Poems by Me

Words swim inside my head
As I drift into a lyrical sea.
Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
As diluted thoughts flood the page.
Paper drenched in melodic verse,
Passion surges and I'm submerged,
Drowning in inspiration
As ink drops from my pen.

-Christy Ann Martine-

✨All poems are by me!✨


6. The Choice

-The Choice-

Day will pass,

Moments will fade,

Hope was never in my name

I chose this life

To live alone

That doesn't mean I love the road

To walk a fragile, winding path

Up and down the days of past

Cherish this, sweet child of mine

Because one day you will be this blind,

To the pain and agony of the world,

They always seem to bring us down

Never understanding you,

But that's what friends were made to do

Remember me when I say,

"Hope was never in my name"

I chose my path,

And told you why,

Now it's time to make up your mind

To either live a lie with friends by your side,

Or see the truth, all alone

Walking down a fragile, winding road

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