Poems by Me

Words swim inside my head
As I drift into a lyrical sea.
Emotions flow in rhythmic waves
As diluted thoughts flood the page.
Paper drenched in melodic verse,
Passion surges and I'm submerged,
Drowning in inspiration
As ink drops from my pen.

-Christy Ann Martine-

✨All poems are by me!✨


24. Hope

You can hear me but I can't hear you

We're in two different worlds, connected only by truth

I feel as though I'm floating,

Caught in a dream

Hoping one day, someone will hear me scream

My faith has been lost

I can no longer feel

Deep in my head, I hear "this isn't real"

The dark is now my friend

For my head is far worse

But how can I heal,

When hope is a curse?

It murmurs in my ear,

'Forget the illusion,

Pull the curtains open,




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