The Winter Rose

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the small hill just up from the mountain? If you walk past and into the woods a bit deeper you would find a mansion... in that mansion lives a cursed boy......


3. Chapter 2

                                                                           (Pic of Axel)




"Why don't you take a picture sweetheart it'll last longer"



I rolled my eyes slightly blushing a light pink and looked away. I heard him shift slightly in his seat and felt blue eyes on me. It was creepy. I  turned my head over not noticing he ended up sitting beside me. He stared at me with curiousity. I noticed that another student took the spot he was in.  


" Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer." I lifted a eyebrow and looked away. He chuckled softly and nodded a little.


"Well I would but  sadly I don't have a camera. So I'll stick with looking." He smirked slightly and  glanced down at me.  I lift my backpack up and scooted over giving him some room.

"I'm Axel its nice to meet you", He said  holding out his hand . I glanced at the hand before taking it gently shaking it. It felt like ice. What did he do jump into a freaking snow blizzard. "I'm Chris nice to meet you."

"Chris?.... Isn't that a guy name?" He glanced over at me quietly. "Its short for Christina." I sighed softly and laid my head on my backpack. He nodded slightly and smiled a little. "You sorta look like a Chris...If that makes you feel any better."

I smiled faintly  and looked back at the window.  After a few minutes we arrived at the school. Students pushed and shoved to get off the bus. I stood at the front of the school staring at my schedule when a pale hand gently tapped my shoulder. I glanced up seeing Axel.

"See you later Chris. I hope we meet again soon." He smiled  slightly and walked past me. I watched quietly before shaking my head.

"He seems different...."


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