Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


13. 9 Alexine



A few days later, Alexine and Rose walked down to the training room together. Their age group was almost seventeen. And that meant some changes to their daily routine. Big ones. They were the government’s military of a sort. They knew how to use their powers, now they needed to know how to use them in a fight.

Caden was back and acting as if there had not been a fight between all of them. Alexine couldn’t decide on how to feel about this. He had apologized to her in his own way. (most likely because Rose told him to) Alexine found the good in herself to accept that apology. Everything was back to normal. Rose never left Alexine’s side and never stopped talking, Caden was back to being an annoying douchebag that was just there for some reason, and Sam went back to being quiet about the feelings he had for Alexine. Sort of. And Alexine went back to telling herself that he didn’t have any.

Harley and Louie were still the talk around TYTC. Not just because they were the oldest kids to start at TYTC, but because of the way they acted. Alexine had never met a mentally insane person before, but she was almost sure Harley was one of them. And for some strange reason, Harley would not leave Alexine alone. Harley had an obsession with her. It creeped Alexine out.

Just then Caden came behind Rose and Alexine on the stairs to the training room. “There’s more!” he almost yelled in Alexine’s ear.

“What are you talking about?” Alexine asked covering her left ear from his loud voice.

He fell into step beside Alexine. Rose leaned over Alexine to hear what he was about to say. Everyone else on the stairs lesioned too. “A new shipment of the freaks! They just came in this morning.” he explained. Everyone knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Did you see them?” a boy asked.

“With my own two eyes! There was about a dozen of them.” Caden most likely fibbed. “Students and trainers.”

“Really?” Rose asked surprised.

“Really.” Caden confirmed.

“How old did the students look?” another person asked.

“Our age. More and less.” Caden answered. Kids eyes widened and whispered to one another.

Rock came down the stairs. “Get a move on!” he directed the crowd. The students all started moving again. Alexine didn’t know what to think. This was huge news to all the students. This was the biggest thing that happened in TYTC sense the food got worse.

The flow of teenagers entered to training room. Trainers stud at the front of the large room waiting for the students. The doors to each element's room was opened like normal. The next thing Alexine knew, Sam was next to her. She almost jumped, from not noticing him appear. All the kids stopped in front of the group of trainers. The four of them stood towards the front. Students all talked among themselves waiting for Rock or one of the other lead trainers to speak.

Sam nudged Alexine in the arm. She looked up at him. “What?”

He leaned his mouth to her head and whispered to her. “Have you seen them before?” he asked.

At first Alexine was confused, but then she followed his gaze to the small group of girls three feet to Alexine’s right. She was startled because she thought Rose was on her right. Alexine looked behind her and Rose and Caden stud behind her. The two of them were staring at the three girls too.

Alexine looked at the three new girls. All three of them were very attractive. She studied each of them. The one standing in the middle had a look in her eye that told Alexine that she was the one in charge, but for some reason the other two didn’t really seem like the type to be followers.

The girl in the middle looked strange. She was wearing a lot of make-up. Alexine had seen girls wearing makeup in movies and on TV, but not for a long time in person. It was strange, like the girl had a false beauty. The other two on the other had, were naturally good looking. One girl had long brown hair that had clean curls. Her face was very innocent and was covered in freckles. She had perfect cheekbones and perfect eyebrows. Her eyes were a deep brown that were very focused. She crossed her arms. Something about the girl made Alexine’s head scream danger.

The third girl stood out from the other two and everyone else in the room. The other two girls were pretty, but this girl was beautiful. Everything from her looks to the way she stud told Alexine she was perfect. Alexine wanted to hate her for being perfect, but she couldn’t. She wanted to know the girl. Unlike the other two girl’s with brown hair, her’s was blonde.

“Well? Do you know them?” Sam asked.

Alexine jumped. “Oh. No.” she answered.

“Did you get a look at those three?” Caden nudged Sam smirking. Sam rolled his eyes. Rose hit Caden on the arm. He laughed.

“Watch this.” Caden said to the three of them.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” Alexine told him. Caden tapped on the blonde girl’s shoulder.

“He’s doing something stupid.” Sam said. Alexine sighed.

The blonde girl cocked an eyebrow at Caden. She waited. “What?” she asked him.

“My names Caden.” he told her.

“That’s nice. Anything else?” she said in a tone that made Caden turn red and Alexine crack up. It seemed Caden had thought the girl would be more approachable.

Caden was about to say something but Sam cut him off. Bummer. Alexine was having fun watching Caden make a fool of himself. “Dude. Stop talking.” Sam told Caden. Caden rolled his eyes.

