Party Foul

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description."

Saiki slightly OOC; sequel to 'My Secret Hero'.


5. Good Psi, Normality (The Party Part Five

"Well that was just exhausting," Saiki said. He had finally made it back to his house; for some reason everyone was still at the party relaxing.

"It's almost as if nothing happened," Yumehara said. "Is that Chisato-chii's dad?"

"Yeah that's him," Saiki nodded, looking at the man who was being distracted by the magician.

Yumehara looked at Saiki, "To be honest, we're all kind of surprised you threw this party for her."

"Of course I had to throw her a birthday, she's my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure doing stuff I don't want to do is in the job description," Saiki sighed.

"You know if you leave like that again, you'll lose her," Yumehara said bluntly.

Saiki turned to her, he tried to speak but she cut him off, "Especially after the trip, girls remember that kinda stuff."

Saiki nodded, "I just need to talk to her, thanks for the talk."

He began to walk away before saying, "Kaidou might like that supportive side of you."

"WHAT?! How did-," Yumehara blushed.

"It was so obvious," Saiki thought. He got to the kitchen door, but stopped when he heard Mikoto and Mera talking through the door.

"I understand if you're upset, but there is a reason it's a secret," Mikoto assured.

Mera sounded incredibly upset, "Well it still isn't right! We don't keep secrets from each other!"

"Pfft, have you told him that you wuv-," Mikoto teased.

Mera's face flushed, "That's DIFFERENT!"

Saiki facepalmed, "Welp, that's my punishment for leaving: Listening to them argue."

"Or that you broke his game," Mikoto answered.

"Wait, what?" Saiki said annoyed.

"Or….that you want to **** him?"

"MIKOTO," Mera yelled.

Saiki froze in his tracks, "…"

"You never even told me that part. I just guessed. You'd just need some privacy," Mikoto winked.

Mera had steam shooting out of her ears. After a few moments she finally relaxed.

"I mean….it's not like I haven't hinted at it," Mera said quietly.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL HER THIS," Saiki yelled to himself.

Mera sighed, "I just miss him. He's my best friend. I hate when we fight, I didn't even want a huge party. I just wanted a few of us to get together and hang out. I want to be with him; even if he's mad at me."

Saiki's eyes widened at what she said, "I…I…"

"Man, all she wants is a relatively normal life. If that's what she wants, I guess I have no choice but to comply."

As he said this, Saiki reached into his pocket and pulled out the telepathy silencer. He thought for a few moments and put the ring on his left hand.

"That should fix things-"

"Hey buddy," Nendou said hitting on the back; startling him.

"Well it does have some drawbacks. Then again, I wouldn't see it coming even if the ring was gone," Saiki sighed.

"Who's the old guy," Kaidou said appearing next to them. "Is he a leader for Dark Reunion?"

"No, he's an NPC," Saiki said sarcastically.

"Seriously," Kaidou said.

"It was a joke," Saiki said.

Suddenly, the front door opened and Teruhashi appeared with her normal glow.

Yumehara immediately cornered her, "What made you give up?"

Teruhashi tilted her head, "What do you mean?"

"C'mon, Kokomi. You were head over heels for him and suddenly it was just gone," Yumehara said.

Teruhashi sighed, "It didn't seem fair to do anything. Saiki seemed like he had a lot on his plate. As his friends, we need to support him and Chisato. Plus hearing what he said to her…about the rest of their lives got to me…they deserves to be happy."

"His mom threatened, you didn't she," Yumehara said.

"Seeing her face when he left devastated-yeah she terrifies me," Teruhashi said looking over at the three boys; including Toritsuka and Kuboyasu. She smiled and approached the boys.

"So, if you guys break up, can I-" Toritsuka started before he was smacked by Kuboyasu.

Kuboyasu shook his head, "You are ridiculous, man!"

Saiki looked around and saw that his friends were looking at him in support; well except for maybe Toritsuka.

