once upon a time

Soccer is the main sport at Forest End high school.
Calum hood is the star athlete meanwhile he doesn't know he has a half brother named Justin, Justin is year younger in freshman year what will calum do when he uncovers the truth , if he finds out.


2. 2

calums pov

"vanessa?" i say shaking sleeping beauty up

i gently untangle myself  from her grasp i throw on a shirt then walk to my bathroom to brush my teeth 

a few seconds later arms wrap themselves around me

i turn around "morning darling:" i smile

i kiss vanessa on the cheek about to walk out of the bathroom before vanessa grabs my hand

"Cal' she says


"i love you" she says in a tired voice

"i love you more go back to bed i will go make breakfast'

i have known vanessa since 7th grade i was dating her friend at the time, then we broke up then the end of 8th rolled around and i realized i was madly in love with her every weekend since freshman year she sleeps over all weekend. Her mum is a alcoholic  and her dad is never around so she likes it here and i love having her. My mum loves her but my mom is barely here  

me and vanessa were sitting where we met on the swings in a small park

i remember like it was yesterday it started raining so i walked her home when  i walked her home that day i put my arm around her and didn't even notice looking back she was so small and cute. 

Vanessa and i walked up to the top of the slide a few moments later me and vanessa ending up kissing just kissing promise

"well look who it is Calum hood and his slut of a girlfriend' me and vanessa broke apart to see who it was, it turned out to be that kid justin he looked drunk

"hey calm down she not a slut so back off" i shouted

"make me" he says louder

"whats your problem" i yell

"you, you dont even know the half of it" he starts to cry

i come down from the slide i gently pat him on the shoulder

he pushes me off him 

"Don't fucking touch me" he says before storming off 

"you okay" vanessa say coming up to me

"yeah are you?" she nods before hugging me


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