A few minutes passed. Rock was now in the training room, but was talking to a man that Alexine didn’t recognize. She watched the two man talk to each other. She noticed that the blonde girl was watching the man talk too. The two of them stood only about two feet apart. Alexine considered talking to her but could not bring herself to do it. Alexine felt almost like she didn’t have the right to talk to her. Like the blonde girl was royalty and Alexine was just pezent. Alexine went back to watching the two men talk.

“Is your friend always like that?” a voice asked Alexine.

Alexine jumped and realized the blonde girl was facing her now. “Yes.” Alexine answered her.

“Ha. I feel bad for you.” she laughed. Alexine just stared at her. She stared back with her mouth open. “Unless you enjoy his presence,” she said quickly, as if she thought she had offended Alexine. “In which case, apologies on behalf of my crap for a filter.”

Alexine laughed, even though she had no idea what the girl meant by that. “No worries, I feel bad for myself too.”

“Okay, good. My name is Nerissa.” the beautiful blonde girl told her.

Alexine nodded. “Alexine.” she told her. Nerissa looked back at the man talking to Rock. “Do you know him?” Alexine asked.

“Yeah. He’s a good friend.”

“A good friend.” Alexine repeated.

“More like a brother. He pretty much razed me.” Nerissa explained.

“Do you have parents?” Alexine asked.

Nerissa laughed. “Maybe. Not sure.” Nerissa didn’t seem saddened at all by this. “You?” she asked Alexine.

Alexine looked at Nerissa. “I did.”

Nerissa stared at her. “I’m sorry.” she looked Alexine in the eye and it felt like this girl was reading her like a book. Alexine got a feeling like Nerissa already knew everything about her and it left Alexine feeling exposed. Alexine’s heart started to beat really fast and she started playing with her fingers. It was like the girl was in her head and she seen all the feelings Alexine felt. All her fears. All her feelings. Alexine hated it and felt like punching the girl.

Alexine closed her eyes as if that would keep Nerissa out. “Stop.” Alexine said with her eyes closed. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes. It was Sam.

“Are you okay?” he asked. He looked from Alexine to Nerissa.

“I’m sorry.” Nerissa apologized. “I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine.” Alexine cut her off putting her hand up. “Just forget about it.” Alexine said rather harshly.

“Alright everyone!” Rock yelled to the crowd. Alexine turned to face him and so did Nerissa. “Nothing knew!”

He began to call people into groups. Nerissa lent over to Alexine’s ear. “Even the strongest walls fall.” she told her.

“They won’t fall.” Alexine told her harshly becoming annoyed.

“That’s what they all say.” Nerissa said as if she was worried for Alexine. Alexine did not respond. Alexine crossed her arms and put on her extra grouchy face. Sam stared at her, there was no telling what he was thinking.

A few minutes later, like normal, everyone was in groups and off at stations and Alexine was waiting for one of the trailers to try to help her personally. Alexine looked around for Anna, the girl that helped her last time. But Anna was nowhere to be found.

“Alexine.” it was Rock who had spoken her name. “This is Brogan. He thinks he might be able to help you.”

Alexine highly doubted that. She looked at the man that supposedly razed the girl named Nerissa. There wasn’t much that made him stand out. He was rather short for a grown man. That was it. He was a little boring looking. The complete opposite of Nerissa. Alexine was interested to meet the person that had razed the girl.

“I will leave you to it. Good luck.” Rock said to Brogan.

“My name is Brogan.” he introduced himself after Rock left.

“Yeah.” Alexine said grouchily. She stood with her arms crossed and one knee bent. She refused to look him in the eye.

He gave a short laugh and Alexine looked him in the eyes for the first time. They were a gray blue. “Okay then, let's see what you can do. Pick a door, any door.” he told her.

“I don’t care.” Alexine mumbled.

“You don’t care?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Nope.” Alexine said in an unimpressed tone.

He laughed and looked around the room putting his hands in his pants pockets. Alexine frowned at him. “You know, I get it. It sucks to suck. Especially here.” Brogan told her. Alexine was baffled. Her mouth hung open and she stared at him. “Water is easy to work with, let’s go there.” he started to walk to the water corner and Alexine followed close behind.

The two of them knelt next to the small pool while other students were at the big pool. Alexine spotted Caden, Nerissa, and one of the other new girls at the big pool. The other new girl was the one with makeup on. There was no makeup available for the students at TYTC. Alexine wondered if the girl had brought a life's supply, or if this was the last time. The girl watched Alexine with interest. She seemed like a mean person. The kind that would manipulate you. The girl kept looking at her so Alexine sent her a glare. The girl didn’t stop.