He sighed and pushed through the door to see Mera and Mikoto. They both turned to him as he walked in.

"H-Hi," Mera said somewhat nervously.

"H-Hey" Saiki said matching her tone.

The silence lasted for a little while longer, until Mikoto interjected:

"Do you guys need me to leave so you can 'make up'?"

"MIKOTO," the two yelled.

"What? Do you need me to watch-"


"Join?" Mikoto teased.

More steam shot from Mera's as she collapsed. Luckily Saiki caught her.

"You really are a pain," Saiki said annoyed.

"Hey, I made sure to calm her down AND I didn't even tell her your secret! You should be thanking me," she countered.

Saiki nodded "Yeah, I guess you were a big help…I owe you one; thanks Aiura."

Mikoto blushed, "Well-Well I-I had to watch over Chisapo. Y-You better-"

"Be nice to her? Yeah, I got it," Saiki smiled.

"Good," Mikoto responded trying to hide her face. She left the two alone; and as she did Mera recovered and stood up, as Saiki let go of her.

"So….listen…I-" Mera began.

Saiki's mom walked in the kitchen and spoke to the two, "Chisato, there's someone who wants to see you." She spoke with a somewhat serious tone. "Kusuo, you should give them some privacy."

"That's fine," Saiki said. He left through the door; standing next to Nendou. He noticed that Teruhashi was focused on the two of them.




"I can't believe Saiki said something like that about Mera," Teruhashi yelled to herself. "I need to go out and fine him to make him say 'Oh wow!'…or 'Offu'…not really sure which one though."

"For the rest of his life?! That's so wonderful," Saiki's mom said crying.

"She's going to be such a good wife for Kusuo," Saiki's dad agreed.

Saiki's grandmother knocked on the door of the bathroom, "Are you alright, sweetie?"

"WOOHOOOOOO!" his grandfather sang from the other side.

Teruhashi groaned as she plopped onto the couch.

Nendou saw her and spoke, "You okay?"

"Go away," Teruhashi said.

Nendou chuckled, "It's too bad my buddy isn't here; he'd know how to help."

"He's the reason I'm suffering," she continued to think.

"Kinda sucks though," Nendou said.

Teruhashi turned to him, "Wh-What did you say?"

"Well, I don't get to see my buddy a whole lot, since he's sometimes with his girl. But probably cause he really likes her. There's no way he'd hurt her on purpose, or anyone else! And even if we don't hang out as much, we're all still friends; we outta just be happy!"

Teruhashi was surprised at this, "That's so cliché," she thought. "But…even if he's an idiot…he's a rather sweet, idiot."


Flashback Ends


"Th-" Teruhashi began to say; causing Nendou and Saiki to turn to her.

Teruhashi sighed and spoke, "Thankyouforbeingnicetomeallthetime!"

"That was way too fast for the reader to understand," Saiki thought.

Teruhashi then leaned in and pecked Nendou on the cheek, before running into the other room.

"WHAT?!" everyone yelled.

Nendou yelled "OH MY GOD!"

Toritsuka cried comically, "EVEN NENDOU!?"




"What?" Mera said. "What's happening?" She ran towards the door, only to be stopped by a man entering the room.

She froze before the man, "Da-…Papa?"

The man tried to fight back tears, "Chisato, it's so good to see you…"

Mera didn't say anything.

"Look, I know you may hate me right now after leaving-" her father started.

"You left us for so many months…Mom's condition only got worse when you left," Mera said angrily, but quietly.

"I know, but-" he tried to say.

"Why are you coming back? Just to tell me that you're gonna ask for forgiveness from our family? You don't always have to do everything by yourself! We always could've done something to fix things AS A FAMILY!" Mera began to yell.

Her dad responded, "I know…but I'm not looking for forgiveness…I want to be a part of your life. I don't expect you to accept me right way…or even ever. But I want to help you, your mother, and your siblings. I'm going to find a great job and still do everything to help you succeed! No matter what!"

