One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


7. the one with a Kindergarten Valentine - Liam


You walked into your little afternoon kindergarten class on February 14 with a container of heart-shaped sugar cookies and a bag of Valentine's in your hands. You shoved the bag of Valentine’s into your cubby and hung your Hello Kitty backpack on your hook, before running to your carpet square. You were greeted with a quick smile and a wave from the boy that sat in front of you — your best friend, Liam Payne. The teacher walked into the classroom and said that you would start with desserts, and then everyone would pass out their Valentines. You rushed to the dessert table to fill up a plate of cookies and fruit cups, before taking a seat next to Liam.


After about three hours of eating cookies and playing with the toys in the classroom, the teacher announced to the class that it was time to pass out your Valentines to the class and the parents could help if needed. Everyone began placing their Valentines into the specific boxes that your teacher had made for everyone. All of the little kids ran around the classroom, dropping off Valentines. You eventually reached Liam’s valentine card, but you couldn’t find his box. You grabbed hold of Liam’s arm when he ran by and asked where his box was. Liam shrugged, but still responded; “You could give it to me now and I could put into my pocket?” You nodded and handed him the little card, blushing when your fingers touched. You and Liam both turned your heads to your mothers, who were both volunteering to help with the party. “Why don’t you go get (Y/n)’s card from your backpack, Liam?” His mom asked him, and he dropped his box of Valentines that needed to be passed out and ran to his backpack. He came back with a Hallmark card and a stuffed puppy, and you almost cried at the sight. You threw yourself into Liam’s arms, muttering out a repeated “Thank you!” Liam just blushes, explaining “You are my best friend! You deserve more than a silly little pre-printed card.” “Thank you, Liam! I love it,” You exclaim, causing the small brunette boy to laugh. “How about we take Liam and his mom for some Ice Cream after school to thank him?” Your mom intervened. You and Liam began to nod excitedly as your moms laughed. “Sounds good, but you have to finish passing out your valentines first. I can hold your stuffy,” Your mom said.


The two of you finished passing out your little cards in a hurry, excited for your Ice Cream shop visit after school. Class ended soon after you finished, and everyone gathered their box of Valentines before leaving the classroom. You and Liam left your Valentines and backpack in your moms’ cars, before walking to the Ice Cream Shop down the street from the school. And if your mothers took hundreds of pictures of you two holding hands and displayed them all of over the place when you and Liam got married twenty years later, you and Liam could just smile and laugh at them together.


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