One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


4. The One Where You Are Saved from Truth or Dare - Niall


You were sitting in your History class on a Friday afternoon when a piece of paper hits your back. You rolled your eyes, turning around to confront whoever threw the paper at you. You quickly spot your best friend, Eleanor, smiling at you and pointing down at the piece of paper. You smile slightly at her and pick up the paper. Scribbled slightly is a note that reads, “Harry’s throwing a party tonight. You in?”


You grab a pencil off of your desk, writing a reply. “I don’t know. Who else is going?” You discreetly lean back, in order not to get caught by your teacher, to place the note on her desk. Only a minute goes by before El throws the paper back at you. “Niall, Louis, and Liam, obviously. Niall thinks Luke is going.” You almost immediately roll your eyes. Eleanor had been trying to set you up with her friend Luke for a few weeks, but you just weren’t interested, as you were still madly in love with Niall. Just saying the name made blood rise to your cheeks, but most of your friends said he wasn’t interested and that you would be better off with Luke. You look back at El, to see a pleading look on her face. You roll your eyes and give her a nod, knowing she wanted to go. She immediately smiles, squealing in her seat. You just laugh, surprised neither of you has gotten caught. You throw the paper back at her, somewhat excited for the party. You and Eleanor walk back to her car after History, as that was your last class. She hops in the driver’s seat and starts up the ignition. The car backs out of the parking lot, and you turn the radio on. “Hey, Eleanor?” You ask her. She turns towards you, giving you the sign to move on. “Why do you want to go to the party? You had to be pretty desperate if you pulled the Luke card.” She laughs at that, smiling slightly. “Louis asked me if I was going during the third period. Said that he was hoping I was because he wanted to dance with me! Can you believe it? I just have to go, and I couldn’t show up alone. Plus, you need to get over your crush on Niall. Luke and Niall are somewhat similar.” You just laugh at your best friend. “Come on. We have to go get ready!”


It’s eight-fifteen when you and Eleanor arrive at Harry’s party. You spot Harry and Niall once you step in the door. You and El quickly walk over to them. “Hey, guys! Have you seen Louis?” El asks them almost immediately. The two boys laugh slightly to themselves. “Yeah, he’s in the kitchen. Do me a favor and compliment him on his hair. He spent an hour perfecting saying it had to be perfect for Eleanor.” Harry tells her, fighting for laughs. El smiles lightly and heads off to the kitchen as you and the two boys fall into a fit of laughter. “It’s funny cause El did the same thing!” You say, and you all laugh a bit harder. You all stop laughing and just start talking about school and your classes.  “So (Y/n), you excited to see Luke?” Harry asks, and you roll your eyes, turning your head to the ground. “ You and El are never gonna let that go, are you?" You ask, almost laughing at the ridiculousness of that. Harry just replies with a simple nope, before standing up on a chair and inviting everyone to a game of truth or dare.


The game goes on for a while, and you are only slightly paying attention because Niall sat next to you and you were too distracted by everything about him. However, you did notice a few things that went down. A cute girl from your English class confessed she had a crush on Liam, who was one of Harry and Niall’s friends and he confessed he also had a crush on her. Louis was dared to play 7 minutes of Heaven with Eleanor, and they came out with messy hair, which made you and Niall laugh. Harry had just finished eating an entire pickle in three bites. “Alright, my turn.” Harry started. “I dare Luke to kiss (Y/n).” You immediately turn your head staring at Harry, who just smirks back at you. You decide to just go for it, searching the room for Luke.  “No.” A voice said. “What?” Harry responded back. “I don’t want to kiss her.” That time you recognize the voice as Luke’s. You were humiliated, sure you didn't like Luke, but this was embarrassing. You felt tears well up in your eyes as a few of the kids started to laugh. “Fine,” Niall said, and you could hear his heart pounding. “I will kiss her.”


You head darts up to look at Niall, extremely confused. He whispers a barely audible “May I?” You nod, and he begins to lean in. His lips touch yours, and you freeze. Kissing Niall felt amazing. It was soft, and you felt at home. You could practically see fireworks. He pulled away after a little while, and you felt frozen, you didn’t want the kiss to be over. He smiled slightly, and you quickly smiled back. You rested your head on Niall’s shoulder, and the game continued, without the two of you paying attention.


The clock struck eleven-thirty, and the party began dying down. By midnight only about fifteen people were left, including you, Niall, Eleanor, Louis, and Harry. You hadn’t seen Eleanor, Louis or Niall for a little while. You left Niall to look for Eleanor and ultimately failed at finding her. You ran into Niall in Harry’s backyard. You wondered if Eleanor had gone back there, but it seemed as if you and Niall were alone. “Hey.” He said, hands in his pockets. “Hey.” You said back, unsure of what to do. After a minute or so, you opened your mouth. “Thank you for earlier. You saved me a lot of embarrassment.”

“It’s cool,” Niall started. “I’ve have wanted to kiss you for a while now, so that gave me a pretty good excuse.” He finished, his voice quiet. You can feel almost all the blood in your body rise to your cheeks, as your face turns red. "Wow, um-" You start, but Niall cuts you off.


"But just as I got the courage to tell you, Harry and Eleanor started the whole you like Luke thing." "Yeah, well that doesn't seem to be working out." You almost laugh slightly at this. "I wish you would have told me. I liked you, but everyone told me you had no interest in me or that it wouldn't have worked out. So, Harry and El started trying  to set me up with Luke." You admit, somewhat thankful that Luke had embarrassed you, now that Niall had admitted his feelings.

You gathered all of your courage and took the three steps to get to Niall. You looked up at him and said "I guess it's a good thing that I know the attraction is mutual. That way you won't freak out when I do this." You say, before pressing your lips to his. He quickly kisses back, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. You smile slightly and move your arms around his neck while your lips stay connected to his. You break apart after a few minutes, keeping your eyes on Niall's "(Y/n), Will you be my girlfriend?"  Your cheeks heat up, and you mutter out a quick "yes," crashing your lips to his.


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