One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


6. the one where Niall loves Christmas - Niam


Christmas Time in London was one of the most beautiful things Niall had ever seen. Sure, Christmas was lovely in Ireland, but there was something about the way the city sparkled in the snow that just amazed him. Just going out and walking around in the snow and admiring everything was Niall’s favorite December activity. His best friend, Liam, knew all about Niall’s infatuation with Christmas in the city, so Liam was always thrilled to find out that both he and Niall would be in London for Christmas. Within the three years, the boys had been stationed in London for One Direction; it had become a little tradition for the pair. They would always go out in the city on their first day off work and grab some Starbucks drinks and cookies. The two boys would then walk around the park in the center of London and admire all the Christmas lights. Liam always looked forward to it, because it was theirs. Louis and Harry and Zayn were never invited, nor were any of their family members or flings or anyone - only Niall and Liam. They got a cold every year, due to the below zero temperatures, but that Liam looked forward that cold all year long. 

Today was - finally - their first day off. Liam was already dressed in a pair of jeans, a sweater, and his winter coat. The brunette had stolen one of Louis’ beanies and Harry’s scarves in hopes to keep warm and somewhat hide his identity so they wouldn’t be spotted. Liam was in a rush, showing up to Niall’s flat about 10 minutes late. Liam hated being late, especially for Niall, but his hair had taken longer to perfect than expected. Knocking on Niall’s door, Liam began to grow nervous; afraid Niall would be mad his best friend was late. Liam heard Niall’s voice shout a lazy “I’m coming,” before he reached the door. Niall immediately smiled after opening the door once he realized it was Liam. “LIAM!” Niall screamed, jumping into his best friend’s arms. Liam laughs, feeling all his worries slip away. “Hey, you ready to go?” Liam asks Niall, who immediately nods. The two boys hop into Liam’s car and head off to Starbucks. 

“She was so flirting with you!” Liam proclaims. “She was not; she’s a barista. They are supposed to be friendly.” Niall says back. “Not that friendly.” Liam counters. “Doesn’t matter, I don’t like her. Too busy being in love with someone who will never love me back.” Niall states simply, his voice whispers the last part. “Oh yeah, who? I am your best friend. You have’ta tell me.” Liam laughs. 

Niall feels a blush rise to his cheeks, realizing Liam had heard what he said. “You don’t need to know; you wouldn’t know them. Plus, H is my best friend.” “Harry? You would pick Harry over me?” Liam laughs but automatically feels distraught by Niall’s words. There was no doubt in Liam’s mind that Niall was his best friend. Liam had just assumed Niall reciprocated those feelings. “Sure, if it will get me out of this conversation.” Niall states; Liam knew he was joking, but he still hears pieces of anger in Niall’s voice. “Ok, whatever. Why does this mystery girl not like you? You’re amazing, Ni.” The brunette smiles, knowing Niall needed some comfort. Liam knew Niall like the back of his hand. 

Liam had spent his time in One Direction memorizing the patterns of his best friend. He had taken every one of his experiences with Niall to memory, almost as if he subconsciously never wanted to forget. Liam remembers all of the times Niall was upset because he felt alone or he hated his voice. He loved all the times Niall was happy because the band had won an award or Management enjoyed one of the lyrics he had written. He hated all the times Niall would be frustrated when Management didn’t like his song, or he couldn’t hit a specific note. Liam remembers all the times Niall was stressed, and he would distance himself from the other boys or spend his nights staring at the ceiling of his bunk. Liam was there when Niall was heartbroken when Holly didn’t want long distance, or Melissa loved someone else. Liam always there, he just wanted to be. 

Yet, he had never heard of Niall’s so-called unrequited love. 

And Liam couldn’t guess why someone wouldn’t love the boy he calls his best friend. 

Niall was beautiful to Liam. The way he laughed was music to Liam’s ears and the way his smile cleared all the clouds in the sky. Liam loved the way Niall’s eyes lit up when someone brought him Nando’s or the way they glossed when Niall was holding back tears. Liam loved the way Niall cuddled into warm clothes and how perfectly he fit into summer ones. He adored Niall’s height because it was easy for Liam to wrap his arms around the smaller boy and rest his head on top of Niall’s. Niall’s beauty extended itself into his heart as well. Niall was incredibly kind. The Irish boy loved to volunteer, and while Niall couldn’t always donate his time, he often gave to charities around the world. Niall was so passionate about the boys going to Africa for Red Nose Day, and he talked about that trip for weeks afterward. He was great with the younger fans. Niall always seemed to crouch down to their size to give the kids hugs. Liam’s heart still felt like it would burst when he saw Niall with the kids - he was positive Niall would make an excellent father. Niall was beautiful, inside and out.