Mera tried to hold herself back, but ultimately failed as she hugged him.

"I'm just glad you're okay," she said. Her dad smiled while hugging her back and patted her head.

"How are you even here," Mera asked.

Her dad smiled, "Some pink-haired boy found me-"

She pulled away, "Saiki?"

Her dad shrugged, "I think that was his name."

"Papa, can I go talk to him reall-" she continued.

"Go ahead, sweetie," he said.

She burst through the door of the kitchen; she turned to see everyone looking rather sickly, except for Nendou.

"Huh? Nendou, where is Saiki?" Mera asked.

"Oh, my buddy? He went upstairs; he said he had a stomach bug," Nendou said with a lot of confidence.

Mera ran towards the stairs only for Saiko to appear and block her.

"Oh hello, poor girl. I-" Saiko said before Mera pushed him out of the way.

"Hey! How dare you," Saiko yelled.

Mera turned to him and blew a raspberry at him.


In Saiki's Room


"That was the most horrible thing I've ever seen! I almost wanted to turn everyone into stone after that," Saiki groaned.

He then sighed as he laid on his bed, "But then again, maybe I deserve it thanks to how I acted…She's probably gonna dump me after this. It's a shame…I actually kind of got used to relationships for the most part."

Saiki closed his eyes, but then felt his head being lifted and placed on a different surface. He opened his eyes and saw Mera; looking down at him, holding his head in her lap.

"H-Hi," he said.

"H-Hey," she responded.

There was a little bit of an awkward silence before Mera spoke up.

"…So, apparently my dad is downstairs…" she started.

"That's awesome," Saiki replied; remaining calm.

"Yeah." Mera said. "I think so too…but then he told me about who found him…and before that Mikoto told me about all these changes that happened in my life: me keeping my job, my dad being found, the plane on the trip landing safely, and a bunch of other things" she said remaining stoic, yet somewhat nervous.

She turned her head slightly away from Saiki and continued:

"You wouldn't happen to know how any of this happened, would you?"

"Yorozuya," Saiki responded.

No answer.

"The Phantom Thieves," Saiki said.

Still no answer; she still looked away.

"D-Dark Reunion?" he seemingly said without confidence.

This caused Mera to giggle softly, but it was seemingly fake.

She then whispered, "Okay, one more try…but this time…the truth…please…"

Saiki noticed the tone in her voice; it wasn't exactly anger or threatening. But there was a subtle sense of disappointment and hurt. He realized he couldn't hide it anymore. He sighed in defeat.

"I…have psychic powers," Saiki admitted.

Mera let out an annoyed sigh, "You don't have to insult-"

"No, I'm serious," Saiki insisted. "Look, I'll show you."

Suddenly, a manga on Saiki's desk began to float in the air in front of Mera's face; startling her.

"WHAT?!" she yelled. She then noticed a necklace being gently placed around her neck.

"What this my gift," she asked. She quickly looked down for an answer only to see Saiki was gone.

"Huh? Where'd you go-" Mera asked right before Saiki teleported in front of her, while holding a rather large white and purple cat.

He handed the cat to Mera as she smiled, "Aw, it's adorable."

Almost immediately, a sickly boy with green hair barged into the room and snatched the cat away.

He turned to Saiki and spoke, "Stop…doing that!" He then walked out with the cat as Saiki insisted: "Sorry, Wally."

Mera was still processing everything, as Saiki rested his head back on her lap.

"So, let me get this straight: You've had all these psychic powers this whole time? And you've been keeping it a secret because?"

"Well I really just wanted a peaceful life," Saiki answered honestly.

"Fair, but if you're a psychic…than that means you can read minds, right?"

Saiki sighed, "Not when I'm wearing this," he revealed as he showed her the telepathic ring.

Mera huffed, "Is that what you've been hiding this whole time? I thought you were hiding some delicious takoyaki or something!"

Saiki groaned, "You thought or you hoped; anyways that's not what's important."

