The world is ending. Okay, maybe not for everyone. But certainly for Luke. Harley,
his best friend, his rock, the love of his life, is missing. Stolen. The government is stealing people for a masterful plan to save the world from all of humanity's problems. But something isn't adding up, and Luke will get to the bottom of it.


1. Chapter One

•Chapter One•

The world did not end in a bang or a whisper, but with one scream at a time. It all started with Harley, the love of my life.

Harley once told me that our hearts were monsters so our ribs needed to be their cages. I guess in that aspect, my cage broke. The monster got out and, shall we say, screwed me ten times over.

I'm standing where I am now because the cage broke. I'm in a different sort of cage with bars that ascend from the floor to the ceiling.

All I know is I'm being forced against my will to stay here. Maybe they stole me like they stole her, after they figured out what I did. Let's just say that the government doesn't like it when you destroy the one and only plan they have to reach 'world peace'. Oh, don't worry! It was never going to work!

But I'm sure you want to hear how I ended up in this jail cell. My story starts about two years ago when I met Harley. It was love at first sight...


The bell rang on the coffee shop door. Normally I wouldn't have looked back to see who had entered, as I was always in there, but something about this time felt different. I twisted my head toward the door. In that split second our eyes met. She flashed a quick smile at me. My heart melted.

She had bleach blonde hair cascading over her shoulders like waterfalls. Her golden, freckled skin glowed. Don't even get me started on her eyes! They were the perfect mix of blue, green, and hazel. To say the least, she was stunning.

I watched as she walked up to the counter to order her drink: an iced chai tea. Her favorite.

I hoped she would sit down at a table near mine so I could sneak glances at her. But with my luck, she headed toward the door. Panicking, I grabbed all my things as quickly as I could and followed her out.

Just in time, I reached for her hand as she lifted it, about to call for a taxi. She whipped her head toward me, slapping me square across the face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" her harsh voice rang in my ears. "Who are you?"

"Umm..." Great. One of my many fabulous qualities had just been shown: my social awkwardness. Determined, I continued, "Well, you see, um. I saw you in the coffee shop and I thought maybe..."

Cutting me off she snarled, "You thought you could just walk up to a stranger who you thought was hot and say, 'Oh you're hot. Let's make out!' Well I got news for you buddy!" She snapped as she slapped me, yet again.

"But you saw me in there!" I protested. "You even smiled at me!" God I sounded desperate.

She flashed another smile at me, trying to prove a point. "So what? I just smiled at you again! A smile means nothing these days!"

At that moment I knew I was in too deep. There was no backing down now. "But it meant something to me," I whispered, hoping she would know I meant it.

"Well good for you," she said, her attitude changing suddenly. Linking her arm in mine, she started walking.

"What?" I questioned, obviously confused.

Laughing she explained, "Good for you for making me want to get to know you."


A door near my cell opened, causing me to snap out of my daydream.

"Prisoner 20518, you've been requested in the west wing," a guard rumbled.

"Great," I whispered to myself. For the hundredth time they would be questioning me. A 5 year old would've figured out by now that I'm not going to talk.

As I trudged along behind the guard, I glanced around at the other cells. Most of them were full except for a handful. There wasn't a single girl in sight either. They were most likely being kept in a different section of the building. My mind constantly wondered if Harley was being kept in this same building, just out of my reach.

We soon arrived at the elevator needed to get down to the correct level. Moments after pushing the button, the double doors opened, revealing a run-down, dim lighted box. It might appear scary to some, but to me, the elevator was the least scariest thing on my mind.

Stepping inside, I turned my head towards the guard escorting me. It was the same one that always got me. He had jet black hair and dark beady eyes. Even after 2 months of "knowing" him, I never once got his name, not that I wanted to.

"I hope you know I'm not answering the questions. It's just a waste of your time," I mumbled, trying to get out of the questioning.

Looking over at me with a straight face he replied, "Orders are orders. You must go to the west wing." The elevator came to a stop. He opened the door and waited for me to step out before continuing. "Besides, I think today will be very different for you," he said as a small smirk crept onto his face. The smile was odd and didn't belong on his face. It made me uneasy.

Brushing off the feeling, I followed him down the corridor, eventually reaching the destination. Not waiting to make sure I was behind him, he opened the door and walked in with me trailing in seconds later.

"Ahh, Luke! We've been waiting for you! Thank you for joining us!" The voice was one I had heard on a never ending loop since I arrived at this place. The voice belonged to a rather tall, skinny man. Ian Yait.

Ian Yait was a multi-billionaire and the richest man alive. A few years ago he had started a program to help reach world peace. Everyone was overly excited because if anyone could fix humanity's problems, they believed it would be Ian.

"I told you I'm not answering any of your questions!" I hissed forcefully.

"Yes," he nodded thoughtfully. "Today were going to try something different." His eyes had a twinkle in them that I had never seen before. It sent a chill down my spine.

"What do you me-" I started to ask but was quickly cut off with a flick of his wrist.

"Take Luke to the other room," Ian ordered the guard, looking extremely bored. Before I knew what was happening, I was being dragged to another room.

The room Ian had meant was a few doors down from the room I was being dragged from. Ian raced ahead of the guard to open the door. Once inside, he closed and locked us all in the room.

Stepping in front of me he leaned in towards my face and whispered, "Let's see if this changes anything." As soon as he said it, he was on the other side of the dull room. A large tarp hung over one wall. Quickly, Ian pulled the tarp down, revealing a large window to another room.

Standing in the other room was a large, muscular guard holding onto a beautiful girl with bleach blonde hair and golden, freckled skin. The other guard held up a knife, placing it against her neck.

"You're going to answer my questions. Now."

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