“My mystery person isn’t a girl. That’s the problem.” Niall says, almost ashamed of himself. Liam knew that Niall had decided to pronounce himself undetermined in the ways he dated - pansexual is the correct term for it, according to Harry. Niall always said that it was to increase his life experiences so that he would never miss out on something. That was just something that was so indisputably Niall, but Liam had never heard of Niall crushing on boys. “Do you even know if he’s straight? He could be gay or bi and just hide it?” Liam felt the truth in his words - there was something about constantly being around some of the hottest guys in the universe that was making Liam question his sexuality, and it all just got worse every time Niall smiled at him. Is it possible that Niall’s crush had the same feelings? “He’s dated girls, so he’s not gay,”  Niall speaks, knocking Liam out of his thoughts. “I asked Haz - cause he’s got the best Gaydar or whatever - and he thinks he’s straight.” Liam can just hear the disappointment in Niall’s voice. “I’m so sorry Ni.” Liam turns to console his best friend. “Look at all the lights! C’mon Niall, this is what we wait for all year!” Niall smiles, looking up at Liam and then to the lights. Liam doesn’t move; he keeps his eyes on Niall, taking a moment to admire him. The way Niall’s eyes lit up - hahahahahah, Harry would be proud - while looking at the lights and how his smile wasn’t his usual smile, as he was still upset. The way the lights cast a slight red glow around Niall’s face or how his eyes reflected the blues and the greens and the yellows, Niall was truly wonderful, and Liam was in love. He was. It felt so hard to admit to himself, but his time with Niall was Liam’s escape from the real world. And when he escaped, he knew. He knew that Niall was the only person he would ever be entirely in love with, but here was Niall proclaiming his crush on some other guy. 

“You know, that guy doesn’t deserve you.” [ Yep, cause I do. I would be so good to you if you ever gave me a chance. ] “You are amazing, Ni.” Liam says, watching the way Niall’s eyes light up. “Don’t worry, though. I will always be here for you.” Niall almost lets out a huff, angry at these words, before saying to himself “You really won’t” in the quietest voice he could, but Liam still hears. “What?” Liam says confused. “Niall, that just not true,” Niall swears under his breath, knowing he was caught. Why did Niall have to speak out loud so often around Liam? Was it just because being with Liam was Niall’s happy place, and he just feels comfortable that says everything? He stops in his tracks, and cowardly looks up at Liam, and Niall almost cracks. The puppy brown eyes and the concern that was written all over Liam’s face. Niall just wants to tell him everything: how he’s in love with Liam, how he’s ashamed that he loves Liam in the way that he does, how Niall knows that Liam’s straight. And how he hates that he can’t make his feelings go away no matter how hard he’s trying and how all of these secrets will ruin their friendship and how much that just kills him. But Niall is smarter than that; the Irish lad knows he can never tell Liam any of this - no matter how much he wants to. Niall knows he has to stay silent, but his mouth doesn’t get the memo. “Because I’m in love with you! And you’re straight, so you will never like me back.” Niall screams as he Liam’s face falls. Niall was right, Liam will never love him in the way he wants Liam too. “Niall-” Liam starts, but Niall cuts him off. “And I’ve tried, so hard, to make these feelings go away but they just won’t.” Niall sits down on the bench nearby and just lets a sob slip past his lips. He didn’t even realize how much this was affecting him. He wants Liam to say something, to make it all better like he always does, but Liam just stares. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Li. I know this is gonna ruin things. I promise I won’t be predatory or whatever straight guys are afraid I’d do, and I can ask to bunk with H for the next tour instead. I really care about you, Li, but I know this is all going to make you uncomfortable. I think I’m just gonna go.” Niall stands to leave and starts to walk away. He gets about 20 feet away when he hears Liam’s voice, “Niall.” Niall almost rolls his eyes but smiles at the worry in Liam’s voice, he isn’t in love with Niall, but he still cares about him. That was better than Niall’s nightmares had depicted. "Don't worry about me Liam; I'll get a cab home. I will see you at Lou's New Years Party." Niall grumbles and continues to walk away.

Liam just stands their dumbfounded; his best friend was in love with him. The best part of every day, his inspiration, and his constant thought was in love him. More importantly, his love thought Liam hated him for his feelings, which was incredibly untrue. Most importantly, he was walking away. Liam's eyes widen at this realization, and he runs towards Niall. Liam chases his best friend around the corner and screams Niall's name when he finally spots him. Niall stops and turns to look at Liam with that [ You are crazy right now ] look on his face. Liam just smiles and continues to run towards Niall and almost runs him over. Liam spits out a quick "I'm not gonna let you get away that easily," before crashing his lips on Niall's. Niall quickly kisses back, wrapping his arms around Liam's waist, pulling him closer. Liam smiles slightly and move his around his neck while your lips stay connected to his. And everything is perfect.


(A/n) MY FIRST CHRISTMAS IMAGINE!! Hopefully, more to come!





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