

“That’s um…so sweet, Hairo.  Thank you,” Mera said.

She doesn’t know how to react and honestly, neither does anyone else,” Saiki thought.

Kuboyasu was next, “Mera, we haven’t known each other too long, but you’re still pretty cool.  So I got you this.”  Kuboyasu pulled out a soft plush of a boy in a school uniform and a baby with green hair on his back.  “It’s this backpack.  The characters are from the anime-“

The joke works better if you don’t say it,” Saiki said.

“Kuboyasu, this is really cool; than-,“ Mera was cut off by Kaidou and Nendou.

“Time for our gift,” they said.  The two showed off a toaster with red spots, painted yellow with a face on it, and had what resembles ears sticking out from the top.

Mera got excited, “Oh snap!  This is so awesome guys; thank you,” she said hugging the two.  She then went to hug everyone else for the gifts.

You do know that you’ll actually need bread for it to work, right,” Saiki insisted.

Aw dang,” Mera thought dejectedly.

“Sorry Mera, I had to hurry and I left my gift at home so-,“ Toritsuka said  hoping for a pity hug.

That’s because you weren’t invited, don’t act like you were,” Saiki said.

Toritsuka was annoyed by that statement, “You’re not a very nice person Saiki.  Maybe Mera needs to know abou-“

“Seriously he’s right, Pervitsuka,” Aiura noted.

“Who asked you,” Toritsuka snapped.  “Anyways about Saiki’s-“

Suddenly a piece of toast shot out of the toaster and knocked out Toritsuka.

Whoops, my powers got out of control for a second,” Saiki shrugged to himself.

Mera looked at him with a somewhat concerned face, “Is he keeping a secret?

Wait, I-“ Saiki was about to speak up until Saiko interrupted.

Saiko snapped his fingers; suddenly a tiger burst through the door and pounced on the table.

“AH,” a good majority of people yelled.

Mera excitedly yelled, “SO COOL!”

WHY IS SHE SO IMPRESSED BY THIS,” Saiki mentally yelled.

So this is what money can do,” Mera thought.

...Is…is that how she really feels,” Saiki thought.

Teruhashi saw Saiki’s reaction and her face saddened, but she immediately gained a mischievous smile, “Soooo, what did you get her, Saiki?”

Saiki thought about the necklace that he made her that was in his room; it wasn’t exactly fancy, but he tried his best.

…I-“ he began to answer.

Almost out of nowhere, Aiura’s crystal ball began to glow in her pocket.

“What the heck,” she said surprised.  Everyone gathered around and watched as Aiura tried to make sense of the happening.  After a few moments of Aiura messing with it, the ball began to show an image of a man with a mustache, a baseball cap, and sunglasses; he appeared to be hiding.

Who in the world is that,” Saiki asked.  He felt something shaking next to him; he turned to see Mera’s whole body vibrating as she remained silence.  After a few more moments, she spoke:



A/N: BTW guys: if you ever want to read chapters faster than the traditional way, check out ‘Eyfey’ on tumblr!  Has some great translations for several chapters of the manga!  Also, let me know what you think of the new Saiki K movie coming out; personally, it’s a live action anime movie, so I have my doubts…but I could be wrong!  Review if you can, and I’ll see ya next time!





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