Party Foul

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description."

Saiki slightly OOC; sequel to 'My Secret Hero'.


4. Hide and PSIk (The Party Part Four)

“So…yeah, Chisato hasn’t come out, since she saw what was in Mikoto’s crystal ball.  Hope she’s okay, she’s kind of causing a scene,” Saiki narrated.

He knocked on the door, “Housekeeping.”

“You’re not funny,” Mera responded from the other room.

C’mon, you need to come out of there.  Everyone’s worried about you,” Saiki noted.

“I know…but I just…I got so freaked out when I saw my Dad,” Mera said.

“Do you wanna know where he is, Chisapo,” Mikoto said; suddenly appearing behind Saiki.

Why are you here,” Saiki scolded. 

“It’s too quiet downstairs…are you two having bedroom problems,” Mikoto asked.

“What?!” Mera shouted from inside the room.

That’s clearly not the issue,” Saiki said covering his face in a combination of disgust and embarrassment.

“Hey, it’s totally possible that could be the problem,” Mikoto shrugged.

You clearly know what the issue is.  It’s what she saw in your stupid crystal ball,” Saiki refuted.

“….Are you sure it’s not an intimate problem?  I’m sure she’d do stuff with you if you asked, Kusuo,” Mikoto teased.

“Well it’s not like I’m not willing,” Mera said.

Well if you’re able to make jokes like that it, sounds like you’re fine,” Saiki sighed.

“Hey, Chisapo,” Mikoto yelled.  “Pretty sure Saiko brought out something expen-“

Mera immediately burst out of Saiki’s room, and ran down stairs, past Saiki and Mikoto.

You really had to bring that up, huh,” Saiki said.

“Welp, I knew that saying that would get a reaction out of her, but mostly out of you,” Mikoto teased.  Saiki was not amused.

“Oh, come on, Kusuo!  You can’t act like you’re not jealous!  Chisapo is drawn to money like flies to horse crap,” Mikoto said.

So the money is horse crap,” Saiki asked.  “And I’m not jealous of that idiot, Saiko!”

“Whatever you say.  But you know, if you wanna win back Chisapo’s heart back, you could bring back her daddy,” Mikoto insisted.

Saiki shot a look at the soothsayer, “What do you mean?”

Mikoto continued, “I saw her dad in the crystal ball, he looked like he was in trouble.  You could-“

No way,” Saiki cut her off.  “When you two first met, you told her that her dad was in Puerto Rico.  How the hell could I explain how he got back to Japan?  And how would I explain how I saved him?”

“It looked like he was in town; thanks to the crystal ball.  If you don’t do something, he could get hurt.  So what if she learns about your powers,” Mikoto snapped back.

Saiki turned to go back downstairs, “I’m not trying to stand out, even for my own girlfriend!  Don’t start thinking I’m a hero, when I’m not.”

Mikoto glared, “ARGH!  So freaking difficult!”

Saiki made his way back down to the living room to see the guests interacting with each other as they normally would.  He was going to go talk to Mera, but she seemed to be preoccupied with Saiko.  So he plumped himself on the couch and sighed.

I knew this party would be a total pain.”

Nendou sat next to Saiki and smiled, “Fun party, huh buddy?”

It’s just way too much to deal with,” Saiki said ignoring Nendou.  He looked over to Mera who was smiling at Saiko’s boasting.

SO MUCH MONEY!  I wonder if this would make things easier for the family…Papa wouldn’t have left if we had money like Saiko again,” Mera thought with an unusual amount of happiness.

Why would she keep thinking that?  Money can’t be that important to her,” Saiki thought.

Nendou looked over at Saiko and Mera, “Aw yeah!  A rich guy and poor girl; they’d be cute together if it wasn’t for you, buddy!”

No one is forcing you to talk, Nendou!” Saiki declared.  “Besides, he’s not-“

Saiko cupped Mera’s chin, “But you wouldn’t be such a peasant, if you were with someone of a higher class.”

Mera froze for a moment, “Wh-What?”  Saiki couldn’t take it anymore.  He ran towards Saiko and smacked his hand away.

