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2. Chapter 2

I woke up late today, my Dad and brother were outside talking and my Mom was in the Bird eye’s room. I asked my mother if she needed me “Yes I do, I need you to play the piano, your father loves it when you play.”  “Mom? Lets do a duet, you on the violin and me on the piano.” My mom nodded her head and gently took up her violin and together we played, I heard my brother and father climb the stairs and sit on the couch. I knew my Father was in his army greens, My mother and I played with so much love knowing this was the last time for a long time. The song had ended. “Peter and Amy play me a duet before I have to leave.” My brother picked up his guitar and together we played a beautiful tune that makes you want to just stay and enjoy more music. My mother and father danced to it joyfully but soon we reached the end of the song and it was time for daddy to leave. He gave me a hug and said, “Amy, I sure am going to miss the beautiful pieces you play.” He than kissed my mother and asked Peter to walk out with him. My mother and I watched from the window as Daddy rode away on Tank, his beautiful strong buckskin. A tear escaped from my eyes and rolled down my cheek as my Dad disappeared in a cloud of dust.  My mom saw the tear and wrapped her arms around me “Amy, why don't you go practice your aim with Apple.” A smile flashed to my face and I looked at my mom, she knew what made me happy, “That’s exactly what I'm going to do.” I got up and quickly walked to my room, I put on some old blue jeans and a scruffy old white shirt.  I slipped on my boots and grabbed my bow and arrows. Before heading out I braided back my long light brown hair, than I hurried out of my room and down the stairs, My brother came out of his room and called my name just as I shut the door behind me. I ran full speed to the stables, Apple, Chef and Nakota heard me and turned in their stalls. I threw the arrows over my shoulder and without even bothering with the saddle, mounted my Apple and rode off towards the woods. My targets hang in the trees so that I could shot my arrows as I rode by them. Apple settled into her smooth gallop as I held on with my legs and balanced the bow across her back, letting one arrow fly after another. When we reached the end we turned around, leaving my boots on the ground at the end of the run. Apple will run full speed to the first target and once we are there I stand on her to reach my arrows, Apple stands like a statue until I pat her side indicating its safe to move. We do this for every single target. Just as soon as I was finished with the last target a voice behind me said, “Don’t you think that’s a bit dangerous?” I twisted around to see my brother on Nakota, “I’m fine, what brings you out here?” we walked our horses to the end of the trail and he helped me put back on my boots. “I’m going into town in a bit to pick out a new horse, want to come?” Peter asked. “I’m good, i don't feel like ridding in a dress today.” Peter chuckled “Well I’ll let you name her.” “Sounds like a plan.” I answered. I nudged Apple lightly and she reared up on her hind legs. “I’ll race you back to the house” and took off like the wind, Slowly down only slightly so he could catch up. In the home stretch I gave Apple her head and she galloped hard and freely to the stables, she pulled past Nakota. I glanced behind me and saw that Peter was heading to the front yard, I guided Apple in that direction, regaining the ground I had lost. I moved with her body becoming one with her. There was a gate that lead to the front yard and there was 5 foot hedge next to it. The gate was only 4 feet high, I saw Peter going for the gate and Apple already had her mind set on jumping the hedge. I heard Peter shout “Amy that’s too high for her!” I few seconds later we were soaring over the hedge and landed gracefully in the front yard. “Yeah!” I said excitedly. Apple felt the excitement and kicked her legs out. Peter trotted up to me in shock, “I..I..cant believe you cleared that!” Apple neighed loudly and reared up on her hind legs pawing at the air. “Amy! Peter! is that you?” our mother called for us. Apple pranced around Nakota as we followed the voice to the front door, Apple teased Nakota like a puppy as I held on for the ride. At the front door a man dressed in army greens stood proudly and beside him a boy my age.  The boy was the same height as me with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He was very well built, he had medium length blondish brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. I felt myself fall for him a little, I quickly dismounted and bowed as gracefully as I could manage “Hello, I’m Amelia, but you may call me Amy.” My brother stood next to me and reached out his hand to the soldier “I’m Peter, the eldest brother, welcome to our home.” The soldier shook his hand and introduced himself as Private and his son as Travis. “Travis will be staying with us,”My mom clarified. “I'll help you with your things, and Amy will show you where your room is,” said Peter, “‘I appreciate it but I only have one suitcase of things,” answered Travis, “Let me show you to your room.” I said as i dropped Apple’s reins. He turned to his Dad and hugged him than followed me into the house. He followed me in silence up the stairs and to the guess room. “You may arrange the room in however way you like.” “Thank you, Are those arrows?” he pointed at my quiver. “Yes, my brother taught me how to shot and make them.” “I only know how to shot a gun.” He pointed at a skinny black bag by his suitcase. “More than I know, I shot a gun on my own yesterday.” “cool” answered Travis. I turned to leave when he asked “What happened to your arm?” I unwrapped it slowly exposing the cut, “I was attacked yesterday by a pirate, I’m not good with close contact fighting, that’s why yesterday was my first time shooting a gun.” Travis looked at me in shock, “I’ll have to teach you how to fight.” I laughed “I just may take you up on that offer.” I rewrapped my arm and walked out of his room. I walked down the hall letting out my breath, replaying our conversation, his voice was deep and rich and soothing. I walked down the stairs and out the door, Peter was gone and Apple was nowhere to be found. I whistled loudly and I heard Apple nicker, she pranced over to me grass sticking out of her mouth. “You silly girl” I jumped at her and she dodged me trotting away with her tail held high, then she’ll run at me and rear up halfway. She tosses her head playfully and runs off. Apple trotted past me slowly, if i had the saddle on her I’d jump on.  When she saw I wasn't jumping on to her he stood still and let me mount. We cantered around the yard than she took a flying leap over the hedge and cantered off to the stable. Once at the stables I cooled her down and put her in her stall, snatching up the arrow I shot yesterday, than hurried off to the house. As I reached the house I saw Travis hauling in some water. “Ha Momma already putting you to work.””Yeah but it’s okay I enjoy helping out,” answered Travis. I walked into the house Momma handed me a large pail of hot coals, “Go take a bath and come help with dinner.” “Thanks Momma, I will.” I took the pale of hot coals and hurried upstairs. Once in the restroom I filled the tub with some water and put the coals in three buckets to help warm the water faster. As I waited for the water to get warm I grabbed one of my dresses. By the time i had undressed the water was warm, I but the coals back into one pale that sat at the end of the tub and started to wash away the dust and dirt. Once finished I drained the water and prepared it for the next person leaving the one pale. Once I was dressed I walked downstairs, Travis was helping my mother when he spotted me. He stared at me than looked away quickly, “Travis I prepared the bath water for you, so when you are ready, it should be warm.” “Thank you Amelia.” “Please call me Amy.” “Okay.” I helped my mom prepare dinner. It was starting to grow dark out so I lit the Kerosene lamps, they always gave off more light and burn longer than the oil lamps and candles. In no time dinner was ready, Travis had just came downstairs when Peter came through the back door “Amy, come check out this beauty!” “The new horse is here.” my mom said excited. I walked outside and there in the fading light of the sun stood a beautiful blue roan.

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