Polaroid-an Imagine Dragons fanfiction :)

Arrow's life is like Imagine Dragons song Polaroid-she's wild, the color of boom, as unstoppable as a rolling freight train/

Arrow's mother has had enough. She's tired of Arrow's behaviour.

When Arrow turns 16, she finds out that Dan Reynolds is her real father. She is sent to live with him and Imagine Dragons in America, and has a summer she'll never forget....


1. One more time, gotta start all over.

This is the first chapter, i hope you like it. Sorry if there's any mistakes. I'll update it as soon as humanly possible. i decided to write it because Imagine Dragons is my idol and inspiration, plus there arent many Imagine Dragons fanfics around. Enjoy!!

I'm very late home. This isnt anything new. i take a deep breath, pause the Imagine Dragons song I'm listening to and walk into the house. My mother and stepfather are sat at the dining table, looking stern. 

"What time do you call this, Arrow?" My mom asks.

"Midnight." i reply in my usual cocky tone. She hasnt clocked the Believer stripes dip dyed into my hair yet.

"You are four hours over your curfew, young lady. I'm sick and tired of your behaviour. You're going to push it too far one day."She says.

"Whatevs." I reply,  turning my back to her and sauntering into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Dumb move. She immediatly clocks it.

"This is it, Arrow Woods. That is the last straw. I'm going to ring your father. You can live with him in America. You are too wild, too unncontrollable. You are...the color of boom! I've had enough of you. i warned and warned you, but you never listen!! Well, you've gone too far for too long." She spits out. I can feel my anger rising up inside me. i dont answer back. Instead, i pick up a plate and launch it across the room. It shatters as it hits the wall. I smash a whole stack of dirty plates before slamming out of the room.

 I'm a wreck what i love most. I'm a reckless mistake. I'm a shut up sit down. 

Hell and silence. 


I wake early the next day. It's my birthday. I'm 16. i hear the letterbox bang, and i go to get the post. There's a letter with American stamps  on it. It has my name on it. i leave the rest of the post on the dining table, and take my letter back to my room. i open it, and read it in shock.

Dear Arrow,

i dont think your mother told you about me. Not properly, anyway. We split for complicated reasons. 

Anyway, lets not get too dismal on your birthday. Happy Sweet 16th!! This may be hard to believe, but i am your real father. For real. i left your present in the envelope. Sorry it isnt wrapped. i hope you like it. 

i hope i can see you soon.

Lots of love,

Dan Reynoldsxxx(Dad)

i pull out a beautiful butterfly necklace, and clip it round my neck. i cant take in what i just read. Dan Reynolds, who is in Imagine Dragons, which is the best band ever, is my real dad. i hear mom out  on the landing, and i rush out to her. 

"Mom, is this true?" i ask her, passing her the letter. she reads it, eyes wide. 

"Yes. i never thought this would happen..." she whispers, smiling at me. The smile isnt genuine, though. I read anger, disappointment, finalness in her eyes. we go downstairs into the living room, where my presents are scattered on the floor. Jake joins us. i open my presents, and get :

an Imagine Dragons tshirt,

two Imagine Dragons albums (continued silence and night visions),

a pack of thick notebooks,

a new pair of jeans,

new Converse boots in green,

a new pink suitcase, 

a few books, 

and a new jacket. i hug Mom and Jake, then get dressed in my new outfit. Mom brings up the new suitcase, then we begin to pack. i leave later, to go live with Dan in America. I'm excited and scared at the same time. 

(Five Hours Later)

I sit in the waiting lounge. Mom gave me a new backpack with the Night Visions cover printed on it. She gives me one last hug, then it's time to board the plane. I'm too angry too talk to her. i dont look back as i walk off. I walk up the steps and sit next to the window. A girl with blonde hair sits next to me. i pull my new phone out of my backpack, along with new headphones. Mom thinks she can win me round with a last bag full of cool birthday gifts, but she cant. i click on the music app, and see that she has downloaded all of Imagine Dragons' albums from Itunes. i listen to Demons as the plane takes off, but stop listening once it has stopped playing. i feel like i might cry. I touch my new necklace and sigh.

"You an Imagine Dragons fan?" the girl next to me asks, nodding towards my top and bag. I nod. We talk about them for a while, then i fall asleep. 

(After the flight.) 

I grab my suitcase off the carousel, then head towards the exit doors. My clothes are crumpled and my hair is a mess. Exactly like me and my life. As i step outside, i see a familiar figure walking towards me. 

Dan Reynolds. 

I walk up to him, and we hug. It feels warm and safe, trustworthy. 

"Arrow, what have you done to your hair, it used to be blonde" Is the first thing he says. 

"i wanted to dye it." i reply, unable to believe that Dan Rreynolds is my father, and he's right in front of me, hugging me. He takes a proper look at me and smiles. 

"Like the top and bag," he says jokingly. " Come on, the bus is waiting, and so are the other guys." We walk towards the parking lot, and i see the Imagine Dragons tour bus. i follow him.

This is a last chance. One more time, gotta start all over. The problem is that all my life i've been living in the fast lane, cant slow down, I'm a lone red rover. 

I'm a first class let down.

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