“Agh!  How dare you, commoner-“ Saiko snapped.

ENOUGH!  I don’t want you touching my girlfriend,” Saiki yelled.

Mera spoke up, “What is with you, Kusuo?  Why are freaking out?”

Saiki turned to her, “Look I get it: in anime like this, a poor girl like you and a rich guy like him would hit it off!  But that’s not happening!  All that’s been happening is you fawning over this jerk!”

Mera got annoyed, “What are you talking about?!  Do you think I actually like this guy?  Why would I like him but be with you for the past 4 months?”

Well actually it’s been a year; thanks to the last story ending-but that’s beside the point!  Instead of talking about what happened with your dad, you’re making googly eyes with Himekawa over here!”

Mera snapped back, “I told you, I’m FINE!  I said I didn’t want to talk; what makes you think I care anyway?  You can’t read my mind Kusuo!”

Mikoto immediately punched Toritsuka; knocking him down.  “I didn’t even say anything!”

“Sorry, fist slipped,” she lied.

The point is, I don’t want this guy touching your face.  I wanna be the guy who does that; for the rest of my life!” Saiki said without thinking.

Teruhashi and Yumehara both did spit takes.  Saiki’s parents and grandfather were elated.  Everyone else’s over the top reactions took place, but Mera stayed incredibly subdued as her eyes widened.

“Kusuo….K-Kusuo what did you say?” she said just barely getting the words out.

Saiki looked around the room to see if he really said what he said; unfortunately for him, everyone was a witness.

I…I didn’t say-I……UGH!”  Saiki said walking off towards the door.

Saiko snapped at Saiki, “Where are you going?”

Saiki stopped as he opened the door, “Leaving before something else happens.”  Saiki stepped outside and shut the door.

“Pfft, how pitiful,” Saiko scoffed.  “What a jerk, huh, poor girl?”  Saiko turned to Mera and saw her head looking towards the ground.

“…..Mikoto…Toritsuka…can we talk please,” Mera said.

With Saiki


“Don’t you think you’ve had enough,” the waiter with the red hat asked; noticing the many empty glasses which used to have coffee jelly in them.

“Don’t tell me that I’ve had enough.  I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough….stop copying me,” Saiki and the waiter said; Saiki legitimately being annoyed and the waiter copying him.

“I’m just saying, you’re going to have to go back sometime,” the waiter shrugged.

What makes you say that,” Saiki replied annoyed.

The waiter replied deadpan, “Cause it’s your house.”

You just want the rest of the Coffee Jelly to yourself,” Saiki said in a seemingly drunken state.

The waiter smiled, “Yup!”

“You suck, Calem.  Go back to your own universe,” Saiki snarked.

“Excuse me,” a voice said next to Saiki.  Saiki turned to see a normal looking boy with average hair, height, weight, etc.

THE NORMAL KID from school,” Saiki exclaimed.

“Calm down, dude,” Calem said.

“I hate to be intrusive, but if you really like this person, you’ll have to spend time with all aspects of them and that includes friends.  Even if at times they seem distracted, they should still like you for who you are.  They’ve loved you for this long, why would they stop now,” the kid said.

“That seems way too vague,” Calem said.

NO!  It’s perfectly with and without information; it’s barely thought out and fairly generic,” Saiki smiled.  “SO NORMAL!”

“He needs a normal friend, bad,” Calem sighed.

Thank you, Hiroshi Sato,” Saiki said leaving the café.

The normal kid sighed, “What a weirdo.”

As Saiki left, he noticed that there were sounds coming from an alley nearby:

“Just stay put, Mera.”

“The boss still wants more money.”

“We can make this easy or hard.”

Oh damn it,” Saiki thought as he showed up in the alley.

The cornered man covered his face in horror, soon after he heard screaming and the smashing of objects.  As he opened his eyes, he saw Saiki standing over him; offering a hand, which he took.

“C’mon, we’ve got to get out of here,” the man said.

