The world is ending. Okay, maybe not for everyone. But certainly for Luke. Harley,
his best friend, his rock, the love of his life, is missing. Stolen. The government is stealing people for a masterful plan to save the world from all of humanity's problems. But something isn't adding up, and Luke will get to the bottom of it.


2. Chapter Two

•Chapter Two•

Harley and I hit it off instantly. As we walked down the sidewalks of the busy city, she started talking about her favorite places to go explore. Right away, I could tell she had an adventurous soul.

"Have you ever heard of the back waters?" Harley asked as we stopped to wait for traffic.

"The what?" I laughed cluelessly.

"The back waters. Behind the old community center there's a small forest full of mysteries. I go there when I need a break from the world."

It was funny how Harley enjoyed mysteries, as she was one herself. She rarely ever talked about her childhood or past. She told me not to dwell on things you can't change and to focus on the present more than anything.

"I can take you there," she chimed after noticing my interest.

Trying to hide my excitement, I replied, "I'm free all day. I'm literally the most boring person you'll ever meet!"

Looking me dead in the eyes she murmured, "Well, we're going to have to change that. Knowing me, you're not getting away with boring.” Without saying another word, she crossed the street, making me race after her.


I stared in horror at the sight in front of me. These people had her. They had Harley and there was nothing I could do about it.

“What did you find out?” Ian hissed, leaning in close to my face.

With pleading eyes I glanced at Harley, hoping for an answer. She shook her head ever so slightly, indicating not to talk. That either meant she had a plan or she'd rather die than let them find out what we know. I was hoping for the plan.

“I'll never tell you anything!” I spat back in his direction.

With an evil smile creeping onto his face, Ian simply whispered, “Alright.”

He turned to the guards holding Harley. Slowly, he lifted and lowered his head. The guards took it as a signal for they tightened their grip on Harley and started to move.

In a blink, she pulled some crazy karate move. The guards were clearly not expecting a fight from Harley. Surprised, they let go.

I suddenly realized if I was going to have a chance, I would have to get out with Harley. Trying to mimic the move she did, I whipped my elbow back, slamming it into the guard’s jaw. I repeated the action again for good measure. Groaning in pain, the guard let go. Ian quickly had a hold on me. Knowing I couldn't do anything else, I started kicking. I kicked Ian, the guard that stood right behind me, everything and anything I could. Nothing was working.

I looked over at the window, hoping to see Harley alive and well. Not even the guards remained in the room. A wave of emotions crashes over me, causing me to give up. Harley could be dead right now because of me.

Ian smiled. “Take him back to the cell. Let him rot in there until he decides to talk.” The guard grimaced from the pain of his jaw but nodded.

Ian strutted over the door to unlock it. He knew he had won. Whether or not I would tell him what he wanted was another story.

Not even trying to fight, I let the guard drag me back to the elevator, defeated.

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