Brogan looked at her. “Well. What do you got?” he asked. Alexine just looked at the water. She put her hand on the top of the water and did her best. At first nothing happened, then there was small ripples.

Alexine looked at Berogan. “That’s it. All I have ever been able to do.” she told him in a frustrated tone. Brogan put a hand to his face like he was thinking hard. Alexine looked at the other group of kids again. Now Nerissa was watching her. Not judging like the other girl. Nerissa looked like she was thinking too. Very hard.

“Try again.” Brogan said to her.

“Okay.” Alexine did it again and the same thing happened.

“She’s not doing anything wrong.” a voice said. Alexine jumped and so did Brogan. It was Nerissa.

“You're going to get in trouble for being over here.” Alexine told her.

without looking at Alexine, Nerissa put up a finger to shush her. “Yeah, I don’t care. Be quiet for a second.”

Alexine looked at Brogan, expecting him to send her away. But he did not. Instead, he waited for her to speak again. Alexine was outraged by this. Who did this girl think she was? How could Brogan raze someone to become this boosting, narcissistic person? Perhaps it was just the inner Alexine not wanting to be helped, or she could just see something in this girl no one else seen. Alexine told herself it was the second one.

“Maybe…” Nerissa spoke slowly.

“I know what you are thinking. That’s not possible. She can do it.” Brogan said quickly.

“But maybe.” Nerissa said slowly, looking at Alexine. Alexine had no idea what they were talking about. She just looked at both of them waiting to be told what they meant.

“Your wrong.” Brogan shook his head.

Nerissa snorted loudly, “Yeah. Well. Just try it. Let me know how it goes.” then she walked away.

Alexine’s face was red with anger. “Where did she come from?” she asked Brogan with her arms crossed.

“Ha ha. I ask myself that every day.”

“A little narcissistic. Isn’t she?” Alexine said.

Brogan looked Alexine in the eyes and shook his head and Alexine knew he meant it. “Not at all. Headstrong is more accurate.” he corrected. “She means no harm. Take it from me, I razed the girl.” he paused. “Scratch that. She razed herself. Nerissa’s a smart girl and she knows it… Look. I don’t know how to explain her. You just got to hear her out. She sees a problem and she has to fix it. She means no harm it’s just who she is.” Brogan explained.

Alexine stared at him. “Still sounds like she is full of herself.”

Brogan shrugged his shoulders. “Nerissa is complicated.” then he started to walk out the water room’s door. “Come on. This will be more easy in the plant room or the fire room. Let’s go plants, less dangerous.” Brogan said.

Alexine’s brow hardened. “What are we doing?” she asked. She started to follow him out the door.

Brogan sighed loudly. “What Nerissa suggested.” Brogan told her. Alexine made a disapproving sound. Brogan didn’t sound like he agreed with what they were about to do eather.

“Now what?” Alexine asked. The two of them stood in the plant room.

“I’m not sure how this works.” Brogan said thinking. He walked over and grabbed a random seed at the wall. He placed it on top of the soil. He put his own hands up. “Try to stop me.” he told Alexine.

Alexine looked at him. “What?” she asked confused.

“Stop me from growing the seed.” he told her again. She just stared at him. “Just try it. It’s a one out of one thousand chance, but just try it.”

Alexine was baffled. “Okay? How?”

Brogan shook his head. “I have know idea.” he rested one hand about two feet from the plant and it began it grow about two inches per second.

“Um.” Alexine said as she put up her own hands she did the same thing that she did to make a plant grow, but she envisioned the plant stopping. Alexine felt the weird sensation. It felt as if she was pushing against this strange force. And she was winning. The strange force fell back and the plant stopped growing. Alexine was so shocked by what happened, she fell back on her butt. For a second she forgot how to breath.

“No way.” Brogan whispered.

“What was that?!” Alexine shouted. Other kids in the room stopped what they were doing and stared at her for yelling. Had they not seen what she had just done? What had she just done? What was she?

“Sh!” Brogan said in her face.

“Why?! Did you just see that? Why would we keep this quiet?” Alexine asked.

“Because!” Brogan lowered his voice. “Because. Do you remember how I said about this had a one in one thousand chance of working?” he asked.

Brogan stud up and Alexine did too. She looked down at the small plant. She understood. Whatever she could do must not happen very often. She realized something else. “Who would come after me?” she asked Brogan. Now she was more worried than excited.

“I could imagine quite a few.” Brogan said being honest.

“What happened?” Alexine asked looking at the plant.

“You stopped me.” Brogan told her. “I think you might be a shield.” Brogan looked like he was thinking again. “But I don’t understand.”

“What?” Alexine asked.

“You can control the elements. Not very much, but you still can. Shields can’t do that.” Brogan explained.

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