The Dead Zone

Vampires came out several years ago, and began to set up small communities within large cities across the globe. Soon, werewolves joined them and so did demons.

In the panic, these communities were walled off from the rest of the world and became 'The Dead Zones'. No human life inside, due to the supposed 'high-risk of infection'.

Only certain humans are allowed to work there and even then, your job might not keep you safe.

Freda Ackerstone is an average student, with a slightly above average in biology and history, the only extraordinary things about her are her height, the scars and her quietness.

When the 'Blood Lot' is drawn for each school across the city, Freda's is one of the names pulled out. It's a life changing opportunity, one that most would die for.

It means that from now on, Freda is part of 'The Dead Zone' in her city and there, the rules don't apply.

(Cover made by the amazing and talented: clarity_)


2. Chapter One

Today was the Blood Lot, and just like each time, it was aired Live for all the living world to see.


Freda was sitting on the couch, her soft brown hair curled into a messy bun, dark eyes unfocused on the TV, the light making her sickly-pale.


A blonde busty reporter was talking excitedly, her eyes meeting the camera as the grey gates of the Wall loomed behind her. One of two entries to the Dead Zone.


Celebrities, gossip on the six branches of work inside the city, more celebrities. Blurring into a white-noise of nothingness. It was two in the morning and the woman was still talking about nothing important.


There was always a build up to the Blood Lot, but everybody just tuned it out and waited until the most important part was said. The five names.


Five go in, though none come out. Some are Turned, most die.


Freda perked her head, the TV was silent, it was time. Her oak eyes focused, filled with a warm light, but pupils dilated with fear. Her heart beat inside her chest like a drum, a drum that beats to honour the dead.


"And we have the names here folks," the reporter began, her chirpy demeanour gone, and replaced with a sombre tone. "Amy Justhrope.."


The names had begun, four gone by now, the last to be announced. Freda held her breath, heart beating louder.


"Jason Dash- Wait, I'm sorry, there was a problem with the machines.."


Freda's heart stopped, there were no mistakes, not with the Blood Lot.


"We have the last name..." Freda leaning forwards, heart pounding, so loud it roared in her ears. Lip bitten with fear, blood dripping slowly onto her chin.


"Freda Ackerstone. All five names are to report here at Gate One, at six this morning, try to get some sleep folks."


Her heart seemed to stop, and her throat felt dry. There was silence in the flat and slowly, Freda turned off the TV with a shaking hand. That was it. In four hours, she would be sentenced to death at the hands of the supernatural's in the Dead Zone.


In the history of the Dead Zone, nobody under seventeen had been through. It was seen as the most adult age that they would allow for potential blood-bags.


Freda just turned sixteen last week.


Slowly, she stood, rolling up her sleeves, showing scarred skin, taunt and white over her soft tan. Wounds from several years ago, a rouge vampire broke free from the Dead Zone, and Freda happened to be in his path.


She remembered the sterile smell of a hospital, and the burning of iodine, the sharp sting of needles.  And in the end, scars over her arms and one on her neck.


Freda began to move, she needed to pack. 


Three hours remaining.

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