Mera tried to comfort him, "Kusuo-"

Saiki continued, "I kept a secret from you for a really long time. I probably could've helped you with a lot of other stuff, but I got really selfish at times. I've read your mind when I shouldn't have…and I was a jerk at your own birthday party. I could see why you were invested in Saiko…I guess I got a little jeal-"

"Who cares about that jerk," Mera said firmly.

Saiki's eyes widened, "Huh? What?"

Mera went on, "Kusuo, I'll never care how much money you make; or whatever weird powers you have. You've done so much for me: I have friends, a way to support my family, and I even have my dad back. Money can't get any of those things. I guess I only got excited because it's been so long since I've had this much luxury. But please, don't ever think I like him over you. You may be a total cynic, but you're a total sweetheart deep down."

After a little bit of silence, Saiki spoke, "Wow…I..I guess I never thought about it that way."

Mera giggled, "Oh, and about that 'rest of my life' thing: D-Don't worry about it." she said with a small amount of blush. "It's not like it's gonna happen; we're way too young."

"Maybe that wouldn't be so bad," Saiki thought with a smile.

Mera placed her hand on the top of Saiki's head, "Also, Kuu…there's something that I've been wanting to say."

Saiki sat up as he tuned into her, "Okay, yeah, go ahead."

She took a deep breath and waited a few moments. "I lo-"

There was a sound of the door opening as Nendou walked in, "Hey guys! Are we eating cake or what?"

Mera immediately blushed, "N-Nendou, g-go away!"

Nendou tilted his head, "Wha-"

"Just five minutes, please!" she snapped; still embarrassed.

Saiki chuckled at what happened as he saw Mera blushing. "Good grief, what a pain," she said.

"Is-Is my face still red," she asked; turning to Saiki. She already knew the answer, but was hoping he would at least lie.

Saiki stared at her for a moment and smiled:

"I love you."

Mera's heart skipped a beat as she heard him say that. Her hands started shaking as she smiled back at him.

"I…I…I love you too," she smiled before snapping out of it.

"Th-That's not what I meant! You're always interrupting me," she said feigning annoyance.

"Heh, sorry. What'd you want to tell me?" Saiki said.

"…I love you," Mera said.

"Heh, you too," Saiki said patting her head.

Mera smiled, "W-Well this is great. We said it, it's out there-"

"You can hug me," Saiki said; immediately getting wrapped in a tight hug. Mera buried her face into his shoulder as a few tears escaped her eyes.

Saiki hugged her back, while rubbing the back of her head. As he began to stand up, she held onto his hand.

"C'mon, let's have some cake." As Saiki began to walk away, Mera kept her grip on his hand, while continuing to sit down.

"What is it?" Saiki asked.

Almost immediately, she pulled him in for a quick kiss and sat him on the bed. She ran towards the door and locked it tight.

She approached Saiki and whispered gently into his ear: "You're okay, if we were…alone, for a little while…aren't you, Kusuo?"

Saiki's eyes widened as he heard her request. But he gave in and smiled, "Fine with me."

He cupped her face as the two shared a kiss. Mera began to push Saiki onto the bed, as she tried to keep up with him-

"THEY SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! FOR THE FIRST TIME," Yumehara yelled from the other side of the door.

The two quickly broke apart: "Damn it, Chiyo!"

Saiki's mom could be heard crying, "THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

Mera held her head down, "Can we please just have some cake to forget about this?"

Suddenly, a boy with a white hat and red and black bandana kicked the door down. He appeared to be eating a slice of cake.

"Hey guys," he said eating the cake.

Mera immediately charged at him, "BRENDAN!"

The boy ran off, "Control your girl, Saiki!"

Saiki sighed happily, "Good grief…I may love her, but I may have to stop her…eventually."


A/N: And another story wraps itself up! Once again, thanks for the support! Even if you don't support the pair that's fine-


Saiki: You forgot everyone's favorite Takahashi!

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Lucas: Totally dude!

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