The Winter Rose

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the small hill just up from the mountain? If you walk past and into the woods a bit deeper you would find a mansion... in that mansion lives a cursed boy......


2. Chapter 1


                                       (This is what Chris looks like.... I'm gonna name her Christina. Also I'm so sorry for not posting sooner >.<)




    Screams........Thats all I heard.... Screams of pain and agony. It sounded like a male....I saw myself on the floor in a pool of blood. Dark figures surrounded me.


I jolt awake breathing heavy. I glanced around my eyes focusing in the dark. I squinted slightly trying to see. I soon turned my blue lamp light on and fumbled for my glasses before putting them on. I pushed my  blue hair out of my face and let out a deep sigh. "Ok no more sweets when I’m going to sleep." I checked the time before groaning annoyed. I pulled the cover up to my chin and closed my eyes trying to fall back asleep. All I saw was black. I opened my eyes and hopped out of bed feeling my feet hit the floor. I turned the light on and walked to my drawer grabbing a black long sleeve shirt along with some jeans. I glanced outside noticing it was pouring down. I sighed softly and went into my bathroom washing up and doing daily things.


I’m Kay Winter…. Its nice to meet you I have light grey eyes and light blue hair. No its not dyed. Its 100% real. My mom says I get my blue hair from my dad.. Not sure how I get the grey eyes since my moms eyes are carmel brown and my dads are a Stormy blue… but whatever. I go to The Cloud.. No  no the school is actually called that.. Weird right? I’m a photographer… or at least I want to be… I love taking pictures. Seeing what they come out as. My dad died when I was 10. Business trip. After the funeral… Mom and me became distant… we didn’t hang out or talk like we use too.. The house… felt empty. After a few months  my mother met someone… He was nice I suppose… normal.. After they got married he started to abuse his power.. Saying he was the man of the house… grounding me….Making my life a living hell. My mother didn’t do anything. So I decided to hide in my safe and comforting room… I hid my snacks as well.


I walked out fully clothed before going out of my room…. I’d like to think of it as a fort for certain people.. I heard my mother and my stepdad in their room snoring this time thankfully. Let's be truthful. I hate my step-dad he's a absolute prick that doesn't give a crap about anyone.

He cheats on my mother and I've tried telling her but she's apparently blinded by love. Yesterday she ended up asking him and telling him it was me who said that. HE called me a liar of all things!! I usually hear them moaning in there. Its really disturbing, I walked down the stairs quietly making me some breakfast. I heard footsteps come down the stairs. I glanced back and saw my mother. She smiled at me and waved a little.   


"So you ready for your first day of school?", she tilted her head slightly and leaned against the counter. "Yeah I guess... It seems interesting...or at least in the and.",I mumbled softly.

      "Well Daniel is gonna pick you up after school so he can talk to you privately about your um...problems."  I rolled my eyes slightly and huffed slinging my backpack on my shoulders.  "Honestly I'd rather not have to sit in the same car with Daniel." I saw my mom sigh softly and shook her head. " Can't you at least like him a  little. He's not a bad guy when you get to know him. You should show him some respect"  I stuffed a piece of toast in my mouth and grabbed my coffee I walked towards the door just as Daniel came down in a robe.


"Shes right you know you should show me some respect... I'm your dad after all."  That part felt like a slap mixed in with a punch. I turned around and narrowed my eyes at him. "You're not my dad....nor will you ever be....your just a person I don't like. You both want me out of your love lives I'm out but don't expect me to like or show respect to you. I don't have to do anything." With that I walked out and onto the raggedy bus. I found a seat at the back. A guy was sitting on the seat beside me with his eyes closed. It looked like he had bags under them. Sleep deprived probably. He had black hair and creamy white skin. He opened his eyes revealing dark brown eyes. He glanced over at me.


"Why don't you take a picture sweetheart it'll last longer."

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