Outlier: Restart

To be honest with you all, the original series had abundance of unrelated information as well as large plot holes that ruined the series. Too much narration, unbalanced strength, and lack of proper setting establishment also played major role in ruining the entertainment. Therefore! Behold! The New series, Outlier: Restart, shall rectify the old standard!
"Does common knowledge matter to you?"
<Update: New Cover by NamesFromGraves>


1. Prologue: The Beginning

Unknown Time Period

"Don't deny the truth that your creations are not equal!" a man with noble figure spoke against the pure white object.

"Nothing can be perfect! All of the worlds are different because it serves different purpose!" the white object responded.

"Be quiet! You don't understand how much the world lack justice! Only the ones who were born in rich environment gains prosperity and the ones who are born in scarce lives in poverty!" the noble man argued.

"Every world has such problems! Solving these issues are the major steps to becoming closer to perfection!" the white object told the noble man.

"Why couldn't you make the world perfect from the beginning? Was your creations meaningless to you?" the noble man questioned the white object.

"I can't create a perfect from the beginning because no one is perfect, but it is my duty to lead my creation to the path of closing down the distance between the perfection," the white object explained.

"Any last words?" noble man questioned.

"No, I lived long enough," the white object responded.

"This is the end, Primal God!" the noble man dashed.

"Just.. Don't ruin this world... Rebellion God," the white object clashed against the dashing noble man.

At unknown period of time, in unknown space, two divine figures clashed against their own ideals. The Primal God lost the battle and was forced to bequeath the control of four major universes onto Rebellion God. The four universes, magic, science, mechanic, and normal, has been united into one named Main Universe. The seemingly perfect world begins to be corrupted as the perfect beings with human nature loses their "perfection" and slowly became similar to human, and later called Gods or Demons based on their decision. The main story begins after ten thousand years after the Defeat of Primal God. 

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