Sure.  To my house, to see your daughter,” Saiki insisted.

The man was shocked, “You’re friends with Chisato?”

Saiki shrugged, “Yeah, sure.”

The man turned, “I turned my back on her…my kids….my sick wife.  All to find a job to support them with.”

You were trying to help them; that’s not turning your back on them in my book,” Saiki said.

“I was so afraid to show my face thanks to what they would do to my family…..I ran away,” the man insisted.

Saiki huffed, “I hate to be intrusive, but if you really like this person, you’ll have to spend time with all aspects of them and that includes friends.  Even if at times they seem distracted, they should still like you for who you are.  They’ve loved you for this long, why would they stop now?”

“….that’s a….really normal answer,” Mera’s father said.  “But still, I-“

Suddenly, Teruhashi appeared in front of Saiki and gave Mera’s father puppy eyes.

“Oh wow!  I’ll definitely go back now,” the man said blushing and heading towards the street.

Saiki looked at Teruhashi, “Uh-“

“We were worried about you, so I went to look,” she winked.  “Let’s go!”

I feel like this should’ve been more…sentimental,” Saiki thought to himself.

At the House


“Is Kusuo hiding something from me,” Mera said in the kitchen.  Toritsuka and Mikoto looked at each other.

“Well duh, isn’t it obvi-“ Toritsuka was sent flying out of the room with a punch from Mikoto.

Mikoto turned and gave Mera a smile “….so…you and Kusuo are having problems and need my help?  Do you need practice kissing?” she asked in a flirty tone.  Unfortunately, Mera wasn’t budging.

Mikoto gave up, “Look, let’s just say there’s a reason that he doesn’t like attention.  And there’s also a reason that your life changed so much after you became friends.”

“Would I believe you if you told me,” Mera asked.

Mikoto shook her head.

Mera sighed, “Had a feeling…”



Saiki, Teruhashi, and Mera’s dad had arrived at the house and were waiting to go in.

“Thanks for the help, kids.  Whether she forgives me or not, I still need her to know that I’m here and I love her,” the man said.

“Not a problem,” Teruhashi cheerfully said.

As he was about to open the door, the man turned and spoke:

“Oh, and uh…could you not…you know, get with Chisato.”

Saiki froze as the man continued, “I can’t imagine you calling me ‘father’…Although, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…”

The man entered the house; leaving Saiki and Teruhashi alone.

Th-….Thanks for the help, Teruhashi…you didn’t have to do that,” Saiki said.

Teruhashi was shocked, “W-W-Well it wasn’t like I did it specifically for you.  We-We need to keep Mera happy on her birthday.”

Saiki smiled at her, “Yeah…yeah we do.”  As Saiki was about to open the door, Teruhashi grabbed his arm.

“Saiki…if,” she began.

Tell him if things don’t work out with Mera, you’ll be there for him.  Tell him how you really feel.  Confess!” she thought.

“if…if…” she was having a hard time getting the words out.  Suddenly she punched him in the arm.

“If you ever hurt Chisato, there’s more where that came from,” she snapped.

Saiki raised an eyebrow, “Anything else?” he asked rubbing his arm.

“…I…I would be honored…to be a bridesmaid, if…no, WHEN you and her get married.” she finished.

Saiki smiled as he entered the house, “What’s with everyone and marriage?”

Teruhashi stood still, “Please…there’s no way that I could confess…he obviously needs to be nice to Mera today and he can’t be distracted…” she said as tears began to escape her eyes.  She finally let the cries leave her body as she covered her face.

“Any people willing to go that far, deserve each other,” Teruhashi said while continuing to cry to herself.

Saiki thought to himself on the other side of the door, “You’re the perfect, pretty girl, Teruhashi.  But you’re not perfect for me.  I hope you find someone who sees you that way.”

Yumehara walked to the door and saw Teruhashi outside, “You let her have it?”

Saiki shook his head, “No…she let herself have it.”

A/N: Saiki K Season 2 comes out on the 16th of January!  So pumped; let Funimation know you want an English dub; Ciao!

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