One Direction One Shots

Just a bunch of random One Direction One Shots written by me!!

+ There will be boy/boy relationships, not always.
+ I won't do personal imagines, but I will do request.
+ Give me a pairing or a boy and what you want it to be about.
+ Positive Vibes only
+ I love feedback!


5. The One Where Louis Gets Punched - Louis

You were in the first grade when you first met Louis, but you didn't become close until you were both in third. One day, you were sitting together at recess, engaging in conversations about your difficult third-grade lives. Louis starts talking about his adventures with his little sister the night before. "And then Lottie said she was going to punch me. Can you believe that? I almost started laughing." He said. Your brain was confused you didn't understand what was so funny, so you asked him. "Girls can't punch (Y/n); they aren't as strong as boys are."

This made you mad. Even at a young age, you had been taught that girls shouldn't be treated as less than boys. "That's not true, Louis!" You exclaimed, "Girls can do anything boys can, which means I could punch so hard!" 

"Nuh-uh!" Louis protested.

"Uh-hu!" You argued back.





"So prove it! Show me that you can punch me!" Louis said, and your small brain took that as a challenge. You brought your arm back in anticipation and reared it towards Louis as hard and as fast as your barely 50-pound body possibly could. And well, Louis was wrong. You could punch and hit hard - so hard that Louis started to cry. One of the teachers ran over, startled by the sound of the young boy. The teacher quickly realized what had happened and dragged the two of you straight to the principal's office. The principal was forced to call both of your parents, and your mom was not happy. She was mad and ordered you to apologize to Lou, immediately after being told the story. Louis spoke up for the first time since you had punched him. "She doesn't need to apologize." All of the adults in the room quickly turned their heads towards him. "She proved me wrong. I told her that girls couldn't punch and she argued against it. I told her to hit me, and she did, and it hurt! I was wrong, she doesn't have to apologize, and she shouldn't be in trouble." You smiled at Louis, surprised by his actions. 

The principal later dismissed you both, and you walked back to the third-grade hall. "Thanks for not getting me in trouble." You said to Louis. He just smiled. "I was wrong. Thank you for showing me that." You immediately smiled back. "We should be friends." "I thought we were." "Then best friends?" You suggested. Louis quickly nodded and hugged you. 

You still remember that day, quite fondly. You and Louis stayed friends, and he even asked you to be his girlfriend at your junior prom - to which you obviously said yes. You go with Louis to his X-Factor audition, cried with him when he was put into the band and continue to support him throughout his One Direction career. Ten years to the date of your junior prom, Louis got down on one knee and asked you to marry him. And that brings you to today, where you marry the love of your life. You stand across from him now, as he recites his vows. " I want to thank you, love, because none of us would be here right now if you didn't punch me in the third grade, trying to prove a point. As much as it hurt, I would relive that pain a thousand more times if it means ending up with you. I love you." 


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